Evergrey and support act Chaoswave at European Torn Tour at The Rock in Copenhagen, Denmark 2009

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European Torn Tour

Chaoswave – Support act

The Rock



5/10 – 2009


Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall






Evergrey is one of the best progressive/dark metal acts in the world and they are pretty cheap with throwing gigs in Sweden and Scandinavia. This night had the boys taken the tour to Copenhagen on there ongoing European Tour so it wasn’t hard to convince me to cross the bridge over to The Rock this particular evening to see Gothenburg’s finest act live on their last show on this leg of the tour. Michael Hakansson left the band a while ago and is now replaced by the former Stratovarius bassist Jari Kainulainen. Evergrey is still out supporting their latest studio album TORN which was released at the beginning of last year.

The doors opened a half hour late, at 20.30, and me and the small crowd outside were let into the warmth of the club. At about 20.50 did the support act Chaoswave enter the stage.



Members in the band are:

Raphael – drums

Guf – guitar

Michele – bass

Giorgia – lead vocals

Fabio – lead vocals

The band comes from Italy and have released two studio albums so far. I haven’t heard the band before and their music is nothing that I’m gonna explore any further. The only thing that I thought made the band stand out was the shared lead vocals between Giorgia and Fabio that sounded pretty good. Luckily did Chaoswave have family and friends there to see them because the paying audience didn’t care much for the bands music.

After 40 minutes which included mic problems for Fabio did Chaoswave leave the stage and the roadies start the work of preparing the stage for the headline act.





At 22.50 did:

Tom S Englund – lead vocals, guitar

Henrik Danhage – guitar

Jonas Ekdahl – drums

Rikard Zander – keyboards

Jari Kainulainen – bass

The band entered the stage accompanied by the cheers and screams of the fans and the audience. When the intro had faded out was “Fear” kicked off and   the show moved on with “As I Lie Here Bleeding” taken from the brilliant album RECREATION DAY. Englund then introduced the next song “Soaked” on Swedish. Behind Ekdahl’s drum kit hung a huge back drop and beside Englund that stood in the front of the stage stood Danhage and Kainulainen, behind Englund stood Ekdahl.

The amount of people was really small and Englund said a little ironically that it was nice to see that so many had shown up to see the band and that it was fun that Evergrey is so popular in Denmark. “More Than Ever” continued the show and the band felt tight and extremely solid together. Evergrey did their best to get the crowd going and it felt that it didn’t matter how many people that had shown up, the band always try to deliver a solid show no matter how few or many people there are in the crowd.






“She Speaks To The Dead” and “Watching The Skies” followed and I just stood and enjoyed the brilliant music that came out of the speakers. It’s always a pleasure to see such an experienced and motivated band on stage. Englund introduced the following songs which were “In Remembrance” and “End Of Days”. Englund didn’t talk much at all, instead he let the music speak for itself. When “End Of Days” reached the end did all of the members went of stage except for Danhage who stayed on stage together with Zander and together they did solos. Only Englund returned and together with Zander did they do an acoustical version of of “Words Mean Nothing”. The song gave me goose bumps, it was a brilliant version of the song and it made a brilliant shown turn excellent.

After that magical moment it was time for the guys to fire off what is maybe their biggest hit, at least for the common people. It’s their version of the song “I’m Sorry” originally made by a Swedish singer called Dilba back in the 90’s. Everyone on the floor sang along to the song and I have to say that Evergrey’s version of the song is far way better than the original. That song was the last song on the ordinary set list. But the band was shortly on stage again after having been shouted back by the fans. Englund thanked everyone, not only the audience but also the sound engineers the roadies and Chaoswave for making the show possible. He thanked them for being a part of this tour around Europe that ended this night. 





Encores were “When The Walls Go Down”, “Recreation Day”, “Broken Wings” and “A Touch Of Blessing”. Englund announced that the band were gonna be in the merchandise stand after the show to write autographs and take pictures with the fans. Altogether did the amazing show last for about 1.40 and when the clock had turned 00.30 it was time for me to head home in the cold autumn night.

Evergrey is scheduled to perform in Norway and in their hometown Gothenburg later on and in December they are heading over to South America.



I guess that everyone who attended the show was satisfied with the brilliant set list and the magical acoustical version of “Words Mean Nothing”. Once again Evergrey proved that they are one of the best progressive/dark metal acts in the world. The only thing I had wished for was a bigger audience but that was nothing that Evergrey could do anything about. Otherwise was it a great show that I won’t ever forget. I salute the people at The Rock that books such strong acts like Evergrey, they makes it easier to get through the long cold winter.




Thanks to Signe Andersen at The Rock for help with press/photo pass to the show.



Also a huge thank you to the nice and friendly staff and security at The Rock.

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As I Lie Here Bleeding


More Than Ever

She Speaks To The Dead

Watching The Skies

In Remembrance


End Of Your Days

The Masterplan

Still In The Water

Monday Morning Apocalypse

Words Mean Nothing

I’m Sorry


When The Walls Go Down

Recreation Day

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