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 Interview with Morgan Steinmeyer Håkansson

Conducted by Robert Williams

Videography Courtesy of Sandra Torres

For nearly twenty years Sweden’s black metal assault Marduk has been delivering the most blasphemous, venomous and often perverse assault on Christianity with their brand of blastbeat heavy black metal. From the "Fuck Me Jesus" EP to songtitles like "Fistfucking God’s Planet" Jesus Christ Sodomized" and "Christraping Black Metal" long has Marduk been an adversary of the Holy.

Guitarist and founder Morgan Steinmeyer  Håkansson has been the only constant member of the band’s lineup since it’s inception. The "Plague Angel" album marked the start of the most recent lineup with former bassist Magnus "Devo" Andersson returning to the fold alongside new vocalist Mortuus. Since that time the band has been rounded out by drummer Lars Broddesson and continue to stay as active as ever with a whopping eleven studio albums, six EP’s, three live albums, a boxset and three DVD releases to date.

Most recently the band has released Wormwood. A ten song album recorded at bass player Devo’s Endarker studios; and finally returned to the United States for the first comprehensive tour of the States since 2001’s "Black Metal Assault" tour. Originally slated to take part in last summer’s "Blackendfest" as a co-headliner alongside Norway’s Mayhem; some visa delays put the band’s plans on ice.

Finally…Marduk is now back on U.S. soil and prepared to take their unholy funeral march to a town near you. Backed by French black metaller’s Merrimack, the thrash attack of Mantic Ritual and dark psychedelic metal of Nachtmystium; this tour is not to be missed.


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