MetalCamp 2009 – Tolmin, Slovenia, 02/07/2009 – 08/07/2009

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Day 6 (7th July, Tuesday)

HannTu: I’m guessing the heaviest rain was reserved for the last day of music at Metal Camp, and by the looks of the campsite as we trudged through it on our way to lunch at Tolmin, a lot of people had had enough of the rain and left. Shells of abandoned and water-ruined tents, patches of whitened grass, and mounds of rubbish only hinted at how many people left the festival early. On hindsight, they were probably the smart ones.

As we sat down to eat at our favourite Italian restaurant in Tolmin, the heavens opened up and the deluge from the skies didn’t let up for the next six or seven hours. I’m talking literally oceans pouring down, and even the ones among our group who had brought rain gear wouldn’t brave nature to take the 15 minute walk back to campsite. So we just sat there and got hammered on the local grappa (the excellence of which this writer can personally testify to). The rain (and drunkenness) meant that I also missed all but the Kreator performance.


Trease: Unfortunately, I judged My Dying Bride two songs into their set – listening to them while walking from my tent to the main stage area. Vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe had a voice that made me want to turn around, swallow a couple valium and plug in my headphones. Was this music to commit suicide to? Nevertheless, I figured I’d go and see what the big deal was anyway and give the English guys a chance. The violinist was clearly out of his league. I hadn’t heard many MDB songs, but something was definitely not sounding right. I was somewhat mesmerised by bass player Lena Abe, who exuded a certain attitude of cool melancholy extremely befitting this kind of music.

_MG_0456.JPG _MG_0460.JPG

It was raining pretty steadily by this stage and Stainthorpe mentioned how it was perfect weather for My Dying Bride. ‘She is the Dark’ was a definite highlight that eventually won me over, and I must admit I wouldn’t be averse to playing their CDs in a darkened room with a few candles lit.

_MG_0470.JPG _MG_0483.JPG

Arto: Tobias Sammet was extremely busy with his Avantasia project during the past years. Therefore re-activating Edguy was about time. Frankly Edguy’s gig at Metalcamp was damn good and a real pleasure to watch. The whole five-piece was tight and gave a strong performance on the stage. Tobias has always been good at his sense of humour. This was proved when he made fun about the drummer and communicated with the audience quite a lot.


_MG_0517.JPG _MG_0521.JPG

As for the setlist, the German power metal squad had picked up the most known and essential Edguy tunes from several albums such as ‘King Of Fools’, ‘Lavatory Love Machine’ and so on. Tobias appeared to in a good mood and enjoyed being in front of 15,000 metal maniacs. Even though Edguy is said to be a little bit goofy power metal, but however they are able to put a good and entertaining show for sure.

_MG_0528.JPG _MG_0531.JPG

HannTu: I had finally stuck my pounding head out of the tent in the middle of Edguy and thought dully to myself that I’d better get going if I was going to catch at least one band on the final day of Metal Camp. My camera was damp from the moisture in the tent and I wasn’t willing to expose it further to another potential downpour.


IMG_0563.JPG IMG_0569.JPG

I’ve seen Kreator close out a festival before already (Wacken 2008), and I couldn’t ask for a better closer to sum up what Metal Camp is all about: fantastic music, aggressive delivery, doses of light-heartedness and good humour, and a great interplay between crowd and band.

IMG_0564.JPG IMG_0574.JPG

Kreator didn’t play anything you haven’t heard before, Mille didn’t say anything that you haven’t heard him say before – but it’s still awesome, every time you hear “It’s time…To raise…The flag of hate!”, it’s the same familiar awesomeness you feel at the end of a great festival, to know that you’re gonna do your absolute level best to come back next year and the year after. Kreator just invoke that feeling, that you have to come back to see them perform at their absolute best, again and again. Metal Camp also does that to you: make you want to come back again and again, and have more and more fun.