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Pretty Wild 

Here is all you like to know about the new up-rising Swedish sleaze/hard rock act called Pretty Wild. The band have made a name for themselves outside the Scandinavian borders and I thought it was time for the band to be featured in . The interview was made during two sessions, I talked with lead singer Ivve Hoglund and then bassist Kim Chevélle and drummer Johnny Benson took over.

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Promo picture of the bands new line-up is provided by Pretty Wild

Additional live pictures on the band taken from Anders Sandvall’s archives.






Nice of you to take the time of f to talk with me. I hope you’re ready to take on this interview. First off I thought we could talk a little bit about your EP that has recently been released.

Ivan: I’m are ready lets go.

Kim and Johnny: Come on let’s go

ALL THE WAY is the title of the EP, when and where was it recorded?


Ivan: It was recorded during the summer 2008 in a small local studio in Staffanstorp outside of Malmoe.

Who has produced the EP?

Ivan: We’ve always played the songs like they are recorded so I guess that you can say that each song have been produced by the ones who made them.

The mixing/mastering was made by band member Krizzy Field together with Martin Sweet from Crashdiet,how was it to work with him? 

Ivan: Well martin came in for the mixing and mastering part so I never got to work with him that time, but I’m very pleased with the result of the mix.

Kim and Johnny: It was great working with Martin Sweet. He had a lot of fresh ideas and really brought up the songs to the best. We are all pleased with the result.

Do you have any plans on doing something together with him in the future?


Ivan: We don’t know. We haven’t decided who we’re gonna work with on the next album. We are currently have a dialogue with Beau Hill and we might end up working with him.

How long did it take to write the songs on the EP?

Ivan: Hard to say. When I joined the band some of the songs were already written and I had some songs from before. Shockin’ teen for instance I think I wrote 4 years ago.

Kim and Johnny: It took some time to write all the tunes for the EP. We have between members and had some difficulties.


Who writes the main material and the lyrics in the band?

Kim and Johnny: We are all working together. Our new guitar player Axl Ludwig really brought new fresh blood into the band.

You guys are pretty young so I was wondering a little a bout the   lyrics,Let “The Good Times Roll” is the name of one song,were do you find inspiration to write material? Do you write about stuff you have experienced yourself? 


Ivan: It’s different everytime I guess. Sometimes we write about things we’ve experienced, sometimes we just wanna tell a story or sometimes just put together some words that sound cool hehe.

Kim and Johnny: Sometimes when we write a song we know exactly what it’s about and the lyrics come easy and sometimes it’s a real struggle.

You have featured the song “Dangerous” twice,both in a studio version and in a live version,why?

Ivan: Well we got the live version of it and thought it sounded cool and thought it would be a good extension to the ep.

And the same goes for the song “Let The Good Times Roll “that’s also featured twice,wouldn’t it be better to add more songs instead of featuring the same songs twice?

Ivan: Well we wanted an acoustic song and thought that that one would be nice. But it didn’t sound that good so we started playing around with it and it turned out like that. Yeah, more songs would’ve been better but we were on a time limit so there really wasn’t enough time.

Why did you chose to release an EP instead of an debut album?


Ivan: We didn’t have enough songs for an album but had the chance to release something on a label so we did it. And a lot of fans wanted something from us so we didn’t wanna wait.

Was it hard to chose which song you were gonna feature on the EP?


Ivan: No.. Like I said we didn’t have that much to choose from. 

Have you got a lot of material in store for an album?

Ivan: Yes we have a lot of songs written but more needs to be made. And then we all have to decide which songs work best for us and are good enough.

Krizzy Field has also done the cover art – work,what do you think   of it and do you think if reflects your music?

Ivan: Yeah we think it’s cool, we like it.

Where does the title ALL THE WAY come from?

Ivan: From the song All the way. And we thought it reflects our goal, we’re gonna take this band all the way.


How has the media responded on the EP? Have you read any reviews of the EP yet?

Ivan: Yea we’ve read quite a lot of reviews and we have to say they’re much better then we expected.

I think your music sound like American 80sglam/sleaze hardrock,how would you like to describe what kind of music Pretty Wild plays?  

Ivan: Melodic hardrock. We play what we like. We try to live to the good old arena-rock. We play what we would have wanted to see if we went to a concert.

What defines the music of Pretty Wild?

Kim and Johnny: Attitude, Groove, Great melody and kickass rock n roll.




You have inked a deal with the Swedish glam/sleaze record label Swedmetal,how come you chose to sign on for them? 


Kim and Johnny: We only signed for the EP All the way. We are now currently cooperating with Roastinghouse Records.

Were there many labels that were interested in signing Pretty Wild?


Kim and Johnny: Yes there was a few actually.

Are you happy with the work and the promotion your label have put into the band and the EP so far?

Kim and Johnny: Yes considering hehe, you always want more right. But they’ve done a good job.

For how many albums have you signed for to Swedmetal?

Kim and Johnny: None. Only the EP.

Is the EP released worldwide? If not where in the world is it released so far?

Ivan: It’s only been released in Europe and USA.

According to Swedmetal are you not a part of their label anymore, what happened?

Kim and Johnny: No we are not a part of Swedmetal anymore. We decided to part with Swedmetal when we got another offer from a different label.

Are you currently searching for a new label or do you have a new deal already?

Kim and Johnny: We are currently negotiating right now so we can’t tell you yet what label. But there have been some offers from different labels.

Do you think that you’re debut album is gonna be released any time this year?

Kim and Johnny: We are gonna try to book up studio time for the new album in Jan-Feb so will get the new album before the summer so you guys and girls will have a great summer record.

Have you recorded anything with Field on guitar for the new album? If so are you gonna take away his part and feature the guitar work of Ludwig instead?

Kim and Johnny: No we have recorded anything with Krizzy Field. Axl Ludwig are gonna do all the guitar-work on the debut album.


Who is the founder of the band?


Ivan: Kim Chevélle founded the band. There’s been different members and then the band got together called pretty wild about 2 years ago.


Where in Sweden do you guys live today?


Kim and Johnny:We have our frontman in the capital, Stockholm and the rest of us guys live in Malmoe

You have toured quite a lot in both Europe as well as in America,how was it?

Kim and Johnny: Great! Crazy times. That’s what we love doing and wanna do a lot more of. It’s always fun to go to new places all over the world and perform to new fans.

And how have you managed to go out on such an expanded tour without having a debut album to back you up?

Kim and Johnny: We simply took it in our own hands. We didn’t wanna sit around and wait for an album to come out. And we’ve had a lot of help from friends and fans. And where ever we send our music people seemed to like it and booked us.

Does the members in the band have any artists or idols in common that inspire you?

Kim and Johnny: We all like the 80s stuff with fast guitars and high-pitch vocals hehe, other than that we all have a wide taste of music.


Where does the band name come from?

Ivan: Kim came up with the band name Pretty Wild.

In the it can be read that Pretty Wild is the next big thing from Sweden and that you’re often called the big stars of tomorrow,  how does that feel?

Kim and Johnny: It feels great that people believe in us and we’re gonna do everything we can to pursue that dream of ours.


Are there any differences in how you guys are treated in the music industry here in Europe compared to America?


Ivan: Not really but when you travel halfway around the world to do a show people are gonna think that you’re a lot bigger than you are. Like wow did you guys come all the way from Sweden!? The longer you go the more hyped you get hehe so that’s pretty cool.

Why have you taken on artist-names instead of your own names?


Ivan: It’s sort of just expected, I mean who show-business use their original name. And with this 80’s hype that’s going on now people who are not in band even have artist names.

I have seen you perform live and it seems that you have a very loyal and dedicated fanbase,where in the world do you have your biggest fanbase do you think?

Ivan: Not sure really. There’s a lot of interest coming from Italy right now and we have booked some more shows there so I guess I’d say Italy and Sweden.


Why doesn’t the band have a website,you only have a MySpace site?

Ivan: We haven’t really felt that we’ve needed more than our MySpace but we are building a website now that will hopefully be up soon.

Where does your slogan “Join The Party” and your mascot come from?

Kim and Johnny: A friend to the band drew the mascot. The slogan just something we wishes everybody to do.


What can we expect if we attend a live show with Pretty Wild?

Kim and Johnny: A kick ass show. Intense and fast. We never take a song to cool down in the middle of a set, so if you come to our show you better be prepared to rock out straight for an hour.

Are any of the members involved in any other bands/project besides Pretty Wild?  

Kim and Johnny: Ivan sings in a band called EYE as well. 

The glam/sleaze wave that have swept over the world are now starting to decrease,do you think people are getting tired of glam/sleaze metal?


Kim and Johnny: No, not as long as it’s good music. I think all the bad bands get swept away when the hype is over but good music and musicians are always in fashion.

Which one of all you shows do you think have been the best one so far?

Kim and Johnny: Our last show in Italy at Pego Rock was one of them, there was a big crowd that rocked and we had a great time. That one and the one at the Roxy Theatre in L.A, a fairly big and legendary stage like that was great.

And which show have been not so great?

Kim and Johnny: A lot can go wrong and mess up your gig. We had quite bad show in Stockholm where all our equipment broke all the time during the show.

Do you have jobs or school to focus on beside the band?


Kim and Johnny: Yes, we can’t make a living of the band yet so we have to work.

Earlier this year did guitarist Krizzy Field leave the band, why? And was it an expected departure?

Kim and Johnny: There was al of of things that we disagreed on with Krizzy Field. And a lot of situations really started to drag down the band. So we decided to part with Krizzy Field.

Are you still friends with Field today?

Kim and Johnny: Yes we are that.

You launched the search for a new guitarist on MySpace, did many applications come in?

Kim and Johnny: Yes we got a lot of applications from all over the world.

Field took part in much of the work that evolved around the album like doing cover art-work and participated on the mix/mastering of the disc, who is gonna take his part in that work do you think?

Kim and Johnny: We are gonna hire professional art work designer David Tang for the cover art and Mix/Mastering are under discussion with Beau Hill (Europe, Warrant, Winger etc.)


New guitarist is now Axl Ludwig, what can you say about him as a guitarist? And has he been involved in other acts before he joined Pretty Wild?

Kim and Johnny: Axl Ludwig is an amazing guy. This guy really knows how to play. We really have good connection with Axl.

We were lucky to steal him from his past band Edge of a circle.


You did the first show with Ludwig in the rock club Horns Up in Malmoe at the end of September, how did it go?

Kim and Johnny: Yes we did. It was a great hit. The show was totally sold out and Axl played like a god!

How did your fans great your new guitarist?

Kim and Johnny: The fans where crazy over Axl. The really welcomed him too our Pretty Wild family.

Have you done more live shows with Ludwig since then?

Kim and Johnny: No we haven’t. But we are going out on a Italy tour now in November 09. So next time you can see Axl Ludwig and Pretty Wild are in Vercelli at Area 24  12/11-09


According to my biography are you gonna record your debut album this year, is that true? 


Ivan: Yes we are. Just have a few more songs to finish and then we’ll hit the studio.

Are any of the songs from the EP gonna be featured on the album?


Ivan: Don’t know yet, we thought about it but that remains to be seen. We are gonna have to choose the 12 best songs of 50 finished songs.

And there might be a chance for 1 or 2 songs from the EP to end up on the debut album.

In which studio are you gonna record the album and do you know who’s gonna produce it?


Kim and Johnny: No we haven’t decided yet. But we have had discussions with Roastinghouse Studios and Polar Studio. When it comes to producer it might end up with Beau Hill or Chris Laney.

Can you reveal any song titles or the title of  the album?


Ivan: If you’ve seen us live lately you’ve probably heard the song "Starring at the sun " witch might come on the next album.

No title of the album yet.

Musically, what can we expect of your debut album?

Ivan: It’ll be a bit heavier but still very melodic. Catchy rock n’ roll tunes. And maybe a ballad or two hehe. A more mature sound and songs.

When can we expect to find the debut album being available in stores?


Ivan: Sometime in the beginning of next year. Probably around March/April.

Are you happy with what Pretty Wild have achieved so far?

Ivan:Yes I think we have done much in a short period of time. The band have existed for 2 years but mostly been active the for 1 year and we’ve done a lot and played a lot.

What can we expect from Pretty Wild later on?

Ivan:The new album and a music video, hopefully a lot of shows, then an other album and more shows.

Where are you gonna perform next and will you do more shows this year do you think?  

Ivan: Yes we have another Italian tour booked for this November. Starts November 12th and then a show in Stockholm right after the Italian tour.

Kim and Johnny: That’s probably all we are gonna do this year. There’s a lot of work to do for the debut album as well.


You have changed your MySpace address, why?


Kim and Johnny: We had problems with our MySpace when it came to the password and after a while we realised that we where never gonna be able to get it back so we decided to make a new one and make it a better one and more professional.

When are new promotional photos gonna come out on the new line-up?

Kim and Johnny: We released it after the show in Malmoe at horn’s up. So you can find promotional photos at our MySpace right now.

Do you consider this new line-up as a solid and lasting line-up?

Kim and Johnny: Yes we feel that we have finally found what we have been looking for and that we have grown much stronger just over this summer.

We all share the same thoughts and ideas and we are sure that you are gonna meet a stronger Pretty Wild in the future.

What are the plans for the band in 2010?

Ivan:Our plans are to finish the album and get it released. Then play a lot of shows of course. We are gonna try to expand the band as much as possible.

Kim and Johnny: We might even end up playing in China. We are gonna try conquer a little bit of the east.

Well,that was all I had for know, thanks a lot for taking the time to answer my questions. Good luck in the future. I only have one final question to you and that is . . Do you have any finale words of wisdom to the fans and to the readers?


Ivan:Follow you dreams and never give up no matter what people say. Just keep on dreaming. You might wake up and realise you are living the dream.


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