Crimson Cult – guitarist/keybordplayer Guenter Maier

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Crimson Cult is a German act that has released its debut album this year. I had a short talk with guitarist/keyboard player Guenter Maier about this new band. Maier and bass player Alex Hilzensauer were members of the band Stygma IV before they formed Crimson Cult and this interview concerns both Crimson Cult and their brand new debut but also a look back on what Maier has done in the past.


Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Christine Stephan at Dockyard1 for help with making the interview possible

Thanks to Pinky at Agentur Digital for the promo pictures of the band. All promo pictures are taken from the band’s homepage.



Hi, here comes a bunch of question for you regarding Crimson Cult and your brand new album. Are you ready?

Okay, let’s go!

Well to kick off this interview I’d like you to tell the readers a little about your brand new self titled album that came out earlier this year. 

Our first CD CRIMSON CULT mirrors the music which Alex and me wanted to do together for years. Everything is more “at the point”  I think, as it was before.

In my opinion is the album totally brilliant and I read that you wrote the songs during a period of three weeks, is that true? That’s an amazing effort for sure.

Thanx :-))

The three weeks stand more for the rehearsals where we developed the songs. The main structures of the songs we did before and some ideas we carried with us since years.

Who writes the material and the music in the band?

Most of the tunes are from myself, but there are some riffs from Alex too. I wrote all the lyrics for this album but Walter will bring in more ideas in the future.

The German magazine Rock Hard Magazine named your demo to Demo Of The Month, how did that feel?

This was a great honor for us, because we didn’t even send them material.

A journalist asked me to give him a promo and that was it.

You weren’t signed to any label when you wrote the album or?

No, we were free Austrian men 😉

In which studio did you record the album?

It was a little mixture.

We recorded the drums in our home based club “rock house”, and the rest I did in my own studio. For the mastering we went in a very good studio with a very good engineer who did everything with analog equipment.

Who has produced the disc?

It was me.

What do you think of the cover art-work? Who did it?

The fallen angel on our cover is hanging around in a castle near Salzburg, our hometown. For years I told him that his time will come and now was the right time to take a picture and give him his attention. My girlfriend did the whole artwork for she is a graphic artist.


What has the media to say about the album? Have you read any review of it yet?

There are tons of reviews around in magazines and naturally on the internet. We didn’t expect so much good reactions on CRIMSON CULT, but it’s a great feeling to be honored for our work.


How come you named the album after the band?

It was Alex’s idea.


Do you have any particular song on the disc that’s your favorite?

I like “Lava Machine” a lot.

What respond have the fans given you on CRIMSON CULT?

Most of our fans are really happy that a part of the STYGMA IV history will continue.



Maier and Hilzensauer formed the band, was it hard to find member to the band?

Peter, our drummer, we knew for years and it was clear from the beginning that he will be our drummer with a new band. Walter, our singer, we met by accident and we were excited when he opened his mouth the first time; this was the voice we were looking for.

When was the band formed?

It was at March 2008

Did you cast for new members? I mean did you let people come in and audition for the band?

No, as I said before it was not necessary.

Have you had any other members besides the ones in the band?

No we did not.

Does Crimson Cult now have a solid line-up?


Both Maier and Hilzensauer were earlier part of the band Stygma IV what music did they play?

If it’s really necessary to categorize, let’s say progressive power-metal




Were there many labels that were interested in signing Crimson Cult?

Some labels were interested, yes.

And you choice fell on Dockyard1, how come you inked a deal with them?

We always wanted a label which is not only interested in our band, it has to like the band as we do. And with Dockyard1 we got this feeling from the first contact on.


Are you happy with the promotion etc the label has done for the album so far?

Yes, great work!

For how many albums are you signed for at Dockyard1?

That will be like three I think.

Is the album released world wide yet? If not are there any plans on a world wide launch?

I think the CD is out now in Europe, the rest of the world will follow.

Past present and future


Why did you call the band Crimson Cult, is there a story behind the name?

We named the band after a movie with Boris Karloff (the old Frankenstein actor).

Have you done any live shows so far?

No, but I hope this will change in the future!

What do you think of the MySpace forum? Are you active on MySpace and do you think the site is a good way of bringing out your music?

CRIMSON CULT is active on MySpace, for sure, but I don’t know if MySpace can help a band to sell albums.

You call your music progressive metal but in the bio it says that you play melodic power/heavy metal, how would you like to describe what kind of music you play?

I have to say High Speed Doom maybe.

Was it given that Crimson Cult was gonna playing this kind of metal from the start?

It’s the preferred kind of music of Alex and me, and now too from Peter and Walter 😉

What artists/bands is Crimson Cult influenced by?

That will Black Sabbath and Black Sabbath again.

Do you get a lot of mail from fans and what’s the most common question you get from fans?

When will you play live in our town?

You come from Austria, a land that’s normally not is known for a huge metal scene, but how’s the climate for metal in Austria?

Cold, rainy and political not always correct.

Are you gonna go out on tour now that the album is out? And do you have any festival shows booked?

If there is interest from agency’s in CRIMSON CULT, we are ready!

When do you think the next album with Crimson Cult can be out in stores?

I think late 2010.


Give the readers three reasons why they should run out and buy the album?

1.The best songs in the world

2.The best sound in the world

3.The best guitar solos in the world 😉

For those who haven’t discovered the band yet, do you have anything to say to them?

Have a look at

That was all I had for this time, do you have any final words of wisdom to the readers and the fans?

If you like our music buy our CD for legal, I THANK YOU!!

Thanks a lot for answering all of my questions, good luck in the future and thanks for having delivering such an amazing album as CRIMSON CULT my way.

Thanks to you.


More info about the band

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Myspace page