Sass Jordan – From Dusk ‘Til Dawn

Sass Jordan

From Dusk ‘Til Dawn

2009, Kindling Music

Rating: 3.5/5

Sass returns with an album of new music that for the most part is what she was known for. Back in the day Sass dominated the charts with such fantastic releases like RACINE and RATS. It was her unique voice with the slight rasp that made her so easily recognizable. On these albums she had a real edge yet was radio friendly. The follow-up to RATS was too safe and she seemed to have lost her foothold in the music industry as she wasn’t in the public eye as much. Many years later she is back to regain some of that spotlight again with FROM DUSK “TIL DAWN.

It was her album RATS that was her personal highpoint. The safeness of PRESENT and HOT GOSSIP proved to be too much and Sass seemed to have vanished from the public eye for awhile. With FROM DUSK “TIL DAWN she will gain some of it back again. While it is not as rocking as RATS it has its moments. The songs are well written and Sass still has the voice. She sounds just as good as she ever did. Musically it is more mellow than RATS or RACINE but has more substance than PRESENT or HOT GOSSIP.

This album is an enjoyable listen but unfortunately there is much that sticks out on it. There is no one track that really grabs your attention. FROM DUSK “TIL DAWN will get her name back out there, let’s hope the next one has a little more edge to it.

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