Guns N Roses with Sebastian Bach, Quebec city, Canada

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Guns N Roses with Sebastian Bach

Live at the Colisée, Quebec City, Feb. 1, 2010

Guns n Roses with Sebastian Bach

Review and pics by Geneviève Hamel



It’s already been 3 years since Guns N’ Roses played in Quebec City with Sebastian Bach opening for them and as usual, Bach gave a most energetic show. Bach is currently promoting his latest album “Angel Down” but only played “American Metalhead” from it?!? The rest of his setlist was built upon his greatest hits with Skid Row. From start to finish, Bach was all over the stage, spinning his mic over his head and exchanging with the fans. Even though Bach is still a major entertainer, his voice is not what it used to be, and at 41 years old, he had a tough time reaching those high notes like he used to. None the less, it was still a great performance and fans went home happy even if some of them would have likes more than an hour. Sebastian Bach rocked the Colisée Pepsi and the crowd was ready for the main dish: Guns N’ Roses. 


1h45 later with a public that is starting to show some signs of impatience, Axl and his troup finaly show up on stage and all was forgotten. “Chinese democracy” started the hostilities to a good reception from the few thousands in attendance. The party really started when Axl let ou a really loud “ You know where you are??” Everyone knew that the party really started. The band played well and with a lot of energy. Axl is all over the stage running back and forth. Unfortunately, because of the long wait for GnR to get on stage, I couldn’t stay to see the end of the show but overall, GnR really supported their latest album on this tour but it’s the good old classics that really rocked the Colisée. Guns N Roses are back, but they’re not really what they used to be.




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More Sebastain Bach pics…


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