Amon Amarth with Entombed on the Twilight Of The Thunder God Scandinavian at Kb in Malmoe, Sweden

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Amon Amarth 

Twilight Of The Thunder God Scandinavian Tour

Entombed – support act




16/10 – 2009


Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall







From the beginning Evile was booked to join this tour package, but tragically one of the members in Evile died before the tour had reached Malmoe so naturally the band didn’t proceed with their tour and the Malmoe audience hadn’t the opportunity to see Evile live. Entombed became the support act instead of special guest which was the intent from the beginning. But that was small potatoes compared to what Evile went through. Entombed is still out supporting their latest studio album from 2007 called SERPENT SAINTS. Amon Amarth is out supporting their last years release TWILIGHT OF THE THUNDER GOD. The last time I saw Amon Amarth was at Wacken Open Air festival in Germany this summer and there’s no doubt that these Swedish vikings are loved by at least the European fans.

During the day Entombed singer L-G Petrov told me that their bass player Nico Elgstrand wasn’t on the tour and that they had taken in a session bass player. I also met up with some of the Amon Amarth guys before the show and they were also really nice guys that really cares about their fans. I told Petrov that I had heard rumours going around that the band were gonna attend an after party which was something he totally denied. Both bands were gonna head home to Stockholm straight after the show and weren’t gonna go to any after party at all.

I arrived to the club at 19.30 and there had already began to gather people inside the venue. Entombed had their own fan club waiting in front of the stage and I could sense excitement in the air. Later on it turned out that the club was almost totally sold out which is fun. The metal heads are really supporting their bands when they are out on tour.



The band members are:

L-G Petrov – lead vocals

Olle Dahlstedt – drums

Alex Hellid – guitar

Victor – bass

The hands of everyone in front of the stage went up in the air when the band entered the stage. First song for the evening was “Chief Rebel Angel” which was followed up by “Demon”. The audience picked up the speed right away and went totally crazy when the music kicked off. It felt like the legendary Entombed had re-light their old death metal fire because the guys felt really excited and vital on stage. Singer Petrov walked around on stage doing his best to enchant the audience with his growling lead vocals. His stage presence reminds a lot of Ozzy Osbourne’s and when he introduced the next song which was “Wolverine Blues” the crowd blew the roof of the club in pure happiness. Then followed the title track “Serpent Saints” and guitarist Hellid together with bassist Victor moved around quite a lot on stage. The show shortly moved on with “I For An Eye” which was followed by “Supposed To Rot”. Petrov’s voice sounded as good as ever and Hellid delivered some really heavy and mean guitar riffs. Bassist Victor had some similarities with Entombeds older bass player Lars Rosenberg, and yes, I’m that old that I was around during the Rosenberg era.







Petrov said that the band thought a lot about Evile and what has happened to them and urged us to give some applause for the Evile guys that right now are going through some really hard times. “When In Sodom” transcended straight into “Like This With The Devil” before Petrov thanked everyone for being there and taking part of this great tour package. Even more headbanging took place when the band fired off “Revel In Flesh” and even a mosh-pit was formed. Petrov looked really happy up on stage and and it’s comforting to see that despite the many member changes haven’t the audience forgotten about Entombed and their ground breaking music.

The only negative thing about the show was the poor lighting, the band stood most of the time almost in darkness however that maybe concerned me the most because I was the one who was gonna take photos of the band. Petrov thought it was time to jump back in time and unveiled the old classic song “Damn Deal Done”. The last songs out for Entombed were “Out Of Hand”, “Night Of The Vampire” and the monumental “Left Hand Path”. When the last note had faded out did the members all go to the middle of the stage and thanked the audience for the show. 65 minutes rushed by and Entombed delivered an amazing show with great sound, not so good light, but again to play this kind of music with only one guitar do not work so well at all live. This kind of music needs two on guitar. But this was on of the better shows I have seen with the band for a long time with a nerve and passion that impressed me a lot.






Set list


Chief Rebel Angel


Wolverine Blues

Serpent Saints

I For An Eye

Supposed To Rot

When In Sodom

Like This With The Devil

Revel In Flesh


Stranger Aeons

Damn Deal Done

Out Of Hand

Night Of The Vampire

Left Hand Path


 During the change of gear the pause music was played live in the speakers and most of the people went over to the bar to order in some more alcohol. The change of gear went pretty fast because the bands used the same drum-kit. More people had come just in time to see Amon Amarth and when the clock struck 21.30 it was time for the headline act to enter the stage.



Amon Amarth

Johan Hegg – lead vocals

Ted Lundstrom – bass

Olavi Mikkonen – guitar

Fredrik Andersson – drums

Johan Soderberg – guitar

All of the members entered the stage at the same time and the show began with the mighty “Twilight Of The Thunder God” which is the title track from the new album. Hegg said that it was nice to be back in Malmoe again and that it must had been two years since the last time they were here and then followed the songs “Tattered Banners And Bloody” and “Valkyries Ride”. Everyone in the audience threw their hair and screamed along in the songs and there were no doubt that Amon Amarth is loved in Malmoe. Hegg was equipped with a large horn of mead and as probably everyone knows does he look a lot like an old Swedish viking. “Asator” and “Varyags Of Miklagaard” continued the show and during these two songs did smoke come out from two boxes that were placed at the side of the stage. The smoke continued pouring out in “Hermods Ride To Hel” and I couldn’t but be amazed off how tight and mean Amon Amarth’s performance was. It was easy to tell that the band loves both their music and their fans.






It got so hot that the sweat almost dripped out from the ceiling and at one point was there a tropical heat in the venue. Even though the band was soaked in sweat from the early beginning of the show wasn’t that something that stopped the vikings from continuing straight ahead in a hazardous speed and songs like “Live For The Kill” and “Where Silent Gods Stand Guard” followed. Hegg had the audience in the palm of his hand and said that it was great fun for the band to play at a more intimate venue that they normally does nowadays. Hegg said that as everyone knew was Evile supposed to open the tour package but was forced to cancel their performances when their bass player Mike Alexander so tragically passed away. Amon Amarth dedicated “Fate Of Norns” to Alexander’s family and to Evile and when the song ended wanted Hegg hear a scream for Evile from everyone in the club. Hegg wasn’t content with the crowds attempt to scream and said that the Copenhagen audience were much louder and harder than us. And on the third attempt we finally managed to scream louder than the Danish fans and Hegg was satisfied. The fact that Denmark recently beat us in soccer probably made the audience irritated and more eager to scream louder than the Danish crowd.





Hegg did dedicate “Death In Fire” to the fans on the floor and that song was shortly followed by “Runes To My Memory”. The lighting during the show was amazing and framed the show perfect. And the sound was also really great, KB sure do have some amazing sound and lighting system. Hegg introduced “Victorious March” and when the audience heard the intro went the floor completely mad. When the last note had faded out did the band go off stage and then they had played for about 70 hot minutes. The entire band as well as the crowd were soaked in sweat but that didn’t stop the fans from wanting to hear more music. After a short moment did the guys return on stage and kicked off the encores which were “Cry Of The Blackbirds” and “Pursuit Of Vikings”. And when the last song had been played had the band been on stage for 85 minutes.



By then had the clock turned late and the roadies started to clear the stage because the bands were heading up to Stockholm straight after the show. Amon Amarth did an amazing performance and they proved that they are just as great whether they’re perform on a huge festival stage or in a smaller club.  Thank you to both Entombed and to Amon Amarth for once again being a living proof of that Swedish death metal is a force to be reckon with.




Set list


Twilight Of The Thunder God

Tattered Banners And Bloody

Valkyries Ride


Varyags Of Miklagaard

Hermods Ride To Hel

Guardians of Asgaard

Where Silent Gods Stand Guard

Live For The Kill

Fate Of Norns

Death In Fire

Runes To My Memory

Victorious March


Cry Of The Blackbirds

Pursuit Of Vikings



As always a big Thank You to the head of Kulturbolaget Totte Lundgren for help with press/photo pass to the show, and also a huge thank you to the nice staff and crew at the club.

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