MetalCamp 2009 – Tolmin, Slovenia, 02/07/2009 – 08/07/2009

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The rain during Kataklysm


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HannTu: The rain had started to fall again during Kataklysm’s set, pausing for 20 minute intervals before returning with a vengeance. Nightwish’s pyros warmed up the wet night, but I’m suffering as much from Nightwish fatigue as Alestorm fatigue. Of the five or six times I’ve seen them previously, this was undoubtedly their worst performance, with Annette barely able to reach the high notes, and sometimes, even to stay in tune.



With the raindrops increasing in size and frequency, it wasn’t a tough decision to return early to the press tent, where Rob and Sammy from Death Angel were having a drink. It had been quite a tiring day, and we were headed off to bed, but luckily we were dragged from the brink of sleep to have a couple of drinks at the Metal Beach, where we reunited with the guys from Death Angel (smooth moves on the dance floor!), Maurizio from Kataklysm (who my mate Paul tried to entice into buying a pancake at the stall) and Obsidian C from Keep of Kalessin (rude…).

And that was the first night of music of Metal Camp 09.



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