Paradise Lost : Nosturi Helsinki Finland

Rhapsody of Fire
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Nosturi Club

Helsinki, Finland

The 5th of October 2009



The long time British metal icons Paradise Lost have undergone both up and downs during their 20 years. The band’s glorious years were back in the heyday when death metal used to dominated the metal world and in the catacombs of the underground. The five piece didn’t rely on the obscure deadly gothic approach and instead developed and matured their sound more into the Depech Mode vibe. Of course hard core fans didn’t understand and started ignoring the band even though newer fans found Paradise Lost. The band’s brand new 11th opus titled ”Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us” offers catchy riffs and heavy sounds. The older fans may dig or then detest, whatever, it sounds promising.

Paradise Lost visited Finland at the Nosturi club to do some new songs as well as a few classics. Even though it was Monday, 400-500 people had crawled in to for the band’s current appearance on the stage. As for that attendance in general, to be honest Paradise Lost have always had a solid following since the early 90’s and visited Finland a couple of dozen times. Therefore having 400-500 people was pretty unexpected and a low turnout.

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The fanatical Paradise Lost fans gathered next to the fence to cheer when the whole five piece arrived on the stage. The set was kicked off and both new and of course old classic material was preformed. For obvious reasons, a number of newer songs were played. As far as the new songs are concerned, they definitely sounded bloody heavy. But the material was so brand new, although the album had been on the myspace site of Paradise Lost, they mostly remained more or less unknown. When the older classic songs such as “Pity The Sadness” “Embers” and the more Depech Mode sounding era “One Second” causes an expected massive reaction amongst the audience. Surprisingly the legendary “As I Die” was already in the middle of the set. The real surprise was that “Eternal” was picked up from the second album GOTHIC. To be honest that song could have been skipped from the set as in general it sounded quite terrible. Holmes’ current voice and singing style doesn’t fit that well to how the song itself sounds and above all the growling. Whereas Holmes’ voice is perfect for songs for example “One Second” and “Just Say Words”.

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In general the sounds was quite distorted in beginning of the set. It got definitely better bit by bit, but they could have definitely fixed things quicker. It is hard if either bass or guitar was more on the surface. In the beginning of the set the drum sound was more powerful compared to the other instruments.  


As for the band’s performance on the stage, well at least the guitarists Macintosh and Aedy both handled their playing with the professional grip and attitude. Macintosh’s sea of hair looked massive when banging his head. The former Cradle Of Filth drummer is a new addition to Paradise Lost. He would have deserved to join the band earlier to give his input on the new album. Well at least he is a right man to sit behind the drum kit, even though he made some hilarious mistakes. Nick Holmes has always been an interesting and a bit gloomy personality. Nick wasn’t thrilled about communicating with the audience, even though a few wannabe stand-up comedians tried to throw up some not-so-interesting-jokes. At least Mr Holmes thanked when some fan yelled the new album is the best in the 13 years.   

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Paradise Lost have not lost any of what it takes to create gloomy, melodic and above all catchy songs fit for the Finnish emotions and way of life. Therefore Paradise Lost have always enjoyed a good following up in Finland. Hopefully Paradise Lost will be seen in the summer of 2010 as well!


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