Tim Owens Play My Game European Tour 2009 at The Rock in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Tim Owens

Play My Game European Tour

The Rock



5/6 – 2009


Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall






Tim Owens first solo album was released in May of this year and it’s a brilliant album of heavy metal where Owens has featured many of the most well-known names in the metal industry. Besides launching his solo career Owens is also busy singing in Yngwie Malmsteens band as well as singing in his own band Beyond Fear. I have always been a fan of Owens (also when he sang in Judas Priest) and I loved the solo album so I was really psyched when I saw that he was gonna perform live in Copenhagen at the best hardrock club the capital has to offer. Owens European tour is a shorter round when Owens also is opening act to Heaven and Hell on there single show’s around Europe. Owens tour started off in Norway and continued to Sweden and the Sweden Rock Festival but this night he held a show at The Rock in Copenhagen Denmark.

Owens had a very solid line-up backing him up in Copenhagen; just take a look at the guys.

Chris Caffery – guitar

John Comprix – guitar

Simon Wright – drums

Dave Ellefsen – bass 

The main question though was how many people were gonna show up to the venue. Sweden Rock Festival was held at the same night and many metal fans were attending the festival. As always  I arrived a few hours before the show but my plan to visit a few record shops totally fell flat when I realized that the 5th of June was Denmark’s national day and that meant that almost every shop was closed. But on the positive side I had time to meet up with Owens and the rest of the band for a chat and all of the guys were really nice and took a while to talk with me.

When I came back to The Rock a little while before the doors were gonna open there weren’t any people there. When the clock reached close to 21.00 which was when the doors opened there were a few brave people there though. A bit after 22.00 a Danish support act kicked off their show but I chose to mingle around in the venue instead. I’m always interested in purchase tour merchandise but to my huge disappointment Owens didn’t have any kind of merchandise at all. The support act got 35 minutes to play on and after a break for changing gears it was finally time for the evening’s main event.



Tim Owens

At one side of the stage stood Caffery, Owens stood in the middle and Ellefsen and Campix stood on his other side, and behind Owens sat Wright hidden behind a huge drum kit. First song of the night was “Believe” taken from his brand new solo album PLAY MY GAME. Owens seemed to be in the best shape of his life with a long leather coat, baseball cap and sunglasses. He immediately got the crowd in the palm of his hand and when he marched out on stage the roar form the fans lift the roof off the venue. “Starting Over” continued the show and it felt like the guy who was responsible for the smoke machine had gone berserk. Sometimes the entire band got lost in the smoke but Owens didn’t mind at all. Owens thanked everyone for being at The Rock this night and asked if we were aware of that he recently had released a solo album titled PLAY MY GAME? Next song up was a golden oldie from Judas Priest; it was “The Ripper” which Owens did just as good today as he did back with Judas Priest. Owen still has an amazing voice and not many have such a varied and broad vocal range as he.





The small crowd is a dedicated crowd and Owens said that it almost felt like performing in his own living room. He shook the hands of the people who stood close to the stage and then he thought it was time to move back in time and play something from the debut with Beyond Fear. He asked if the crowd wanted to sing a long which they really wanted and then he kicked of “Scream Machine”. Then followed “Burn In Hell” from the JUGULATOR album by Judas Priest. More Beyond Fear material were played in “Save Me” and Owens said that even though the audience is small they still sounded a lot louder compared to the audience in Norway had done the previous night. “The Shadows Of Life” and “Death Race” followed, both songs taken from PLAY MY GAME and Owens really was enjoying himself on stage. He looked really happy and relaxed up there on stage; honestly he looked happier now than what he did on stage with Iced Earth and Judas Priest.

What can be said about his fellow band mates, super-experienced ultra talented rocks to lean on. I was really impressed by Wright’s drum play this evening, he played heavy metal with passion and energy and along with Ellefsen he threw out some really mean rhythm section killer riffs and lines. Owens let all of the members show off in various lead parts throughout the show.

“To Live Again” was introduced and it looked like the audience really had listened to Owens new album because many of the people sang a long to the lyrics. Next on the line was “The World Is Blind” which was a little longer than the original version because everyone did show off their skills on each instrument. Before kicking off the next song did Owens tell us that he and Comprix had co-written this particular song and it was the title track of his new solo album PLAY MY GAME. Then followed “It Is Me”, “Detonator” and “One On One” in a short period of time. In the last song did the audience sing a long and it sounded really majestic, Owens just leaned back and did the fans do the singing.






The last song for the evening was “The Green Manalishi” and before that did Owens thank every single one that had turned up so see him and his band live. And he said that it was really fun to be playing in Copenhagen and that we had been a terrific audience.



And that was all for the night, no encores were played and all together Owens performed for about 80 minutes. It was a brilliant show done by one of the greatest voices in heavy metal today. He was backed up by a brilliant and solid band that featured several of the best musicians alive today. Nothing much could go wrong and nothing went wrong either. It was an amazing show and it was fun to see Ellefsen live on a European stage. I though the set list contained most of the songs at least I wanted to hear with the main focus set on songs from PLAY MY GAME. The only thing I lacked was songs from his time in Iced Earth, but I guess I can’t have everything. This was another great show at The Rock which is the best hardrock/metal club in Copenhagen. Tim Owens was another great booking from the staff at The Rock.





Starting Over

The Ripper

Scream Machine

Burn In Hell

Save Me

The Shadows Are Alive

Death Race

To Live Again

The Word Is Blind

Play My Game

It Is Me

One On One

The Green Manalishi


A huge thank you to Nils Kroyer, head of The Rock for the help with press/photo-pass this evening, and the nice staff at the venue.




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