BLACK FLAMES OF BLASPHEMY (Revenge, Blasphemy…) 24.10 Helsinki

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Once again darkness descended over Helsinki when a two night black metal festival was arranged at the Dante’s club in Hellsinki. The line-up looked utterly brilliant for every true black metal maniac.  Above all, the headliner of the last night, Blasphemy, was truly beyond the wildest dreams of every raw black metal worshiper. Therefore it wasn’t any surprise that there were people who had traveled all the way from Russia and Italy to feel their true blasphemous attack.  

 Article and pics by Arto Lehtinen


The Spanish black metal three piece opened the gates of the damnation by delivering the ultra approach of the bestial black metal assault. The three piece has outspokenly adopted the extreme fist to  the face black metal onslaught. No mercy no pity, just raw and brutality from the beginning to the end. 


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Black Witchery have visited Finland before supporting Inquisition.  The US black metallers continued the night after the Spanish black metal soul-mates. The hooded vocalist with the grim glance starred at the audience and let the blasphemic tunes spread all around the club. The front row was totally packed and truly into the merciless savage delivered by Black Witchery.




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Arch goat already the name almost 20 years ago by gigging all around in Finland at various metal gigs. The band went on hiatus, until returning to the black assault some years ago. Archgoat’s reputation by being a real apocalyptic sight on the stage is obvious. The three piece’s darkish black metal was well received by the dedicated black metal crowd. The front row of the stage was conquered by the Blasphemy guys who were enjoying Arch Goat for sure. Arch Goat’s savage and nihilistic black metal sounded uncompromising as expected.  

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Revenge led by Pete Helmkamp offered a sonic tormenting maelstrom. The three piece didn’t compromise as to unleashing the brutality and nihilistic, instead every song hammer out sounded raw and brutal. Helmkamp’s dry raw sounding voice has always been his trademark since the Order From Chaos days.  Even though Revenge’s didn’t present the most blackish style as other bands on the bill, however the combo’s sonic tormenting ripped and brutally.




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The whole club was entirely packed. The floor was totally burning up when hundreds of people tried to crawl and get into the frontrow to hail the Canadian skinhead black metallers. The atmosphere was rising up thru the ceiling when the opening Ross Bay intro roared out of the moniker and was followed by “War Command”. Blasphemy sounded tremendous extreme, brutal, savage. Nocturnal Grave Desecrator And Black Winds’ raw growling shouting was direct from the abyss of the damnation. Blasphemy offered a sadistic lesson of how raw black metal is original meant to be and sound.  The five piece’s blasphemous hymns got spread in the club with the sadistical grip. None of other bands has ever sounded as intensive, vicious and above all brutal as Blasphemy. Hail Blasphemy Hail Ross Bay Cult. 

War Command

Blasphemous Attack

Gods Of War

Darkness Prevails


Victory (Son Of The Damned)

Nocturnal Slayer

Emperor Of The Black Abyss

Hording Of Evil Vengeance

Goddess Of Perversity

Weltering In Blood



Fallen Angel Of Doom

Blood Upon The Altar

The Desolate One


Atomic Nuclear Desolation

Empty Chalice




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One hell of a night for sure. It was more than obvious the KRK organization carried out the most amazing black metal event by having Blasphemy on the Finnish soil. The audience was truly wild and insane. These eccentric crowd surfing was quite an odd sight at the black metal gig. However the KRK organization definitely has surprising gigs and festival coming up.