Dawn of Tears – Dark Chamber Litanies

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Reviewed: September 2009
Released: 2009, Lugga Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Kyle Moore, the Metal Magnus

There are innumerable small-time metal bands that haven’t yet made it to the big stage for good reasons. Generally, it’s because the band in question sucks pretty bad. I’ve seen lots of these little bands put out an unnoticed record or two, realize they aren’t getting signed by anybody, and fade into the abyss of smelly suck that makes up the vast majority of all music made. That being said, the Spanish group Dawn of Tears does not suffer from this problem despite being virtual unknowns.

DARK CHAMBER LITANIES is a solid melodic /symphonic death metal album – there isn’t much that’s new here, though they do a great job of adding some intense blackened blastbeats and tremolo’d riffs. However, Dawn of Tears does such a damn good job of songwriting, that I’ll forgive the lack of originality. Each musician gives a great performance, and a great production lets each song really shine through. Opener “Cadent Beating” starts with a corny keyboard intro that had me thinking “oh no, they’re trying to be some kind of gross hybrid of Nightwish, Blind Guardian, and Dark Tranquility! Hide your ears!” But after the sizzling guitar riffs and thunderbolt drumming starts up 30 seconds later, my doubts were immediately dispelled. It’s clear that these Spanish devils have some serious talent. Each of the weighty five tracks is equally grand, but headbangers like “As My Autumn Withers” is what sets this band apart from the squirming mass of competition. The guitarwork throughout is exemplary without being overbearing, with just enough shredding solos to keep speed freaks happy.

I’ll mention vocalist J. Alonso in particular. He’s got a real gift for adapting his voice to the needs of a song. His death voice reminds me of a darker Alexi Laiho, but I use the comparison for example only. He wields his vocal weapon with much greater versatility and dynamism than Mr. Laiho has thusfar shown himself capable of. Mr. Alonso also has a really nice tenor voice, which unfortunately he doesn’t use that often. There are some gorgeous choral parts that pop in throughout “Winds of Despair” that really turned my head.

For all the talent this band has, I can’t understand why they’re GIVING THEIR ALBUM AWAY FOR FREE online. Just go to their site dawnoftears.com/ingles/download.html and you can get the full album in good quality MP3. A band like this should be put on a big tour with big bands, and then promoted to the ends of the earth so they can get paid for their fine work. While this album will have its primary market in melodic death metal fans, DARK CHAMBER LITANIES is one of those rare albums that metal fans from all ends of the spectrum can enjoy without reservation.


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Track Listing:
1.Cadent Beating
2.Since They’re Gone
3.Winds of Despair
4.As My Autumn Withers
5.Mr. Jarrod

L. Perez – Drums
J.L. Trebol – Guitars
J. Alonso – Vocals
Konrad – Bass
A. Perez – Guitars