Evil Masquerade with Urban Primate on Live 2010 at The Rock in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Evil Masquerade – headline act

Live 2010

Urban Primate – support act

The Rock





Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall

Guest contributor: Ulrika Henriksson



I had waited for the opportunity to see Evil Masquerade for quite a long time now and finally the day had come. The latest Evil Masquerade album came out in 2009 and it’s called FADE TO BLACK. Therefore, the band isn’t out supporting a new album, but they took the opportunity to do a show for fun and to meet the fans. Ever since I heard their 2004 album WELCOME TO THE SHOW I’ve been a huge fan of the band and I simply love FADE TO BLACK which is a brilliant album. the band leader Henrik Flyman is a true genius, no doubt about it.

The venue for the evening was the best hardrock/metal club in down town Copenhagen The Rock. The support act was a Danish band called Urban Primate that we’d never heard of, and to be honest weren’t too eager to see either. Our main priority was Evil Masquerade and nothing else.

Urban Primate

Even though we hadn’t heard them before, the band did appear to be pretty loved by the audience. The band played a strange mix of mallcore and modern heavy rock. It was nothing that appealed to any of us. The sound was really poor with the bass too high up in the mix. The drums were put too low and it was sometimes simply just too bad to listen to. Urban Primate needs to have more routine and practice before they hit the stage again. They have a lot more to learn which was painfully obvious to see. For some strange reason the band got 45 minutes to play which felt like forever for us who was waiting for Evil Masquerade.

At the stroke of 23:00 the music paused and the lights were put out. A huge drum set reveals when the curtains were drawn as well as a backdrop with the band name on it. Behind the drums stood a chandelier and a bunch of amps. The stage was in total darkness until the members walked and only then was it lit up.



Evil Masquerade

The members in the band are:

Henrik Flyman – guitar

Apollo Papathanasio – lead vocals (also fronts FIREWIND)

Thor Jeppesen – bass

Jens Berglid – drums

Mikkel Henderson – keyboards

The first song for the evening was “Third Act” which was followed by “But You Were Smiling” which is taken from the debut album. Papathanasio thanked everyone for being in the club tonight to see the band and introduced the next song called “In A Dungeon Close To Hell” and was taken from the latest album.  If the support act were beginners then Evil Masquerade are the professionals. Papathanasio knew exactly what to do to get the crowd going instantly. He is a great frontman no doubt about it. Papathanasio varied between talking in English, Danish and Swedish during the show and he joked around with both the crowd as well as the bandleader Flyman through the entire show. It felt like the band had a great time on stage and you could feel the love they felt for their music.




“The Darkness Within” , “Children Of The Light” and “I’ll Make You Burn” followed and the audience screamed out in happiness time after time. Flyman time after time gave proof of how skilled he is as a guitarist. He is a guitar wizard with the ability to write some amazing songs. All of the members are really talented musicians that knows what they do and it was a delight to see some excellent craftsmanship live on stage.

“The Ultimate Game” continued on the show and Papathanasio presented the next song “Different Shades Of Black” with a dirty joke about Flyman’s private parts. In the middle of the song  Papathanasio invited the crowd to sing a long with him and it wasn’t until now that it started to show that the band members were sweaty and a bit tired. The next song was about a clown we all know and the song is called “Oh Harlequin” and the song seemed to be a crowd pleaser. Even though it wasn’t Papathanasio who originally sang on several of the songs the band played during the evening he sure did them justice anyway. Papathanasio is a phenomenal singer and he has an amazing voice.


The sound on The Rock during the show was great, the light was however a bit poorer. Four spotlights aren’t enough to light up the stage. “Other Ways To Babylon” and “The Dark Minstrel Plays” ended the ordinary set. In the middle of the first song it was it time for Flyman to show off his skills in a guitar solo. He sat down at the front of the stage and played and amazing solo. The solo ended with the band coming up on stage again and with Papathanasio singing a few lines of the classical Dio song “Holy Diver”. The ordinary show lasted for 1:15 but the crowd wanted encores so the band did come out on stage once again.

The band’s bass player, Jeppesen, took over the mic and said that the crowd wasn’t loud enough and if we wanted to have more we had to scream louder….which the crowd did. The first encore was “Hollow Soul” taken from FADE TO BLACK and the song seemed to be another crowd pleaser. I have seen many many shows during the years but I can’t remember being in a crowd amongst so many dedicated and loyal fans as it was now! Evil Masquerade sure have a hardcore fanbase here.

After that, it was finally time for the song that people had been screaming for through out the entire evening. It was the excellent “Black Ravens Cry”. The song had been upgraded with a bass solo by Jeppesen in the middle that sounded awesome. “Black Ravens Cry” was the last song for the evening and when it was over did the band go to the centre of the stage to thank the audience and to receive the salutations of the fans.






The show lasted for 90 minutes and as soon as the band had gone of the stage did the crew begin to take down the equipment and to make way for the DJ booth because there was going be night club after the show.




We met up with the members after the show and thanked them for an amazing gig. All of the members are humble and down to earth guys that knows how to treat fans. Flyman told me that they had only rehearsed one single time the day before the show and to go out and deliver such a solid show after only having rehearsed one time is just more proof of how talented and professional the band members are. It was a brilliant show and we do hope that Evil Masquerade soon is gonna come to a stage near us again. If you’re in town when Evil Masquerade plays be sure to see them live. Evil Masquerade is one of the best heavy metal acts in the world at the moment and they deserve all the success they can get.

A huge thank you to Signe Andersen at The Rock for help with press/photo pass to the show. Also a thank you to the friendly staff and security at The Rock.




Thanks to bandleader Henrik Flyman for nice treatment, kindness and all the help.

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Set list


Third Act

But You Were Smiling

In A Dungeon Close To Hell

The Darkness Within

Children Of The Light

I’ll Make You Burn

The Ultimate Game

Different Shades Of Black

Oh Harlequin

Other Ways To Babylon

The Dark Minstrel Plays


Hollow Soul

Black Ravens Cry


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