MetalCamp 2009 – Tolmin, Slovenia, 02/07/2009 – 08/07/2009

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Day 3 (4th July, Saturday)


HannTu: Day 3 started with an unplanned hike to the Triglavski National Park about 15 minutes from Tolmin. You can see our reasoning: heavy lunch, nice sunny weather, nothing to do till evening…


Of course it had to rain while we were halfway up the damn mountain, with us in shorts, sandals and beers in hand. That being said, it’s a place of great natural beauty, and metalheads who feel touched by caves, soaring mountains, crystal clear rivers and fatal gorges will be enthralled by the national park.




Due to the rain and delays in getting back to the camp site, we missed the first three bands, and were only just in time to catch Sodom. Of the ‘big German 3’, I’ve seen Sodom the least number of times – and it must be quite unusual nowadays to see Sodom, Kreator and Destruction at the same festival! There was a lot of shit flung around leading up to the Chris Witchhunter tribute show, but hopefully all the bands have put all that behind them.


Sodom were one of the bands to suffer from Metal Camp’s remote location, as their gear was left behind in Dusseldorf, meaning that they had to play with borrowed gear. Angelripper laughed it off, making a joke about the quality of service from Lufthansa, but it was no laughing matter when they suffered from atrocious sound problems, especially Bernd Kost’s guitar, which kept cutting off. To be fair, the band took it in stride and with professionalism.

sodom5.JPG sodom6.JPG


‘In The Sign of Evil’ was dedicated to Chris Witchhunter, while the band played a surprise track, ‘Surfin’ Bird’ before launching into a cutting rendition of ‘The Saw is the Law’. Angelripper ended ‘Blasphemer’ with a “Ah Black Metal!”, a nod to Venom and their influence on Sodom. Interspersed between all this were favourites such as ‘Agent Orange’, ‘Napalm in the Morning’ and ‘M-16’. In spite of the sound problems, the crowd totally appreciated Sodom’s efforts in playing their hearts out.




Napalm In the Morning

Outbreak of Evil

Axis of Evil

Surfin’ Bird/The Saw is the Law

In The Sign of Evil


Agent Orange

City of God


Remember The Fallen

Sodomy and Lust




Satyricon Press Conference


“I don’t care about the media or anyone putting us into a genre, I only care about our own development as a band.”

Satyr, of Norwegian black metal band Satyricon, is speaking of public perception of the band since the release of the 2006 album NOW, DIABOLICAL; a disc bleeding with controversy among black metal fans due to its more radio-friendly approach. We are standing at the back of a crowded press tent, one I’d entered full of confidence and intrigue, now not daring to mention the two words the journalist in question so lightly danced around: sell out?


In regards to their live shows, Satyr himself decides how long the show will last and what songs will be played. Easily the bands most recognisable song would be ‘Mother North’, but what if – shock horror – it was left out?

“It is the song I like to play the least at rehearsal and the most live. With an audience I am able to see the perception of our own song through the eyes of the fan. Sure, there will be a time when we won’t play ‘Mother North.’ For example there will never be a REIGN IN BLOOD 2. How we apply ourselves to the work, is that we try to create something new that didn’t exist before, which I see as moving the band forward.”


It is immediately apparent that Satyr is the frontman and leader, as the other half (being Frost on skins) barely makes a sound and only speaks when spoken to directly. The band has had a rough 24 hours, coming straight from Roskilde in Copenhagen, only to realise their equipment (instruments as well as clothes) had been left behind. Regardless, the band were looking forward to the night’s show, albeit 4 or 5 hours behind schedule.