Panzergod – Interview with Lord Andross

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Interview with Lord Andross

Conducted by Robert Williams

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Panzergod has been Portland, Oregon’s long standing institution for all things concerning debauchery and black metal. With four previous releases under their bullet-belts and a fifth release on the way, Panzergod have established themselves at the helm of underground American black metal. Guitarist, vocalist and Panzergod co-founder Lord Andross recently took the time to speak with and fill us in on some of the band’s history as well as more current and future battle plans…


How are you doing today? Is it grim and frostbitten in the Pacific Northwest?

Horrible. No. Just rain and rain and rain…

For the purpose of introducing Panzergod to those who may not have yet experienced your wrath; let’s start at the beginning. Panzergod was formed in Portland, Oregon in the winter of 2002. At that time you and drummer Grond Nefarious envisioned forming a black metal band that would encompass a more traditional approach. Looking back, who would you say were your primary influences at that earliest stage of Panzergod?

We listened to black metal when no one was playing it. We took the helm and created what we wanted.

Two years later in 2004 Panzergod would issue your first self released effort; the five song demo "Rites Of Passage Into Glacial Obscurity" that was followed shortly thereafter by the seven song "Ages Of Misery" album that was released through the Blood Of The Innocent imprint. Three years into your career were you beginning to establish yourself in the Portland metal club scene?

No, not at all. The so called "scene" was full of crossover shit like blackened death and all kinds of weak non-metal. We had few fans who enjoyed the sound of pure black metal and the rest can die.

In terms of aesthetics, what are the combined elements that provide for a proper atmosphere when witnessing an on-stage performance from Panzergod?

We see ourselves as an aesthetic black metal band. True warriors want to hear and see pure music. That’s what we offer.

2006 saw another release through Blood Of The Innocent in the form of your most ambitious release to date, the ten song "Totalitarian Stronghold" album. With the exception of "Forging Through Realms Of Inhumanity" that originally appeared on your previous release, "Totalitarian Stronghold" featured nine brand new tracks and clocked in at just under an hour. Would you say it was a difficult process to compose, record and perform "Totalitarian Stronghold"?

I had a great time recording "Totalitarian Stronghold". The songs had been known for a long time. Only weak musicians and alcohol abuse were problems, like they always are…

"You Are All My Slaves" taken from "Totalitarian Stronghold" perfectly captures the second wave of black metal sound popularized by the Scandinavian bands of the early to mid-nineties in terms of overall production value and musicianship, with a blood puking vocal performance reminescent of cleaning your pipes with a brillo pad. Do you sometimes find it difficult to speak after brutalizing your vocal chords from a live performance or studio recording? What techniques, if any, do you employ to preserve your voice in a live setting?

It takes some time but when you have nothing to spill but hate and demise, your vocal chords are just an expendable vessel. Other than that all I can say as far as techniques are feel hate… Let it forth and don’t hold back.


Between "Totalitarian Stronghold" and your next release, Panzergod experienced some line-up changes from within your ranks and undertook an absence from performing live in an effort to focus on songwriting. Did this period of time serve to re-energize the creative process within the band?

Most definitely. Shows were getting to be a bore. The scene was pissing us off and we were tired of the bands we we’re playing with. Ritualization and focus came in handy at this time to re-new ourselves and our sound.

After somewhat of a hiatus from performing live and searching for new bandmembers your call to arms was answered by new recruits General Malleus and Goatlord. What does it take to play in Panzergod? Is there an underlying ideology that a newcomer to the Panzergod camp should share in addition to obvious playing ability? Describe how you and Grond came to find your new bandmembers General Malleus on bass and Goatlord on second guitar…

Goatlord played guitar for Nyarlathotep Rising. He was a long time friend of both mine and Grond’s and a true metal brother. General Malleus, we had known for a couple years through Skullsplitter. They had the same goal and understanding of black metal that is lacking within others. As far as what one has to do to become a member.. I couldn’t really tell you. Grond and I can decide within five minutes if we want you dead or not.

Speaking of ideology, being a black metal group in 2010 could mean a great many things… Being that Panzergod subscribes to a more traditional nature, I thought it important to ask of your personal Satanic philosophy if any…That is…do you yourself view Satan as a word meaning freedom, perhaps a nameless, shapeless force of nature or less of a tree hugging manifestation, do you view Satan as a physical diety? Does anyone within Panzergod’s current line-up consider themselves a practicing Satanist?

Of course. We are all "practicing satanists" but the definitions can always be distorted. My personal view is that Satan is not a physical being, if you believe this then you need to get your head checked like the rest of the religious fuck-wads out there. Anton Lavey had a lot of good points on a lot of things, yet I will never group myself into anything besides Panzergod. Our ritual is when we are playing music, expending our thoughts and energies into the atmosphere… Any and all religion is a vile invention for the weak minded and idiotic members of our society and I seek the destruction of 100% of it. I think my brothers can back me up on this.

Panzergod returned in 2009 with an extremely underground and cult two song cassette tape limited to 100 copies through Daemonokratia Productions entitled "Ceremonies Of Sorrow Begin" To the best of your knowledge are there any copies of this recent release still available? Do you have plans to work with Daemonokratia Productions more in the future?

As far as I know all of these tapes are sold out. We are in talks of releasing another 250-300 in CD format, hopefully by the fall of 2010.


Panzergod has made a cameo appearance in the upcoming film "Born Again Sage" How did you become involved with this production and what would you like to say about the group’s participation?

This so called "Sage Negadeth" has been a good friend of mine and Grond’s for a long time. He has done a lot of filming of our shows and such and happens to be one of the funniest motherfuckers in the metal scene today. He asked us to appear in his film and do some soundtrack work, we were more than obliged.

It is my understanding that Panzergod is hard at work on the songwriting process for a new full length release. How far along are you in the songwriting process? How would you describe your new material?

The new album will be entitled "Forged In Grief" and will contain seven tracks of grim warfare. All songs have been written and are being recorded as I write this. The process always takes longer then expected so I can’t give you any dates on when this will be released. As far as the sound, we have really met new expectations with our newest members and they have really breathed the proverbial breath of fresh air into the Panzergod sound. You can expect more of the same shit we have always done, just newer and fresher with better sound quality.

You have new material in the works and the aforementioned involvement in an upcoming film, what else is brewing with Panzergod? Are there any personal long term goals for the band in 2010?

We really would like to go overseas and play for more people, get our records into more hands and spread the message that black metal is alive and well.

Lord Andross, thank you for taking the time to talk metal with Any last words?

I’d like to thank all the fans that have followed us and listened to our music. and all of our friends that have supported us through out this endeavor. You can definitely expect a lot more from us in the future and our sound will never fail to destroy

Look for The re-release E.p. on compact disk through Daemonokratia productions, based in Greece.

And thanks to our awesome manager and PR rep Dean Hunter of Headhunter Productions. you can contact us for shows and merch through him at:

you can contact us for shows and merch at:

Last but not least. New Album, "Forged In Grief" coming soon!!! And thank you Robert and all the other folks at

Let the fog of a thousand funerals blanket the earth

-Lord Andross—-Panzergod