Hardcore Superstar with Dia Psalma at Psycho Holiday European Tour 2009 at Kb in Malmoe. Sweden

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Hardcore Superstar – headline act

Psycho Holiday European Tour 2009 – first leg-

Dia Psalma – support act




10/12 – 2009


Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall









Hardcore Superstar earlier this year releaseded their brilliant sleaze metal album BEG FOR IT which is the blueprint for how great music should sound. HCSS are one of the best bands in their genre and they make me proud to be from Sweden. BEG FOR IT is also the first album with their new guitarist Vic Zino on guitar. This show was supposed to take place in November but was for some reason postponed and instead took place in the middle of December. Originally Heat was meant to be the support act and Dia Psalma special guest but the Heat weren’t featured at all so Dia Psalma took thier place as support act instead. After this particular show the band only have 5 shows left to do before they take a break for the holiday. The tour begins again in January and I guess that the band is gonna dedicate most of 2010 to touring and supporting their album. I met up with the band earlier during the day and I also met Dia Psalma and even though they were late he took the time to sign my albums and to talk for a minute.



The first band were scheduled to go on stage at 9 this Thursday night and when I arrived at the venue I was able to go on straight in because there was no line yet. Dia Psalma stood posted behind their merchandise stand selling t-shirts and stuff when I came into the club and he talked to fans and friends. I could see a row of younger girls standing at the front of the stage waiting for HCSS to go on stage but they had to wait for another hour though it was time for Dia Psalma to go on stage first.

Dia Psalma

At the stroke of 9 the Swedish legendary punk act Dia Psalma went on stage and the semi full venue applauded their entrance. The band is:

Ulke – lead vocals, guitar

Pontus – guitar

Ztikkan -bass, vocals

Stipen – drums





Even though Dia Psalma is legendary within their genre the audience seemed very reluctant towards the guys. Maybe the choice of Dia Psalma as an opening act wasn’t the best for HCSS, after all the bands play in two different music genres. Beside me stood two guys that shouted out We Don’t Celebrate Sundays which is a song with HCSS during most of the Dia Psalma show. Main focus was put on song from the new album but they did also fire off some of their old and very popular punk songs. However,  the show was over after only 30 minutes and the band left the stage. Right after the band had left the stage the roadies started to prepare the stage for the main event. A backdrop was revealed as well as a drum-set and amps. After 30 minutes of preparation it was time for Gothenburg’s finest sleaze act to go on stage.



Hardcore Superstar

Members in the band are:

Jocke Berg – lead vocals

Vic Zino – guitar, b-vox

Martin Sandvik – bass, b-vox

Adde – drums, b-vox

While the intro “This Worm’s For Ennio” was heard the members came on stage and got ready for the show while the audience screamed and cheered to made the band feel welcome. The show kicked off with “Beg For It” and it was sure an explosive opening, they totally ran over every resistance and set the mode right away for the evening. Then followed “Into Debauchery”, “Medicate Me” and “Silence For The Peacefully”. Berg stood as usually on the middle of the stage with Sandvik and Zino on each side. Berg is an explosive front man and he always run from side to side of the stage and he also jumps up and down throughout every show. Sandvik has created a much bigger presence on stage during his past year and I think he has grown a lot as a bass player and stage persona. Also Zino had improved on stage, last time I saw him with HCSS I thought he felt more like a session guitarist than an actual band member, but now he felt like a proper band member and he took his place on stage and delivered edgy guitar solos. The audience in front of the stage was mad from the beginning to the end of the show so it was hard for me to take pictures. There was no fence in front of the stage this evening so I had to be amongst the crowd to take pictures.

Berg asked us how we felt and if we felt good? Which everyone screamed that they did. Berg let the audience sing a long in many of the songs and he also used the ramp in the middle of the stage. He ran out on it and touched the hands of the fans which made the audience go even more crazier. The entire band looked really happy and pleased and it’s not hard to understand why HCSS is so loved in Sweden. The band members are humble and down-to-earth guys. Berg also said that they had been support act to their idols Motley Crue earlier this year and said that he was star struck when he had met Nikki Sixx in the hallway backstage. Sixx had stopped Berg and said that he liked “She’s Offbeat” best from all the HCSS songs, so of course it was time to hear Sixx’s favourite song “She’s Offbeat” roar at Kulturbolaget.









After the song Berg said that Malmoe is Zino’s home town and asked Zino to join him at the middle of the stage and listen to when the audience chanted ZINO, ZINO. Berg asked us to cheer for Zino and Zino was red as a tomato in his face. Then followed “Shades Of Grey”, “My Good Reputation” and “Kick On The Upperclass”. As always on KB was the sound and light perfect and left nothing more to wish for. It’s not hard to understand why Kulturbolaget is one of the best metal/rock clubs in Sweden at the moment. Berg thanked everyone for coming and said that it was really fun to come and visit their show this night.

The next song for the evening was “Blood On Me” after which Berg said that Zino’s family was in the venue to see Zino live in action and pointed out his family to the audience. Berg said that Zino’s mum right before the show said that she was hungry and Berg now said that it was soon time to eat. Berg got everyone in the audience to shout MALMOE MALMOE several times and then he switched to scream ZLATAN ZLATAN (Zlatan Ibrahimovic from Malmoe is one of Sweden’s most successful soccer player of all time, he’s currently playing for Barcelona). Zino began playing the chords to “Shame” and the song only included Zino on guitars and Berg on vocals, the rest of the band had gone off the stage. It was an unusual twist but it sounded really great. In the middle of the song they segued into “Standing On The Verge” and while they did the first verse Sandvik and Adde returned on stage and joined Zino and Berg in the second verse.

Even though I partially miss the original guitarist Silver I do think that Zino did a great job and the band have sure found a worthy replacement. Adde and Sandvik are also really tight and Adde, who is one of the hardest hitting drummers in Sweden, pounded so hard on his drums that they nearly fell down from the podium. Berg’s lead vocals have improved and he sounded more even and edgy than before. The man must be in great shape because even though he ran around like a maniac on stage he was never out of breath when he sang.




HCSS have been nominated for a Grammy award here in Sweden and Berg wanted us all to vote for the band so that they could win the award.  After that it was time to launch “No Resistance”, everytime Zino and Sandvik passed each other did they shove each other and when Zino was out on the ramp did Sandvik shoved him down so he fell down to the audience, the other guys laughed at Zino who laughed himself when a roadie helped him up on stage again. At the end of the song Berg switched places with drummer Adde and Berg ended the song on drums. That was also the last song for the set that lasted for about one hour.

However  the audience wasn’t satisfied yet and wanted  to hear more from the band. After awhile  the guys came on stage again to do the first encores which were “Need No Company” and “Bag On Your Head” and the crowd sang a long in both of the songs of course. Berg once again thanked everyone for the warm welcome the band was given but the crowd wanted more and more so the band fired off another round of encores which were “We Don’t Celebrate Sundays”, “Dreaming In A Casket” and “Wild Boys”. After those three songs the guys look a bit tired and all of the members were soaked in sweat. Berg thanked everyone again and said it had been a blast playing in Malmoe. At the end of the show all of the members came to the front of the stage to thank everyone, by then HCSS had delivered high voltage sweat soaked sleaze metal for 95 minutes.


It was an amazing show that I really enjoyed and the band once again proved that they are one of the best bands in their genre in the world. The only negative thing I can come up with is that it’s sad that they didn’t play hardly any songs from their first three albums. They only did one song from the second album. Otherwise, this was a great way of ending the concert year of 2009.


Set list

This Worm’s For Ennio

Beg For It

Into Debauchery

Medicate Me

Silence Is For Peacefully

She’s Offbeat

Shades Of Gray

My Good Reputation

Kick On The Upperclass

Blood On Me


Standing On The Verge

No Resistance

Encores 1

Need No Company

Bag On Your Head

Encores 2

Wild Boys

Dreaming In A Casket

We Don’t Celebrate Sundays




Finally a huge thank you to all the staff at KB, the band-bookers, the security, the staff etc for a brilliant music year filled with great shows and musical experiences. Kulturbolaget sure is the best metal/rock club in Sweden. Thanks to both the head off KB Totte Lundgren and the head of press Kristian Kornhage for help with press/photo pass.



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