Primal Fear and Brainstorm on Viva La Swabia European Tour 2009 at The Rock in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Primal Fear

Viva La Swabia European Tour

Brainstorm – co-headline act

The Rock



6/11 – 2009


Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall






Primal Fear is currently out on a European tour together with their co-headline act Brainstorm. They had already done South America, US and Canada and now it was time to conquer Europe. Primal Fear is out supporting their latest studio album 16.6 BEFORE THE DEVILS KNOW YOUR DEAD. The band have also gone through member changes and guitarist Stefan Leibing has left the band and is replaced by the Swedish Magnus Karlsson. However, Karlsson wasn’t with the band on tour this time, he was replaced by Alex Beyrodt. Karlsson and his wife recently had twins so I guess he wanted to be home with his newborn babies. A few days before the bands came to Denmark were they scheduled to perform in Norway when Brainstorm’s tourbus went off the snowy roads and the band was forced to cancel one show there. The members weren’t hurt and Brainstorm stood on stage in Copenhagen. The band Jaded Heart were support on most of the shows but not on the Scandinavian leg of the tour.

I arrived at the best hardrock/metal club in Denmark, The Rock, about one hour before the doors were opened and already had a short line formed outside. I heard that there were a lot of Swedes there which isn’t hard to believe when Primal Fear is very loved in Sweden. The first thing that caught my eyes when I came into the club and down to the floor was the stage where a lot of amps and equipment was placed. On each side behind the drums were two smaller backdrops placed with monsters on them. When the pause music went silence the people in the venue headed over from the bar and down to the floor to see the first band out.




The members walked on to the stage all equipped with their instruments and kicked off the show with “Forsake What I Have Believed” that went straight into “The Leading”. Singer Franck said that it was too long ago since the band last visited Copenhagen and that the band was really glad to be back. The show continued on with “Soul Temptation” and “Highs Without Lows”. The members in Brainstorm are:

Andy B Franck – lead vocals

Torsten Ihlenfeld – guitar

Milan Loncaric – guitar

Antonio Ieva – bass

Dieter Bernert – drums

Franck also told us about what happened in Norway a few days ago and said that no one had been hurt and that everyone was safe and sound. Then he introduced “Blind Suffering” and Franck ran around like a maniac on stage and it seemed like that song was both a favourite for the band as well as for the fans. Franck said that the band’s new album is called MEMORIAL ROOTS and asked if anyone in the audience had bought it. Numerous hands were raised but when he asked if we actually had bought it and not had downloaded it a few of the hands were taken away. Weather you had bought it or not, said Franck, here comes “Shiver” which was taken from the new album.





Then followed older songs like “Shiva’s Fears” and “World Are Coming Through” which was followed by the fresh “Conjunction of 7 Planets”. Franck thanked the pretty big audience for being there and introduced “Falling Down Spiral” that went straight into “Doorway To Survive”. After that was it time for the guitarists to show off I solos and then followed “Hollow Hideaway” and “All Those Words”. After a short introduction of the band the show moved on with “Fire Walk With Me” and “How Do You Feel” and especially the first song seemed to be a crowd pleaser. When the last note had faded out and 1.15 minutes had passed did the band went of stage and the roadies began to prepare the stage for the evenings headline act Primal Fear.







Set list


Forsake What I Believed

The Leading

Highs Without Lows

Blind Suffering


Shiva’s Tears

World Coming Through

Conjunction of 7 Planets

Falling Spiral Down

Doorway To Survive

Hollow Hideaway

All Those Words

Fire Walk With Me

How Do You Feel


It took almost 30 minutes, to change gear and more and more people had shown up in the club in time to see Primal Fear. I met up with a few friends that told me that they didn’t like the new album so much. But they hoped that Primal Fear should play older songs as well so that’s why they had crossed the bridge to see and hear the band.



Primal Fear


The band entered the stage to an intro accompanied by screams, cheers and claps from the audience. When the intro stopped the band fired off the evening’s first song which was “Under The Radar” taken from the new album. Singer Scheepers had the crowd in the palm of his hand right from the start and he moved around on the crowded stage like a mad man. There was a bunch of things on stage, a huge drum kit and a big backdrop together with numerous amps made it a bit crowded on stage.


“Battalions of Hate” taken from the debut album brought down the roof and it was pretty obvious that the band was not only loved by the Swedes in the building but also but the many Danes that had showed up. Scheepers said Thank You in Swedish and took of the long coat he had on, by now it had become pretty hot in the club and when he then introduced “Killbound” the heat was turned up a notch. Primal Fear consists of:

Ralf Scheepers – lead vocals

Randy Black – drums

Mat Sinner  – bass, b-vox

Henny Wollter – guitar, b-vox

Alex Beyrodt – guitar

Scheepers voice sounded magnificent and that man has one of the best metal voices in the world. The rhythm section with Black and Sinner felt really heavy and tight as well and they together with Wollter and session guitarist Beyrodt formed the perfect musical background for Scheepers to shine on. Beyrodt felt really solid and was an excellent replacement for Karlsson though I had rather seen Karlsson on stage. Sinner and Wollter also ran around on stage and did use the most of the space on stage to interact with the fans. And the positive respond the band got from the fans made them work even harder and it felt that the crowd lit their fire even more.







“Nuclear Fire” and the title track from the new album 16.6 BEFORE THE DEVILS KNOW YOU’RE DEAD were played and when Scheepers wanted the crowd to sing a long with him the audience burst out in the chorus. “Angel In Black” followed and at the end of the song Scheepers walked off stage to let the rest of the band end the song. Shortly after Sinner and Black also go off stage and it was only the two guitarists left on stage. Beyrodt started to play while Wollter only stood and looked at him, when Beyrodt had played it was time for Beyrodt to do the same and the guys shifted between each other and it went faster and faster until the solos ended. Black, Sinner and Scheepers entered the stage again and kicked off “Sign Of Fear” and Scheepers once again thanked everyone on the floor for being there. The evening continued with amazing songs like “Fighting The Darkness”, “Riding The Eagle” and “Final Embrace”. Scheepers gave proof of his amazing lead vocals time and time again and it was really fun to see and hear such an amazing lead vocalist in action. He thanked Beyrodt for helping them out on tour when Karlsson was home with the kids and then he thought it was time to introduce the band members. The member that brought down the most applauds was Sinner who seemed to be very loved by the fans. Sinner then took the mic and introduced the man with the mighty voice Ralf Scheepers. He wanted the entire crowd to sing a long in the song “Metal Is Forever” and the crowd went crazy. That song is also one of my personal favourite tracks from Primal Fears long career, and it’s just as Scheepers said – It’s metal that keep us up. “Metal Is Forever” was also the last song on the ordinary set-list.








But the ecstatic audience wanted more than the 1:15 the show lasted and shouted and cheered for the band to come on stage again. After a while the band came on stage again together with a few cheers. Scheepers said that they were gonna do something different, they were gonna do an acoustical version of the song “Hands Of Time” taken from the new album. All of the guys sang a part of the song and it was sure a magical moment to experience. The main concern with slower songs is that they can feel like a show stopper but so wasn’t the case with this song at all. As soon as the song ended was it time to plug in the instruments and kick off “Seven Seals” and “Chainbreaker” which ended the show. Scheepers said that it had been amazing to bee on stage in Copenhagen and that was something all of the fans could agree with. Scheepers also promised to come back next year. This was 90 minutes of magic.




I have nothing to make a mark on when it comes to the show or to the music, sound or lighting, it was simply a brilliant show with a lot of personal favourite songs from the bands long career. The band felt tight and solid and it seemed like they had a great time together. The members also came out to the bar and talked to fans and signed their stuff and I saw a lot of happy faces in the audience after the show.



Under The Radar

Battalions Of Hate


Nuclear Fire

Six Times Dead (16.6)

Angel In Black

Guitar solo

Sign Of Fear

Fighting The Darkness

Riding The Eagle

Final Embrace

Metal Is Forever


Hands Of Time

Seven Seals




Thanks to Signe Andersen at The Rock for help with press/photo pass to the show

Also a huge thank you to the nice and friendly staff and security at The Rock.

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