Volbeat at Green Concert at Valby Park in Copenhagen, Denmark 2009

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Green Concert


Valby Park



27/7 – 2009


Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall, Ulrika Henriksson

Live pictures by: Anders Sandvall






This years edition of the Danish touring festival Green Concert was held the last weekend in July at Valby Park in Copenhagen and this was the last show on this tour. It’s a one day event that through the years has gathered many of the biggest acts in Denmark as well as a few bigger foreign acts. The main attraction for us this year was Volbeat who this year travelled along with the festival and performed in the 8 different places the festival visited. Besides Volbeat Danish acts like Sys Bjerre, L.O:C, Kashmir, TV2 and Infernal perform. The festival is arranged by Tuborg beer and Muskelsvindfonden which is a foundation that benefits and raises money for research and cure to various muscle deceases. Other sponsors were Playstation, Stimorol and Nescafé. Last year the event had 190.000 visitors and Green Concert is the largest touring festival event in the northerns parts of Europe.



There were two stages in the festival area, one called Green Stage and the other called P3 stage. Besides both stages were two gigantic TV-screens placed on the Green Stage and at the P3 stage so even if you stood at the very back you were able to see what was going on on the two stages. The event was completely sold out and that meant that there were 40.000 other music loving people gathered to have a picnic, drink beer, meet friends and listen to music.

We arrived when Infernal opened their show so we headed over to the press are to find out on which stage Volbeat would play and of course Volbeat was going to perform on the other stage so we made our way through 40.000 drunken Danes to the other side of the area. We strolled by various food tents, beer tents, donut shops and the bungy-jumping area, the festival sure had something for everyone.




At the back of the P3 stage hung a huge backdrop with the cover of the latest studio album by Volbeat called GUITAR GANGSTERS & CADILLAC BLOOD. The clock slowly started to get close to playing time which was 7:20 and people had started to arrive from the other stages to come and see Volbeat. The photo-pit was really large and comfortable and that was because people in wheelchairs sat there and enjoyed the show. After all Green Concert is all about helping people and encouraging people with various muscle diseases. 




The band  walked out to the notes of the first song on the second album and once band leader and singer Michael Poulsen showed himself on stage the audience went crazy. The band was:

Michael Poulsen – lead vocals, guitar

Jon Larsen – drums

Anders Kjolholm – bass

Thomas Bredahl – guitar

“The Human Instrument” kicked off the show that instantly continued on with “Radio Girl”. After that Poulsen welcomed  everyone to the show and took a sip of Jack Daniels. He said that it was really hot this evening and to cure that he poured the Whiskey over himself to cool him off. He talked in Danish so it was partially quite hard to understand what he said but he thanked everyone for being there and introduced the song “Sad Man’s Tongue”. Poulsen let the audience sing a long and it sounded quite impressive to hear such a large crowd singing the lyrics. The show continued on with the song “Pool Of Booze, Booze, Booze” taken from the first album. And as usual did the front trio worked really hard on stage and it looked like all of the guys had a really great time on stage. After all is Copenhagen their home town. It felt like the guys was under some time-pressure because Poulsen talked a lot less then he normally does during a show and they were really focused to continue on with the set list.










Poulsen introduced “Maybellene I Hofteholder” and it wasn’t Bredahl that handled the acoustic guitar this evening it was the bands fifth member Anders  Pedersen that came up every time a song acquired some acoustical work. It was great fun to be standing in the crowd and feel what a huge love and respect the Danish fans have for “their” boys. Many family members and close friends had showed up to see the band as well. Poulsen said that it had been great fun to be out on the tour together with Green Concert and he introduced a song that many fans had been waiting for “The Garden’s Tale” and the crowd had raised the roof if there had been one when the first note was played. In the original song the Danish part is sung by Johan Olsen from Magtens Korridorer however, on this very night did the Danish presenter of the festival Jacob Haugaard (dressed in women’s clothes) come up to sing the Danish parts. We have no idea on who this older man is but it was obvious that he was very loved in Denmark.

“Hallelujah Goat” and the very popular song “We” then continued the show and we couldn’t but be amazed by how tight and solid Volbeat was as a live act. They are amazing. In the song “Mary Ann’s Place”, which is a duet, Poulsen’s original duet partner Pernille Rosendahl from Swans came up on stage and did it together with the band. Needless to say that triggered the audience even more and the screams and cheers was overwhelming to hear. It must have been amazing for the band to be performing live for 40.000 people in their home town. Poulsen took off his guitar in “I Only Wanna Be With You” and he looked really satisfied when he walked around on stage connecting with the people in the front. Then it was time to hear one of our absolute favourite songs in “Still Counting” and that was also the last song for the evening. It was an amazing show and a 50 minutes of sheer magic.

Every element worked in favour of the band, the sound was brilliant, the lighting was perfect, the set-list outstanding and the sun shined. Nothing could be better. Thank you Volbeat for an amazing, you guys rocks!!




The week after the festival it was confirmed that Volbeat are going across the Atlantic ocean again in September to be support act to Metallica. So if you have a chance to see the band live, do it.


Set list


The Human Instrument

Radio Girl

Sad Man’s Tongue

Pool Of Booze, Booze, Booze

Maybellene I Hofteholder

The Garden’s Tale

Hallelujah Goat


Mary Ann’s Place

I Only Wanna Be With You

Still Counting


A salute to Tuborg and Muskelsvindfonden for doing a great job arranging Green Concert and I really hope that the festival will come back next year as well.

Altogether Green Concert gathered 160.000 visitors on the tour around Denmark. Theis Petersen at the Muscle Foundation says that the event has now managed to sell out Valby Parken two years in a row which is totally fantastic. The audience at Green Concert is loyal and always attends the festival come sun, wind or rain. Petersen also say that it’s amazing that so many people show up to support the Muscle Foundation and its work. 


Thanks to press coordinators Kristina Sindberg and Thomas Christensen at Have PR & Kommunikation for help with press/photo-pass to the festival.


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