Tuska Open Air 2009

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The third and final day at Tuska. Even though a couple of bands had already performed earlier before the Swiss flute folk whatever band got on the stage. Missing Medeia was an unfortangele mistake, but being sure as hell they will be seen somewhere else for sure. As widely known Amoral recruited the Finnish Idol winner to their ranks to gain more attention and they definitely did what they were looking for. Stamina was forced to interrupt the gig as some drunken smartass threw a bottle at the drummer. How lame.

But heading direct to the tent stage to witness the Swiss folkers Eluveitie. The band just visited as a supporter slot for Kreator earlier this year. At that time the band’s line-up was quite eccentric. However the Swiss folkmetallers had strengthened the line-up by having the most essential players for the summer festival stint. It has to be admitted Eluveitie sounded pretty damn good due to these extra special and exotic instruments handled by two ladies. It is somehow grotesque to blame Eluveitie a poorman’s In Flames added with non-useful and the most common used instruments. The multi line-up definitely worked fine, but in the long run this may end sounding quite dull.





Well off to wait for My Dying Bride. The long time British doomersters haven’t been seen on the Finnish soil since 1997 (whip me if I am mistaken) when doing a co-headlining gig with Cathedral. To all younger metal-puristanists, My Dying Bride even opened up for Iron Maiden back in 1995 when the British metal icons were falling down over the edge with Blaze Bayley. Anyway, the day was beautiful and sunny when Aaron and company got on the stage to present the dark and doomy death triumphant. Aaron irocanilly welcomed all by saying it was “A bit too sunny”. The British doom messangers’ doomy songs of darkness would fit perfectly to the gloomy, dismal and smoky club environment. My Dying Bride led the the finnish audience to the utter dark world of the depressive melancholic metal. Even the frontman Aaron’s bloodredpainted arms obviously symbolized some metaphoric meaning for sure. Depressive, but excellent. !!

Fall with me

Bring me victory

From Darkest Skies

And I walk with them

Turn Loose the Swans

She is the Dark

The Cry of Mankind

My Body, A Funeral

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As said in the opening paragraph, last year’s Tuska 2008 was excellent, even this year’s Tuska offered some great names such as Suicidal Tendencies, Immortal, Pestilence and so on.

The Tuska festival is a metal fest to the bone, therefore it is hard to figure out what these Japanese bands are doing on the bill, cos they are damn far from the metal approach. Obviously Tuska 2009 was one kind of gap year, it is widely believed the next upcoming events will be as great and brialliat as these previous years. It is utter impossible to please metal/rock fans nowadays, cos each of us has own fave bands and besides there are hundreds and hundreds of subgenres in  metal music. Picking up some names and leaving some out definitely raise either negative or positive reactions amongst people. However we shall wait for the Tuska 2010 and there will be bands pleasing metal bangers or then not. Anyway, Metal-Rules.com cheers and thanks the Tuska organization for this year and we’ll see ya till there again in 2010.