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April 2nd 2010 9:30am Philadelphia

Good morning, America!

Hello y’all, my name is Henrik and I play keyboards in the band Sonata Arctica. Here I’ll tell you about our North American tour, mishaps and all. Some of the characters that may or may not occur during this blog are:


The Band:

Tony                 vocals

Elias                 guitars

Marko              bass

Tommy             drums


The Crew:

Neubi               Tour manager/guitar tech

Ahti                  FOH  (sound engineer)

Ville                  MON (stage sound engineer)

Sol                   Drum tech

Brian                Merch dude

Dave               Bus driver


We’re currently in Philly, just arrived yesterday evening from Finland.

The flights from our hometown Kemi to Washington D.C. via New York and Helsinki were long, boring, and mainly uneventful. During the flights, we got to see two nice sights: the first one occurred when we were flying over Iceland and got to see a volcano below, the second one was a really nice view of Capitol Hill while we were landing in Washington D.C. In addition to that, we enjoyed the crappy airline food and a lot of beers, shots and various drinks. After getting all our shit loaded on the bus upon arrival, we made a quick Wal-Mart stop to get some food and underwear. A couple of hot dogs later it was time to sleep, having stayed up for the majority of the travel meaning some 20 hours of zombie action.

Today is the first show of the tour and we’ve made some major changes to the set list so it’ll be really interesting to see how we can pull it off.

Being jet-lagged, I woke up already at 06:00 so we’ll see how this day pans out. Some of the guys just headed out for breakfast so I probably will try to find something as soon as I get my buddy Elias started as well…..and if worst comes to worst, we still have some beer in the fridge.


I’ll check in later with more details about how things are evolving, the drama of being on tour and so forth. We’re playing 25 shows and the tour ends on the 2nd of May in Springfield, Virginia so there will be blood.


Cheers & Stay Classy,


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