Candlemass,Trouble and Angel Witch on Dynasty Of Doom Tour Sweden at KB in Malmoe, Sweden 2009

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Dynasty Of Doom Tour Sweden

Trouble – Special guest

Angel Witch – Support act




26/9 – 2009


Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall








When I saw this tour package I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Candlemass, Trouble and Angel Witch all on the same stage on the same night and tour! This brilliant tour combination landed on the best stage and on the best club in the southern parts of Sweden on a cold Saturday night and the tour only made three shows together which made it all extremely joyful to witness. During the day I met up with Trouble members Bruce Franklin and Rick Wartell which was both really nice guys. I also met up with the entire Candlemass clan and they were really stressed out because of a delayed train ride down from Stockholm.

While waiting or the first act, Angel Witch, to go on stage I strolled around in the venue chatting to people that were all really anxious too see Candlemass and Trouble with Kory Clark on vocals and Angel Witch on stage.



Angel Witch

When the band plugged in their instruments and kicked off the show the venue wasn’t half full yet but the hardcore fans in front of the stage made the band feel welcome. The only original member on stage this night was singer/guitarist Kevin Heybourne and the rest of the band was:

Chris Fullard – guitar

Will Palmer – bass

Andrew Prestidge – drums


Angel Witch was blessed with an amazing light and sound which isn’t usual for support acts to have. It looked like Heybourne really enjoyed being on a Swedish stage but it was pretty boring that he didn’t talk anything in between the songs. Many of the songs also blended into each other so it was hard for me who isn’t a hardcore fan to separate the songs from each other. The only ones that tried to connect with the audience were Fullard and Palmer. The shows best moment came when the kicked off the song “Angel Witch” and let the crowd sing the chorus. That saved most of the 50 minutes the band played. And even though the crowd screamed for an encore did the band go off stage. The show was over all a solid performance but I lacked spontaneity and some kind of connection with the crowd. However was the crowd blown away by the performance and that is what counts.




Set list



Sweet Danger


White Witch


The Night Is..

Dr Phibes

Angel Of Death


Angel Witch 

After a pretty short gear change and a line check was it time for the evenings special guests to enter stage and the guests were the legendary act.





Bruce Franklin – guitar

Rick Wartell – guitar

Mark Lira – drums

Shane Pasqualla – bass

Kory Clark – lead vocals

While the intro played came the band members up on stage and plugged in their instruments. First song of the night was “Ride The Sky” under which Clark ran up on stage to. The band had a huge drum kit and a row of amps that surrounded them. The stage has a ramp in the middle that reaches out a bit into the crowd but no one used the ramp at all. Trouble proved that they are a well oiled mean machine and that they still got what it takes to deliver a hell of a show. The band didn’t have an album to support so this performance was all about delivering old classical hits. “The Sleeper” and “The Eye” continued the show and Clark’s voice sounded extremely good and he sets his own stamp on the songs. It’s sad that Eric Wagner left the band but I think Clark did a great job on lead vocals this night. Clark, Wartell and Franklin took advantage of the entire stage and did their best to reach out to the crowd.





Even though Trouble are doom legends I thought that their songs were delivered in a pretty fast tempo. I think that Clark is a well needed vitamin injection to the rest of the band and that he got what it takes to take Trouble into the next level. Most of the people in the audience stood solid on their spot and nodded their heads along to the music. “Assassin” and “Touch The Sky” continued on the show after which Clark asked if we were ready for an instrumental song and “End Time” followed. I guess it was time for Clark to rest his voice for a while.

Trouble put on a strong show and it was really nice to see Clark standing on a stage on Swedish soil. The band delivered many great songs, it was a little sad though that the audience wasn’t as exited as me to see Trouble. And again, Clark is a great choice of new singer in the band. After having finished these three shows that were scheduled in Sweden but Trouble continued out in Europe as headline act on their own tour together with Pentagram.




Set list


Ride The Sky

The Sleeper

The Eye


Touch The Sky

End Time

Trouble Maker

Hunters Of Doom

End Of My Daze

The Tempter

All Is Forgiven






Finally itwas  time for the evenings headline act Candlemass to enter the venue. A huge backdrop with the bands new album art was hung up behind the drum kit and several white crosses were placed besides the drums. Candlemass consists of:

Robert Lowe – lead vocals

Lars Johansson – guitar

Mappe Bjorkman – guitar

Jan Lindh – drums

Leif Edling – bass

It was really crowded in front of the stage and almost impossible to take pictures, it seemed like all of the people had waited to get in to see Candlemass. When the band kicked off the show with “Emperor Of The Void” the crowd went completely mad. It was obvious that singer Lowe had grown into this role as lead singer lots more since the last time I saw them live and he did a great job. “Mirror Mirror” followed and it had already became so hot that Lowe took off his long black coat. It was Lowe and Edling that moved around the most on stage, Johansson and Bjorkman stood mostly on their side of the stage playing. And it looked like the band was really happy and pleased with the warm welcome the crowd gave the band but Candlemass has always been loved in Malmoe. Lowe said that the bands new album is titled DEATH MAGIC DOOM and that the next song “If I Ever Die” was taken from that album. Also the next song “Hammer Of Doom” was taken from that disc. Lowe used the ramp during the entire gig which was fun because then it feel like the artist is more connected to the people in the front of the stage. Despite the fact that the band hadn’t played “Tales Of Creation “ for a really long time did they do an excellent job delivering that song. Johansson threw out deadly guitar riffs and the band felt vital and energetic on stage. Lowe had grown with the task and I thought there were no longing for the old singer Messiah Marcolin to come back.






When Lowe said that the show had come to an end he faced a big NO from the crowd who wanted more and more out of the band. “Bleeding Baroness” and “Demon Of The Deep” then followed and “Demon Of The Deep” was also the last song for the evening. Lowe and the rest of the band walked off stage after having played for about 60 minutes. However they returned shortly after to fire off the first encore which was “Solitude” that totally ended 70 minutes of doom magic.

When everyone had walked off stage Lowe stayed to talk to fans and he wrote autographs for everyone who wanted one. This show was one of the best shows I’ve seen with Lowe on vocals and I think that as time goes by he’s gonna fill the void that Marcolin left perfect. The only negative thing I thought was that the show was too short. I had wanted the band to perform at least for 90 minutes at least. It was also strange that more people didn’t show up to see this once in a life time tour package. I met up with parts of Trouble and Candlemass after the show and they all took the time to talk and to let the fans take pictures of them. This was an amazing night and I’m glad that I attended the show.





Set list


Emperor Of The Void

Mirror Mirror


If I Ever Die

Hammer Of Doom

At The Gallows End


Bleeding Baroness

Demon Of The Deep







A huge thank you goes out to the band-booker of Kulturbolaget, this autumn and winter are jammed with amazing hardrock/metal acts. Thanks to Totte Lundgren, head of KB, for help with press/photo pass to the show.

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