Dream Evil – In The Night Tour 2010 at Mejeriet in Lund, Sweden

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Dream Evil – special guest to Stratovarius

In The Night Tour 2010




6/2 – 2010

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall







My Saturday evening was dedicated to seeing one of my favourite metal acts in action. I’m talking about Dream Evil with band leader and producer demon Fredrik Nordstrom from Gothenburg. Dream Evil is out on a tour as special guests to the Finnish icons Stratovarius on a short part of their European tour. I had really high expectations for Dream Evil because it has been quite some time since I last saw them. During that period of time the band has gone through a few member changes with new drummer  Pat Power and new guitarist Dannee Demon. The band’s new albums is titled IN THE NIGHT and came out at the beginning of this year. It is the follow up to the 2006 release UNITED. Dream Evil has, besides the member changes, also gone through a change of musical direction.

I arrived in Lund during the day because I had an interview scheduled with bassist Pete Pain. I met up with the entire band and even though I hadn’t met the band for years singer Nick Night, Pete Pain and guitarist Richie Rainbow remembered me. Worth mentioning is that with the release of the new album IN THE NIGHT  all of the members took on stage names.

Along on the tour with Stratovarius and Dream Evil was a Finnish act called Tracedawn who went on stage as scheduled. Unfortunate for them were there not many people inside Mejeriet when they kicked off their show. The members in the support act looked really young but they compensated that with throwing their heads and headbanged furiously throughout their show. Their music was a mix of melodic death metal and power metal, strange but true. The audience reluctance towards the band did irritate the bass player that wondered why we didn’t headbanged as much as the band did. 

After 30 minutes was it time for Tracedawn to go off stage and it was time for the roadies to make room and change gear for the main purpose of my presence – Dream Evil.



Dream Evil

About 400 people had entered Mejeriet to see Dream Evil which meant that the venue was semi-full, the club takes about 1200 at the most. However had the small crowd really anticipated the Dream Evil show because when the band members entered the stage did the audience give the guys a warm welcome.

Band members are:

Nick Night – lead vocals

Richie Rainbow – guitar, b-vox

Pete Pain – bass, b-vox

Pat Power – drums

Dannee Demon – guitar

The first song for the evening was the title track from the new album “Immortal” which was the perfect way of opening the show. The guys felt really tight and solid as a unit and it felt like the band had fun together on stage. Dream Evil also sounded really hungry and eager to play which isn’t strange because they haven’t played live for quite a while. Night worked really hard in order to get the crowd ecstatic and he did a good job to say the least. He had the audience in the palm of his hand. Both Pain and Rainbow worked really hard as well. Those three made a really competent and skilled front trio. But for some reasons Mejeriet did not put up any fences so it was quite hard to take proper pictures. Night said it was fun to be back in Sweden again after the shows they did in Germany and to be on stage in the Southern parts of Sweden. He then introduced the next song “In The Night” which was followed by “Made Of Metal” where the crowd sang a long with Night. Night thanked everyone for singing along in the song. “Crusaders Anthem” and “The Book Of Heavy Metal” then followed and I have to say that even though I missed some songs the set list was, in general brilliant. I think that the band felt a bit pressured by the time limit because Night didn’t do much talking at all in between the songs.





Demon did a great job on guitar even though I guess that it’s hard to be new member in such a well merited band as Dream Evil . Next up was an older song “Heavy Metal In The Night” which made the crowd go crazy once again. Even though the crowd was small the band did their best and it was full speed ahead from the beginning. None of the guys in the band takes themselves seriously so when Night showed his stomach that had grown a few inches and said that this is what happens when we don’t tour, everyone laughed. Despite that the new album haven’t been out for long did most of the people sing a long in the lyrics in the new songs so I guess that Dream Evil have a loyal fan base that buys their albums right away.

“In The Fires Of The Sun”, “The Chosen Ones” and the monumental hit song “The Book Of Heavy Metal” were the last three songs that Dream Evil played. It was the first time that I saw Power in action and he was a brilliant drummer. He brought in technicality and power (ha ha) to the band and I think that he is the natural replacement for original drummer Snowy Shaw.





However, when the last song was introduced, it felt like the energy dropped, the song that’s normally is a party starter felt slow and un-focused for some reason. Dream Evil played for about 45 minutes and despite the slow ending I have nothing to complain about when it comes to the execution of the show.



The sound was good but the lighting was a bit poor. The set list was mainly good but as I wrote earlier I missed a few personal favourites. But overall Dream Evil delivered a solid performance of humorous heavy metal with lots of love. In my opinion Dream Evil has released one of the best heavy metal albums of 2010 and if you haven’t bought it yet, make sure you do. Dream Evil is scheduled to do festival shows this summer so if you’re on a festival where Dream Evil will perform, don’t miss them.






In The Night

Made Of Metal

Crusaders Anthem

Heavy Metal In The Night

Bang Your Head

In The Fires Of The Sun

The Chosen Ones

The Book Of Heavy Metal


A big thank you to Jenny Walroth at Century Media Scandinavia for help with press/photo pass.

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