Jorn Lande with Vindictiv on Spirit Black Scandinavian Tour 2009 at Kulturbolaget Malmoe, Sweden

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Jorn Lande – headline act

Spirit Black Scandinavian Tour 2009

Vindictiv – support act




12/9 – 2009


Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall






I have waited for Jorn Lande to come to Sweden and when I saw that he was going to play in my hometown Malmoe in September you can believe I was excited. Jorn is currently out supporting his latest studio album SPIRIT BLACK and along with him on the tour he had the Swedish support act Vindictiv who have recently released their second album GRAND ZERO. Vindictiv consists of a bunch of well renown musicians in Goran Edman, Zoltan Csorsz and Nalle “Grizzly” Påhlsson to mention a few. But even though Vindictiv only played three shows together with Jorn in Stockholm, Gothenburg and now Malmoe parts of the band droped out and the remaining members had to take in other musicians. I met up with Jorn earlier during the day and he was a really humble and down to earth guy

It was a minor secret who Jorn had with him in the band, I knew that Willy Bendiksen and Tore Moren were going to be on stage with Jorn but had no idea who the rest of the guys were going to be. I was also really curious to hear and to see the set -list for the evening. After all Jorn has a tremendous back-catalogue of songs to choose from. So it was a man with high expectations that went into the venue 15 minutes after opening.

While I waited for the support act to begin I walked around in the club to check out the merchandise. I couldn’t see any fences in front of the stage and at the time hadn’t many people entered the venue. Many of people I talked to had come early just to see Vindictiv with the M.I.A singer Goran Edman. And many of them was disappointed when they heard the Edman weren’t gonna be on stage this evening.


It was pretty short of space on the stage so the guys in Vindictiv stood pretty close together but the band sounded really tight and the singer Molin had such an amazing voice that we almost didn’t miss Edman’s vocal efforts. Unfortunately, the crowdwas  quite small and for the most part stood at the back by the bar and looked at the band. However Molin did his best together with bass player Påhlsson to get some action into the people. 










Jorn Lande

When the support acts gear had been taken off the stage did Jorn’s gear unveil. A huge drum kit in front of a pretty large back drop with Jorn’s logo on it appeared before our eyes. Tons of Marshall amps framed the stage and it gave a really massive impression. More people had also arrived and the place started to feel a little hot. And at 22.00 it was time for the legendary Norwegian monster singer Jorn to walk on to the stage. Jorn’s band members were:

Tore Moren – guitar

Tor Erik Myhre – guitar

Willy Bendiksen – drums

Nic Angileri – bass

The show started with “Soul Of The Wind” taken from the studio album LONELY ARE THE BRAVE. Jorn entered the stage to the intro to that song and the crowd then exploded and screamed and cheered to make the Norwegian viking feel welcomed. Jorn had the audience in the palm of his hand right from the start and when he fired off “Shadow People” and “Below” did the temperature rise tremendously. Jorn thanked everyone in Norwegian for attending the show and he said that it was his first time ever on a stage in Malmoe. Everyone around me sang a long in “Below” and it was no doubt that Jorn is really loved here in Malmoe.

Jorn, Myhre and Moren moved around on the stage and was soaked in sweat as the gig proceeded. Several times during the show did Jorn head over to the small ramp that are in the middle of the stage and stood at the end of it and sang directly to the people below it. It felt like he sang the song only for you and it gave a close and intimate feeling for the people at the front of the stage.









My personal favourite song “We Brought The Angels Down” then followed and then Jorn introduced “Stormcrow” which was followed by “Spirit Black”. Already it felt like this show is one of the best shows I have attended this year. When he introduced “Man Of The Dark” he changed from talking in Norwegian to talking in English for some reason. Jorn asked Moren when they recorded the song because he couldn’t remember when and the audience all laughed. After having thinking for a while Moren finally figured out that the song must have been recorded in 2001 for the album WORLDCHANGER. At the end of the song “Tungur Knivur” it was time for Moren to show off his skills on guitar and Jorn left the stage. His solo wasn’t the most impressive ever but it gave Jorn time to catch a break and to rest his voice for a short bit. Jorn let every one in his band have there shine with solo parts in the show which was good. Even though this was Jorn’s show he allowed the rest of the guys to have their moments in the spot light.

“Black Song”, “Rock N Roll Angel” followed and after that it was time for Myhre to do a solo. Something that struck me this night was that the sound and the lighting was really perfect. They have managed to create a brilliant show where both sound and light worked in perfect harmony. After “Road Of The Cross” it was, believe me or not, time for yet another solo, this time from Bendiksen. The show ended with “Are you Ready” which was a cover of the old Thin Lizzy track. When Moren introduced Jorn before the song the crowd went mad and their cheers raised the roof of the best hardrock/metal club in the southern parts of Sweden. When the last note had faded out said Jorn only “Thank You” and went off the stage. But after having shouted and cheered for a few minutes did Jorn and the guys come out on stage again to do encores.





The first encore was the Deep Purple song “Stormbringer” in which Jorn sounded totally brilliant. Altogether Jorn had a stage presence out of the ordinary and he totally dominated the stage. The second encore was the song “War Of The World” from the album LONLEY ARE THE BRAVE. And after that song was the curtain closed for 90 minutes of magic. It was an amazing show that I always am gonna remember as one of the best shows I ever attended.

After about 30-40 minutes the tour manager came down to let the autograph hunters up to the backstage area so that Jorn and the band could sign their stuff. Just as before the show Jorn was friendly and nice and that made him grow even more in my eyes. Jorn is a true rock-star that’s for sure. I really hope that Jorn with his solo band or that he with the band he now rejoined –  Masterplan soon will come back to Sweden to play live. I can’t get enough of this vocal wizard.




A huge thank you go out to Kulturbolaget, the great security/staff and the head of the club Totte Lundgren for once again booking amazing acts to the venue and for help with press/photo pass.


Thanks to Tero “Blood Brother” Ristakoski for keeping track of the set list


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Shadow People


We Brought The Angels Down


Spirit Black

The Inner Road

Man Of The Dark

Tungur Knivur

Solo – Tore Moren

Black Song

Rock And Roll Angel

Solo- Tor Erik Myhre

Road Of the Cross

Solo – Willy Bendiksen

Are You Ready



War Of The World


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