AIRBOURNE: Live at Nosturi, Helsinki 2010

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Live at Nosturi, Helsinki
March 17th, 2010


Australian rock sensation Airbourne released their brilliant debut album RUNNIN WILD two years ago to raving reviews around the globe. Airbourne also won many newcomers of the year awards but the thing they’re best known for are their triumphant and super energetic live performances. In 2008, Airbourne played their debut show in Finland at the SAUNA OPEN AIR festival. Here the band managed to win over loads of new Finnish fans who were now eager to see their new heroes again. The band has just released their second album NO GUTS. NO GLORY and now they’ve returned to play two sold out shows, this one in Helsinki and then another one tomorrow in Tampere.

The show started something around 09:10 PM. The Intro (a theme from Terminator movie) started to hymn from the speakers and all of sudden the whole band was on stage and they headed straight into new album track “Raise the Flag”. Without any break band continued their rock ’n roll fireworks with debut album track “Hellfire” and another new track “Chewin’ the Fat”. It’s hard to put in words but the whole band were so energetic that there hardly has been anything like this seen in rock scene since AC/DC was having their “heydays” in the mid/late 70’s. Some would say that too many elements in the bands singer/lead guitarist Joel O’Keefe’s stage presence does resemble his older Aussie colleague, whose name doesn’t even have to be mentioned here, but it didn’t seem to matter to anybody here tonight. Except being a hyper active performer and a hell of a guitar player, Joel’s also a great singer. His voice is a great mix of both AC/DC singers with a hint of Lemmy and Tom Keifer.


The show continued with: “Diamond In the Rough”, “Blonde, Bad & Beautiful” and “Get Busy Livin’” and in between Joel did some “funny” comments in the vein of: “Who wants pussy? “ or “How many people will drink their asses off tonight?” Nothing too ingenious and there could be some more illusion used there but who cares, this is what rock ’n roll is all about. During “Cheap Wine & Cheaper Women” Joel conducted another “rock ’n roll standard” trick when he decided to rush into the audience with his wireless guitar. Finally he did find himself in the back of the arena where he finished his guitar solo standing on the table in the mixing area. It was actually nothing new but it was something never before seen at the Nosturi Arena at least. So as expected, the crowd went completely crazy.

The new single track “No Way but the Hard Way” and previous hit  “Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast” closed the main set which had lasted about 60 minutes. The band to a short break and after a few minute hiatus they returned to play their biggest hits: “Runnin’ Wild” and their signature song “Stand Up For Rock ’n Roll”.

I have to admit that although I’ve seen this band in many different circumstances like in 2008 at the Sweden Rock Festival and then supporting Motörhead in Stockholm last year, they still managed to surprise me with all that endless energy they have in their show. The NO GUTS. NO GLORY album songs are a perfect continuation from the RUNNIN WILD material and there’s definitely no sight of any kind of tiredness in their performance even though they’ve been almost constantly on tour since their first album was released.  Like mentioned before, Joel is the main motor of this band but there’s nothing to dismiss on the rest of the band either. Bassist Justin Street and guitarist David Roads were constantly running and head banging across the stage like a pair of hurricanes while Joel’s brother Ryan kept the beat going on behind his drum kit.  All in all this was excellent performance from the whole band without any weak links there.


This show was already sold out last December and there were fans outside who didn’t manage to get tickets for the show. It’s sad thing for those fans but on the other hand, it tells something about Airbourne’s current status in the Finnish rock scene.  Airbourne are definitely getting bigger and maybe next time it is time to try some larger venues?


Intro (Terminator) / Raise The Flag / Hellfire / Chewin’ The Fat / Diamond In The Rough / Blonde, Bad & Beautiful / Get Busy Livin’ / Girls In Black / What’s Eatin’ You / Born To Kill / Cheap Wine & Cheaper Women / Heartbreaker / No Way But The Hard Way / Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast / Runnin’ Wild  / Stand Up For Rock ‘N’ Roll



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