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Evil Angel

Dantes Nightclub

The 19th of March 2010

Helsinki Finland

The Finnish underground gig organization KRK has arranged a number of awesome gigs and festival events during the past few years. They managed to get the legendary Canadian black metal maniacs Blasphemy to Finland last autumn. Besides these big ones, there have been a plenty of smaller underground gigs arranged by the same organization. For example the second visit of the mighty Dutch death metal legends Asphyx to Finland was arranged by KRK. Asphyx made a debut visit last summer at the Jalometalli festival, which was a tremendous experience of the old school death metal given by Asphyx. Therefore a second visit was definitely welcomed for sure.

Before Asphyx unleashed their brutality of bone and neck crushing death metal a couple of Finnish bands kicked the night off. The opening combo was Evil Angel. The band had obviously undergone some line-up changes as the current female vocalist from Pyroxia had been recruited to handle the lead vocal role. Even though the band tried to sound tight, evil to the bone, and of course being  brutal as hell, the band didn’t convince that well.

The band’s MySpace page is:

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Next up we were offered the biggest surprise of the whole night. This three piece literally blew every old school death metal maniac away. The three young guys have listened to the first two classic albums of Autopsy well and adopted the rotten gore deadly metal. The slow doomy and deadly parts conquered and got spread all around the club. The three piece’s autopsied death sounded brutal and tight. Seeing them and listening to them was like a time capsule back to the late 80’s and early 90’s when Severed Survival and Mental Funeral delivered the grotesque and brutal metal.

They literally spellbounded several of the older generation death metal worshipper as one of these guys asked if someone could tell what just happened on the stage. The band seems to rely on the old school philopsy when selling their demo stuff in the old c-tape formats. Amazing! Chwxck them out at:

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The third Finnish act was the post Deathchain combo Winterwolf who made kind of return to the heyday of the Sunlight studio sounds which used to dominate on the albums of Entombed and Dismember. The former DeathChain frontman and current Survivors Zero vocalist tried and sounded nasty and brutal. Winterwolf definitely relies on an old school death metal approach for sure. But somehow Swallowed’s unexpected set literally blew the other Finnish bands easily away including WInterwolf. Wolves thrashed and raged on the stage, but the next one was truly expected.

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Some unexpected technical problems occurred when Asphyx was about to start the mutilation process in the most brutal of ways. After solving these technical hassles the well-known intro started rolling followed by Vermin and immediately Scorbutics. In general the whole incredible 90+  minutes was a pure annihilating and bonecrashing death metal by Asphyx. The whole set was a excellent dissection of the band’s most known and vicious songs picked up from the debut album up till the last output Death … The Brutal Way.  The set included classics such as “Last One on Earth”, “Rack”, “Death.. The Brutal Way”, As for the new bassist replacing Wannes Gubbels, Alwin Zuur, of course had big boots to fill up, but to be honest he handled his job perfectly even though more insane headbanging would have been welcome.

Drunen’s voice sounded as nihilistic and brutal as twenty years ago. The man hasn’t lost an inch in his incredible brutal ripping vocal style. His voice is definitely one hell of a trademark of the whole death metal scene as it is unique and insane.  Asphyx’s Death in the brutal way at Dantes was like being on the rack of vermin.




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