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April 10th 2010 – 8:00pm Detroit

Watching the final games of the NHL regular season, the Islanders are getting killed by the Devil.  Anyways, Montreal was great as always even though we played in a club we’ve never been to before.  The cops showed up during the day and harassed us about the bus.  Apparently, it couldn’t be parked outside the venue, but we managed to stay there somehow (basically shutting the generator = no power or lights in the bus).


In the morning, I went for a walk with Tony trying to find the Hard Rock Café, but apparently it’s not there anymore.  We walked for about an hour so it was okay anyways.  Next up was Toronto and the second off-day on this tour.  Ville and I woke up quite early (before noon), went to the Hockey Hall of Fame, bought some tourist shit, then continued to the CN Tower for Toronto’s best burger.  I haven’t eaten enough burgers to qualify to judge that, but nevertheless, it was a fuckin’ great burger.


Later, upon getting back to the hotel, we found out that our drum tech Sol hooked us up with some tickets to Nickelback’s show at the Air Canada Center.  The production on their show was nothing short of spectacular and we really had a good time.  Later we quickly said hello to their drummer, Daniel, before it was time to head towards the hotel for some final drinks and a good night’s sleep.


Last night, we played at the Opera House in Toronto.  I forgot how many times we’ve been there before, but it should be close to half a dozen at least.  We changed the set list quite a bit, dropped “Deathaura” and moved the solo… we’ll see how it works.  Basically, we’ve changed the set list and the song order on most of the shows so far.


An uneventful border-crossing and a pretty slow day here in Detroit, just watching t.v. and chilling.  Our show time is in a couple of hours, so I’ll start doing something else than this now.  I’ll check back when something happens… and maybe I can even get some pics from the tour bus for y’all.


…and be sure to cheer for the Rangers tomorrow/Sunday when they’re trying to get into the playoffs.




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