Finnish Metal Expo 2010

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Helsinki Metal Meeting 2010

The annual Helsinki Metal meeting was hold in February on the eve of the cold winter storm coming from the sea. The wind was blowing the area of the Cable Factory when hundreds of people were heading to enjoy the metal offering on the stage and in the exhibition area. Last year the event suffered from the decreased number of visitors. However bigger names pulled the whole cable factory full. Here is the brief article with tons of pics from the HellSinKi metal meeting.



The domestic humpa/whatever-folk stuff combo, Korpiklaani took the stage with the funny and wild abandon. The furious and catchy forest folk metal tunes turned out to be funny to follow and even…dance!?. Korpiklaani’s playing time could have been a little bit later. Even though they had  plenty of playing time, the audience didn’t wake up to cause the ultimate dancing circle on the floor. The forest folkish metal… Damn… is there any good term to describe Korpiklaani’s style ?! Pagan metal, folk metal, forest metal ?! Whatever they rocked. 

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After a lesson of the Finnish beer oriented humppa metal, a Russian metalcore group took the stage. With the weird spelling style of the name, the Russian jumpmetalcorejumppers are said to have a large following in the former USSR countries. Well, that gotta be wondered why, cos this combo is another boring uninteresting outfit in the dying metalcore genre. However popular or not, these jumpers will be seen at Tuska in the following summer.

Doom Unit came out of the blue to most Finnish people within the last year, when the band won the band contest arranged by the Finnish Radio Rock station. Their songs have been repeated on the radio, above all on the hardradio for the Harbor Island TV series. The four piece has definitely divided people to like or dislike. The four piece handled their job at FME with professional grip as having a long experienced routine from other bands in the past. Time shall tell what kind of career the unit will have as the current hype has brought them to the limelight. The band’s groove sounding rock sounded strong.

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The Swedish death metal veterans Hypocrisy have maintained their success year after year though other older bands presenting the same generation of the Swedish death metal have undergone all kinds of changes or been on hiatus. However, Hypocrisy, led by Peter Tangtren, lives and breathes  quite well! The gig at the expo to a full packed hall who were truly excited to hear a plenty of so called ‘classic’ Hypocrisy tunes. Of course, the old school death metal worshipers had been remembered in the set. For example songs ‘Let The Knife Do The Talking’, ‘Weed Out The Weak’, ‘Fire In The Sky’, ‘Roswell 47’ ,‘Warpath Pleasure Of Molestation, ‘Oscolum Obcenum’ and ‘Penetralia made the audience spin their heads up and down….  

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The time was clicking by all the time and still there is no sight of Satyricon. After a massive delay the Norwegians needed security to block the area to give a space to move the band from the dressing room to the stage and back. As a matter of fact, that looked kind of weird and fun for sure. Despite the delay, the Norwegians surprisingly sounded vital and above all tight and brutal. The frontman, Satyr, warmly praised the Finnish audience and  encouraged them to go beserk. The set consisted of several known Satyricon tunes.

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Amorphis, celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, had the honour of the prestigious headline spot for the first day of The Helsinki Metal Meeting.  The delay caused by Satyricon’s waiting pushed the starting time of Amorphis quite a lot. Despite the wait time, Amorphis gave a good show after all. Joutsen was in the elements of his own jumping and moving all over the stage. It was absolutely great to see Amorphis on the stage nowadays with more energy and vitality flowing in their veins of metal. Joutsen is capable of singing clean parts and switching to the deep death metal growling without having problems with his voice or throat.  As for songs, both new and old ones were heard during the set such as ‘Smoke’, ‘, ‘From The Heaven Of My Heart’, ‘In The Beginning’ , ‘ ‘The Exile Of The Sons Of Uisliu’ and ‘House Of Sleep, “Into Hiding’ “Son of The Troubled One” “Silver Bride’ and so on.


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 Read on for Day 2…..