MetalCamp 2009 – Tolmin, Slovenia, 02/07/2009 – 08/07/2009

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HannTu: Sometimes, out of the truly awful comes some good. When friends and members of the Bay Area thrash community organised a benefit concert for Chuck Billy and his battle against cancer in 2001, little did they know that they would inadvertently kick start the reunion of one of the most underrated thrash bands of the 80s, Death Angel (forget their various dalliances and flirtations with groove metal). Death Angel, who had been disbanded for about 10 years prior to the Thrash of the Titans show, then went on to re-form permanently and release new material.


The new line-up brought back four founding members; with the exception of guitarist Gus Pepa (replaced by Ted Aguilar), Rob Cavestany, Mark Osegueda, Dennis Pepa and Andy Galeon all participated in 2004’s THE ART OF DYING. Since then, Galeon and Dennis Pepa have left, to be replaced by Will Carroll (live drums) and Sammy Diosdado (bass), and they are now to be regarded as a full-fledged and serious touring and recording band once more.


death1.JPG death7.JPG

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Their performance at Metal Camp was energetic, to say the very least, and with songs like ‘Lord of Hate’, ‘Thrown to the Wolves’, ‘Kill As One’, ‘Falling Asleep’, ‘Endless Time’ and ‘Stop’ nestled nicely within a one hour set, the crowd was left really very happy – and the band seemed to enjoy themselves thoroughly as well. Afterwards, we had a couple of drinks with Sammy and Rob, who proved to be as fun-loving offstage as they were onstage.





Trease: What can I say other than this band Kataklysm kicks some serious ass. I’d first seen these guys at Bloodstock 2008 and decided immediately that I’d have to go out and get their albums.


The second day into Metal Camp, but the first day for any bands, my neck was already pretty damn sore after headbanging all night at the beach party. This didn’t stop me from almost milling my head off when the Canadian death metallers unleashed their tyrannical assault on the festival punters. The guitars work in perfect synchronicity, and frontman Maurizio Iacono basically commands respect.

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kata6.JPG kata9.JPG

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A recurring theme for much of the festival was a demand for circle pits, and Kataklysm managed to pull off a half decent effort during the more thrashy songs. It must be said though that it was the breakdowns that first got me into this band. Slow, crunchy and heavy as fuck, I found myself doing the ‘brutal busdriver’ more than once, only to be thrown forward as the songs picked up again. Sardined in an ever surging crowd. Drummer Max Duhamel didn’t disappoint, blastbeating his way through a blistering set, before finishing with ‘Blood in Heaven’.