Billy Idol – In Super Overdrive Live (Blu-Ray)

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Billy Idol

In Super Overdrive Live (Blu-Ray)

2009, Eagle Vision

Rating: 4.5/5

Billy Idol is one of the most recognizable and well liked artists in the music world. Since his days in Generation X he has blended Punk with Rock creating a sound that is all his own. In the summer of ’09 Billy and his band were captured with HD cameras for a SoundStage episode which happened in July. Now Eagle Rock Entertainment brings it to you on this stunning Blu-Ray release.

The only fault with this release is that it is too short. This day in age there is no reason why a live concert release should clock in at 70 minutes in length.

What we do get however is a dozen of some of the greatest songs Billy has ever done. While we all could list off our favorites that are missing from the show we should concentrate and enjoy those that we do have. For anyone who has seen him live knows that he puts his all into the concert and really gives the audience their money’s worth and then some.

His performances of “Rebel Yell”, “Dancing With Myself” and “White Wedding” rival the original album versions from back in the day. Included here are a few songs off his last studio album DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND such as this releases title track “Super Overdrive” and the song “Scream” which is a modern day Idol classic. With Steve Stevens by his side they continue to put on amazing shows and crank out some of the greatest music you’ll ever hear.

One of the best concert releases of 2009. As stated earlier the only issue with this release is the length of it. Hopefully in the new year we will see a full concert get the same kind of treatment.