NOCTURNAL FEAR – Rev. Chris Slavehunter

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NOCTURNAL FEAR –  Rev. Chris Slavehunter

Interviewed by Alan Gilkeson

From one of America’s greatest cess pools, the hellish Motor City of Detroit, comes a band so violent and full of rage that the world should be mortified… and the Metal world should be ecstatic. Nocturnal Fear’s fourth album, METAL OF HONOR, influenced by the legendary and super heavy Thrash bands of Germany, is a text book of Heavy Metal at it’s best, rude, nasty, and unforgiving. In this interview founding member and guitarist, the Rev. Chris Slavehunter Ph. D. explains the bands philosophy on Metal, War, why he’s the reverend, and even President Obama.


Your new album fuses a lot of the classic elements of Thrash Metal together. There are a few new bands doing similar things. Do you feel like you’re one of the bands on the vanguard for making Thrash Metal viable again?

There are many new bands that have decided to dabble in so-called "thrash metal" which really means they play re-hashed DRI and Nuclear Assault riffs.  These pathetic lady boys are an insult and are considered a joke to us.  WE ARE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ANIMAL!  We are at the head of the pack when it comes to making serious, violent and original Speed Thrash Metal viable again.  But talk is cheap, we back it up with our music, our new album METAL OF HONOR will set the record straight.

The guitar playing on METAL OF HONOR is quite amazing, especially the soloing. You have a very progressive style. Do you find yourself trying to play very technical, is that your goal? Or is it more of a natural thing for you to rip out these fast, brutal solos?

I really strive to have my own soloing style, I’ve worked really hard at it.  My approach is very instinctive and reflexive.  I do just try to rip them out without a lot of forethought.  I am totally self taught and my approach is like that of a gunslinger not a marksman,  Have you ever seen a guy shoot from the hip and put a hole through a quarter or shoot a playing card in half?  That’s my approach.  That type of shit can’t be taught, either it’s in you or it isn’t.


You guys are very into the True Metal philosophy. What exactly is True Metal to you and how do you get rid of all this false stuff?

True Metal is a way of life, it is a religion, and it doesn’t matter if you’re into Black, Thrash, Speed or whatever, as long as you’re REAL. I’ve removed myself from ‘normal’ society to become TRUE METAL.  If you’re not into Metal or if you don’t support Metal you can fuck off and die!  I don’t want to be your friend and I don’t want your support!  To get rid of the false stuff you gotta make the decision to not be trendy and only support bands, labels, and zines who are in it for the long haul.  I consider myself a Reverend of the Metal faith, it is my fucking life!

Who are some of the bands that you feel are on the cutting edge of True Metal? Is there any band or person you pattern yourself after or consider an influence on your philosophy?

Speaking for myself I really am influenced by German Thrash Metal, we all know the big 3 but also bands like Assassin, Protektor, etc.  There are tons of great bands out now who are true Metal that I don’t even like.  Remember!  True Metal  is a way of life and a way of doing things! These are the bands deserving of our support.   Not faggots in shorts and flip flops and beards.


What is it about war that inspires you guys? Are you supportive of the current US wars in the Middle East? How about President Obama?

War is the one common denominator that has shaped human history.  It is in our blood to hate and want to kill each other. We don’t glorify this but it is a never ending source of inspiration for us. We are supportive of ALL War because it represents action over talk.  If you are willing to kill or die for a cause, you are a warrior, and a rare breed.  Obama doesn’t support Metal or Nocturnal Fear so he can fuck off and die.

Now I don’t know in what situation you were raised, but I remember Tom Angelripper saying that he felt the poor economy and despair in the town he group up in had a huge effect on him and the Thrash Metal he created. Given the economic problems in Detroit, do you feel this has influenced the anger, angst, and brutality in your music?

Yes 100%.  Detroit is a swirling cesspool of poverty and violence. Over half the year is spent in brutal cold, the winters suck. This is not the "bay area" or Florida or New York, this is a living Hell, this is Home.

How often do you get to play live and is there a possibility of some extensive US touring in the future?

We love playing live!  Our shows for some reason are always violent, always fights, just crazy shit!  The crowds in California, Chicago and Texas have been really great to us.  We get lots of mail from Germany and England begging us to play, we can’t wait to play Wacken and the other great Metal fests for our Euro Ragers!  Right now shows are on the back burner because we are trying to fill the bass player slot.


Your record label seems to be on the cutting edge of signing underground bands with a lot of talent. How did you land on Moribund and do you hope to be able to sign to one of the bigger labels at some point?

Moribund has been great to us.  We got tons of other labels getting a hold of us, but always wanting us to tone it down!  With Moribund what you see is what you get, just pure underground insanity. Fuck what people think.

The band consists of two members at the moment. Are you actively searching for people to fill the bass and vocalist slots? How about Doomy G. Blackthrash? He did a marvelous job on the album?

Well Doomy is from the band SAURON.  He did killer session vocals for us and I did bass after Necro unexpectedly quit.  We have a new permanent vocalist named DEVASTATOR who shreds!  We are currently auditioning bass players fast and sick enough to play our shit!

Do you and Aggressor work together writing songs or is it one guy mainly writing and then in the studio working things out? How long did it take to write and record METAL OF HONOR?

I write all of the music and do the arranging with Aggressor, so by the time we hit the studio we are ready to lay our shit down with no protools trickery!  It took a little less than a year to write Metal of

Honor and I’d like to add that’s while working full time jobs and all the other bullshit!  Again as I said True Metal means making Metal a priority in your life!

What were the main topics and ideas you wished to convey lyrically in this record? Do you try to approach each record with new ideals and motifs?

Our topics are War, Metal, and Violence.  We always work within this framework but we strive to present everything in a manner that makes you wanna go fucking nuts when you hear it.

As Nocturnal Fear moves into the future what do you hope to accomplish musically? Do you feel like you have a real shot to be a national touring act at some point or are you satisfied with just being able to make your music?

We are ready for whatever comes.  Me and Aggressor are on this ride for the whole ride, all the way to the end, wherever that may be.

That which does not kill us makes us stronger-NIETZSCHE

That which does kill us makes us immortal-SLAVEHUNTER

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