On The Road With Sonata Arctica – April 13: Winnipeg

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April 13th 2010 5:45 pm Winnipeg

Detroit… Well, what can I say.  The show was probably the funniest one so far and at some point, things almost got totally out of hand.  In Chicago I spent a couple of hours searching for a bar that would show some hockey and finally found one.  Rangers were playing Flyers for the last playoff-spot. The excitement kinda died when Finnish forward Olli Jokinen missed the last shot in the shootout sending my favorite team NYR home.

There was nothing else to do than to go to sleep for a couple of hours and try to calm down. Our show at the House of Blues went smoothly, not too much craziness.  Afterwards we went out to a bar and had some drinks, darts, and jukebox music.

Yesterday we played in St. Paul, Minnesota. We’d been here before once or twice I think. After the show, our promoter Nathan took us to one of his movie theaters and we had a private screening of “Clash of the Titans.”  The movie was a bit so-and-so, but nothing beats watching stuff on a big screen with nobody but your friends in the theater.  Pretty much directly after that, we started our journey towards Winnipeg, with a long drive and border-crossing.  It took us all night and part of the morning to get here.  I think we arrived around noon (not sure though ’cause I was sleeping as usual).

Tomorrow we’ll have an off-day somewhere on our way to Calgary.  Hopefully we’ll find something nice to do besides laundry, eating, and sauna. After today’s show, we still have 3 more shows left in Canada before hitting the U.S. for the last two weeks of the tour.  The NHL playoffs starts tomorrow, so at least there’ll be plenty of hockey to watch for the remainder of the tour.



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