Jorn Lande with Seven Thorns at Spirit Black European Tour 2009 at The Rock in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Jorn Lande

Spirit Black European Tour 2009

Seven Thorns – support act

The Rock



25/11 – 2009


Reviewed and live pictures by Anders Sandvall

Guest Contributor: Ulrika Henriksson









The monster singer Jorn Lande has recently conquered Scandinavia but before he went down to the rest of Europe he made a stop at the best hardrock/metal club in Denmark The Rock where he kicked off the European Tour. Lande is gonna tour Europe until the end of December before he returns home to Norway again. Lande is out promoting his new album SPIRIT BLACK which in my opinion are one of the best albums that has been released during 2009.This particular day Sweden Rock Festival announce the first bands for next years line-up and one of them is Jorn Lande. When we arrived to the venue the bands were still doing their soundcheck which made the doors open a bit late. But 8:30 were we aloud to enter the club and come into the warmth.

The first thing we saw when we came down to the stage was a big backdrop that had the support acts name on it. Seven Thorns turned out to be a Danish act that didn’t sound to good to be honest. Seven Thorns did play a strange kind of Rhapsody Of Fire/Helloween music that didn’t appeal to any of us. The sound was really poor and the drums and bass were too high up in the mix. It was almost impossible to hear the lead vocals. But the guys had their fans ( that consisted of families and friends) down at the front of the stage. After 35 minutes of torment Seven Thorns finally went off stage and the preparation started for Lande and crew to go on stage.




Jorn Lande


First off all did the band members enter, they were:

Willy Bendiksen – drums

Tore Moren – guitar

Nic Angileri – bass

Tor Erik Myhre – guitar

and while the intro was playing the monster singer from Norway Jorn Lande finally entered the stage. The crowd went crazy when the band fired off “Road Of The Cross” as the evenings first song. The show continued on with “Shadow People” after which Lande thanked us for being there and told us that this was the premier stop of the European tour. The next track “Below” was taken from the excellent album SPIRIT BLACK. Lande didn’t run around on stage but he does possess a certain authority on stage that made the audience focus on him and it was almost like he cast a spell on the crowd. My guest contributor was really blown away by Lande and it was her first time seeing Lande live and she said that she was really impressed by his stage presence. Above the band soared the crow on the backdrop, it was all very majestic and an experience that you don’t forget easily. Lande asked us if it was OK to talk in Norwegian and the audience shouted YES immediately. He said that it was time to travel back in time and announced “We Brought The Angels Down” which is a huge personal favourite for us so it was only to lean back and enjoy the vocal wizard from Norway doing his job. We also have to add that the band was great support to Lande, the guys had a good time on stage and it seemed like they really enjoyed being in Copenhagen performing their music. Lande joked around with all guys, especially with drummer Bendiksen who Lande taunt during the entire show (in a good way though). Even though Lande is the star he let the rest of the band shine on stage, he’s not like Yngwie Malmsteen if you know what I mean.












The show continued on with highlights as “Stormcrow” taken from THE DUKE and the title track from SPIRIT BLACK. Lande asked Moren when the next song was recorded, Moren said 2007 but Lande just laughed and said that it was this year. Moren looked a bit embarrassed and kicked off “Rock and Roll Angel”. Lande said that he loved being in Denmark and that Denmark felt like his second home which brought down cheers and applauds from the crowd. Lande said that he use to be on a different Island that what Copenhagen is located on and record albums together with producer Tommy Hansen. Then Lande revealed that he at the moment was in the process of recording a new solo album with Hansen.

Then followed more magical songs like “The Inner Road”, “Man Of The Dark” and “Tungur Knivur” which is inspired by the Icelandic movie Hrafninn Flygur from 1984. The song is written by Lande and Moren, Lande said that Moren is one of the guys that he had worked the longest with, since 1999/2000. The movie also have inspired Lande to use crows on all of his albums. The title of the movie could be translated to The Flight Of The Crow. In the end of “Tungur Knivur” went Lande off stage and it was time for Moren to do a guitar solo. Moren was really fast and technical and it was actually a quite energetic solo he did. Contrary to the support act had Lande a perfect lighting and sound and Lande was lit up during the entire show. “Black Song” followed and then it was time for the second guitarist Myhre to do a solo and also he delivered a great solo. Lande told us that he had to pursue Myhre to join the band but once he had come along for the ride he didn’t regret it at all, Myhre just stood beside Lande and laughed when Lande told us that. Before it was time for a drum solo by the old Wild Willy Bendiksen it was time for Lande to sing “Soul Of The Wind”. Lande said that Bendiksen had been around since world war two and knew what he was doing behind the drums. Lande also said that the only thing Bendiksen was doing besides playing drums was eating pork-chops, drinking alcohol and smoke but was a great drummer despite all that. Bendiksen just laughed and kicked off his drum solo. It was a standard solo nut nevertheless was it fun to see Bendiksen in action.






Lande asked if Copenhagen was ready? And fired off “Are You Ready” which is a cover of Whitesnake, the audience sang a long and clapped their hands throughout the entire song. That song also closed the ordinary set for the band but the crowd wanted to hear and have more of Lande and his amazing set of lungs. Shortly after did Lande return with a towel around his neck and said that he was gonna do an Elvis and come back on stage sweaty and with a towel around his neck, he laughed and said that the band wanted to do a cover before they ended the show otherwise would they be angry. “Stormbringer”, which is a Deep Purple song, kicked off the first encore and a happy audience sang a long with every word that Lande sang. In the middle of the song was it time for another solo, this time by bass player Angileri. Lande once again thanked everyone for being there and said that the last song for the evening was gonna be “War Of The Wind”. When last note had faded out did all of the guys take of their instruments and went to the front of the stage to thank the audience. Altogether had the show lasted for 1.50, which meant that almost 2 hours of excellent music had enlightened the stay at The Rock for us.


Lande and the band pulled off an amazing show and I think that this show was even better than the one he did in Malmoe a few weeks ago. Lande showed that he is the best at what he does and that he has one of the best hardrock voices avaliable in the world at the moment. This show was sure one of the best shows I’ve seen during the entire 2009. If you’re going to Sweden Rock Festival next year be sure to catch Lande live on stage but I do hope that Lande are gonna do more festival shows next summer. This show was the last one for us at the hardrock metal hot spot The Rock for this year and what a way to end 2009. Thanks to the booking people at The Rock for booking Jorn Lande and his band to Copenhagen.



Set list


Road Of The Cross

Shadow People


We Brought The Angels Down


Spirit Black

Rock And Roll Angel

The Inner Road

Man Of The Dark

Tungur Knivur

Guitar Solo – Moren

Black Song

Guitar Solo – Myhre

Soul Of The Wind

Drum Solo

Are You Ready


Stormbringer – bass solo

War Of The World


A huge thanks goes out to Signe Andersen at The Rock for help with press/photo pass to us this night as well as for all the help during the past six months. The head of The Rock Nils Kroyer is also gonna have a huge thank you for being so helpful during this year.


Also a huge thank you to the nice and friendly staff and security at The Rock.


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