Lacuna Coil – Shallow Life European Tour 2010 at Kulturbolaget in Malmoe, Sweden

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Lacuna Coil

Shallow Life European Tour





18/2 – 2010


Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall






The first show of the year at Kulturbolaget in Malmoe was Lacuna Coil. Last year the band released their latest studio album SHALLOW LIFE which has quite recently been re-released in a deluxe version and it’s that album they’re currently out promoting. Lacuna Coil has not been a frequent guest in Scandinavia but they did come up here last year as support to Bullet For My Valentine. Last time I saw them was at Wacken Open Air last summer. I think that SHALLOW LIFE feels a lot more commercial compared to the bands previous albums but there is not doubt that the band is still playing their trademark Italian goth metal.

Dommin was the support act but I’ve never even heard the bands name before so I can’t say that I was exited by the choice of support act. My main priority was Lacuna Coil and nothing more. I arrived at the venue about one hour before opening and no one was there except me but as the time rolled by more people turned up. The small line was welcomed into the club at 20.00 and it felt really nice to escape the freezing cold outside. And maybe the small amount of people depended on the snow storm and the cold that had kept Sweden in a steady grip since before Christmas.

From what I could see the crowd was a mixed bunch of teenagers, hardrockers and gothic fans. When the clock turned 9:00 it was time for Dommin to enter the stage at Malmoe’s finest hardrock/metal club Kulturbolaget.


The simplest way of trying to describe Dommin’s music would be light goth meets Johnny Cash. Not that appealing but on the other hand it is hard to judge a band when you haven’t heard them before. The bands singer said that it was fun to be here and play and that the band comes from the USA. They did their best to get the crowd going but the small audience felt very reluctant towards the band. There was a huge screen that hung beside the drum kit where the bands back drop were showed. The band did a cover of the old “I Just Died In Your Arms” and a few other songs before it was time to say good bye to the Malmoe audience. Dommin played for about 30 minutes altogether.

Then it was time for the crew to make way for Lacuna Coil and after 30 minutes it was time to see the headline act and the intro started.


Lacuna Coil

The intro was not only played but also showed at the big tv-screen behind the drums. More people had shown up and they applauded and screamed along with the intro in order to get out the band on stage. Lacuna Coil is:

Christina – lead vocals

Andrea – lead vocals

Chris – guitar, b-vox

Mans – guitar

Criz – drums

When the intro had faded out the band kicked off the show with a song from the new album called “Survive” that transcended into the next song which was “Underdog”. One member was missing on stage, it was bass player Marco and Andrea had dislocated his shoulder so he was injured. Lead singer Christina looked cool in a long leather coat and a pair of shorts. Both Andrea and Christina used the entire stage to move around on and if it wasn’t for Andreas bandage you couldn’t tell he was injured, Andrea also said that they rather played injured than cancel a show. Christina and Andrea talked in between the songs and Christina said that it was great to be back in Malmoe and it was way too long since they last played here. She said that it was time to go back in time and do a song from the album KARMACODE and then she introduced “Closer” which was followed by “I’m Not Afraid” and “Fragments Of Faith”.





The band sounded really tight and all of the band members did their best on stage. It seemed like the audience also had listened quite a lot to the new album because everyone sang along with the newer songs. The tv-screen showed the bands backdrop along with the bands old videos and a clock that counted down. It sure added atmosphere to the bands music. “Tight Rope” and “1.19” followed and the audience sang a long and cheered in the songs. Then thought Christina it was time for the crowd to jump along with her in “I Won’t Tell You” and the entire club shooked. The end of the song Christina sang on her own and after she had sung the lines “Don’t ever tell me this love is a lie because I’m the lie, I’m the liar” she ripped open her coat and showed her tank top that had written LIAR over it.

Both singers thanked the small crowd for being there and said that even if the crowd was small it was really fun to play and introduced the crowd pleaser “Heaven’s A Lie”. “Fragile” was the last song on the ordinary set and that closed the first part of the show. It took a while but then one of the roadies placed a mic at the centre of the stage and Christina came on stage. The tv-screen showed various landscapes and Christina took a look at the screen and guitarist Chris and drummer Criz began to play the ballad “Wide Awake” taken from SHALLOW LIFE. It was an amazing version of the song and Christina’s voice sounded brilliant. The second part of the concert continued with “To The Edge”, “The Maze” “Swamped” and the Depeche Mode cover “Enjoy The Silence”. Christina promised that it wouldn’t take the band as long as it took this time to get back to Malmoe. One thing that struck me was the the band music felt and sounded much more heavier and more solid live compared to what it do on album. When Christina introduced “Enjoy The Silence” she said that song was practically a karaoke song for the hardcore Lacuna Coil fans and everyone in the audience screamed their lungs out. When the last note had faded out Christina and Andrea thanked everyone for being there and the band once again left the stage. But the hungry audience wanted to have more of the band and shouted for more, apparently wasn’t 70 minutes of great goth music enough. The band didn’t disappoint the fans at all and returned to the stage again. Andrea promised that all of the members were gonna be on stage next time the band visited Malmoe. “Not Enough”, “Spellbound” and “Our Truth” ended the show. After the song had ended the band thanked everyone and went to the front of the stage to shake the hands of the fans. For 90 minutes Lacuna Coil played and it was a really great show even though a member was missing. The main focus was on songs from the new album but they had managed to sneak in older songs as well as several crowd pleasers.








Thanks to the head of Kulturbolaget Totte Lundgren for help with press/photo pass as well as Kristian Kornhage for all the help.

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Set list




I’m Not Afraid

Fragments Of Faith

Tight Rope


I Wont Tell You

Heavens A Lie


Encore 1

Wide Awake

To The Edge

The Maze


Enjoy The Silence

Encore 2

Not Enough


Our Truth