FAITH NO MORE : Live at Kaisaniemi Park, Helsinki FINLAND

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The legendary Faith No More ended her career in 1998 after the album ALBUM OF THE YEAR. Since then, there has always been speculation about the band’s possible return. In every single interview, singer Mike Patton has been asked about a possible return but always answered that he wants to focus on his other bands, Fantomas, Mr.Bungle, Tomahawk, etc. In recent years, drummer Mike Bordin has played with Ozzy Osbourne, and bassist Billy Gould has done the producer’s job. Some things should remain unchanged and untouched, but it is always pleasant to see how people change their minds. And now, after years of waiting, Faith No More is back.

When the Finnish date was announced earlier in the spring, all in all, 13,000 tickets were sold out immediately. That was a phenomenon as Faith No More has never pulled that many people to their gigs in Finland. The last time the band played here was in House of Culture, and that place had fewer than 2000 people. Their reputation as one of the most influential bands of the ’90s and, above all, their music has substantially impacted the music genre so heavily and tremendously as increasing an entire new Faith No More fan base and generation. Therefore their return to the limelight was more than welcomed.

The whole stage had been constructed to have blood-red-looking curtains hanging all over. When the five-piece stepped onto the stage, each of them was well dressed in suits and ties. Well, Mr. Patton had kind of silver-looking pants. The hot weather and sunny evening in the Kaisaniemi Park spellbound the 13.000 fans when several hits were roared out of monitors one by one.

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The band is genuinely aware of their comeback status when Patton drank a glass of wine and sang “reunited it feels so good” from the surprisingly opening song “Reunited,” a song initially recorded by the 70’s soul band Peaches and Herb. It felt utter great to see Mike Patton in his element. He constantly raged around the stage, jumped and pointed, and played with a walking stick and megaphone. It can be said that Patton was the most extreme, passionate, wild, and above all charismatic frontmen from the ’90s, and that’s exactly what he still is. His excellent, wide vocal range and charisma are beyond the norm as it dominates. Patton can always be praised for doing a fantastic job as a frontman, but so did the other guys. Keyboard player Roddy Bottum did a great job with backing vocals, and he even took over some lead singing as well. Also, he showed us his funny, personal sense of humor when he was communicating with the audience. Whereas the current hired guitarist Jon Hudson, who also played on ALBUM OF THE YEAR album and tour, mostly remained in the static role but handled his job perfectly. It is a pity that original guitarist Jim Martin isn’t involved in the reunited FNM line-up. Several old FNM still remember and even consider him the central piece in the whole puzzle of the FNM concept.

On the other hand, many sources say that he’s been entirely out of the music business since he departed the band after the release of classic ANGEL DUST in 1994. The drummer Mike Bordin, having been in the Ozzy Osbourne band for the last ten years, was in tight shape as expected. Bassist Billy Gould, who has worked as a producer with a few Finnish bands like CMX, stylistically handled the bass’s duties and did an energetic performance.

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It was great that they included songs from their entire career about the setlist, and there were was material played from each album. Set included some of the bands biggest hits like; “From Out Of Nowhere,” “Midlife Crises,” “Epic,” and “Diggin’ the Grave,” but also some rare and more obscure gems like “Cuckoo For Gaga,” “Just A Man” and an entirely Spanish version of “Evidence.” A hilarious version of Lady GaGa’s megahit “Pokerface” is also worth mentioning here.  Playing such a song in front of thousands of FNM fans was another proof of the band’s irreplaceable sense of humor, and that joke worked out very well.

In brief, this show was excellent with no weakness at all. Although the band was on hiatus for over ten years, there was no evidence of any tiredness or being rusty in a way or another. The whole band was in an actual strong strike, and they played very tight together. Faith No More is still as hungry and restless as they were 20 years ago. Maybe they are even hungrier nowadays? Hopefully, this reunion will last more than this just one tour, and we will someday get some brand new material from this great band?!


Reunited (Peaches & Herb cover)

From Out of Nowhere

Land of Sunshine


Evidence Spanish Version

Surprise! You’re Dead!

Last Cup of Sorrow

Chinese Arithmetic Intro Poker Face (Lady Gaga)

Cuckoo for Caca

Easy (Commodores cover)

Ashes to Ashes

King for a Day

Midlife Crisis

Introduce Yourself

The Gentle Art of Making Enemies

Be Aggressive


Just a Man


Chariots Of Fire/StripsearchChariots of Fire is a Vangelis cover.

Digging the Grave

Encore 2:

I Started a Joke (Bee Gees cover)

We Care a Lot

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