King Lizard – Live N Red Raw (DVD)

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Reviewed: June 2009
Released: 2009, Independent
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Stu Occupier


I can think of no better introduction to America than this DVD for London\’s monsters of rock King Lizard. The band draw their influences from Motley Crue and Guns N Roses but there are metal and punk elements in what they do, ultimately they retain originality. There have been many line up changes over the last five years and they have worked very hard, the concert at the Underworld in November last year was their crowning glory and proof that they have matured into a world class band.

I have loads of DVDs of gigs that I have been to over the years and none of them have ever really captured the essence of the show let alone included a full set, this one makes a change because it is a complete show.

Let me see if i can put this over to you..

A packed Underworld goes silent as the lights go out and the intro tape comes on,a different approach from the band, you just knew that this was going to be something a bit special. They then hit the stage and hammered out the first six songs with absolute precision getting everybody singing along and punching the air.

Niro then did one of his best guitar solos, later joined by Flash on guitar, going into the next song the band leaves allowing Flash to sing the opening verse of \’Not For Me\’ without backing, quite brilliantly as the band rejoin.In particular this song is simply stunning, a match for \”Home sweet home\” any day.
After a few more songs we get a bass solo from Alice, no ordinary solo though. This used an industrial music backing tape and effects to create a very moody piece, oh, and there is a pole dancer on stage with him.

More songs, more singing along, then a drum solo from Sky with strobe lighting to add to the mood and then the encore of \’Johnny B Goode\’ erupted the venue one more time and it all ended in confetti.

As for the extras on the disc they are also good, firstly we get a promo of the new recorded version of \”Rain On You\” which is made up of live clips and the backstage footage with a few added graphics.

The 2 mini documentaries give you a very slight glimpse into the workings of a big show like this. The first is Building the Beast which is basically putting the stage together and the soundcheck.The second is more fun, but only 4 minutes long, this is them messing around backstage with photographers and crew members. The photo gallery and lyrics are pretty self explanatory really. A nice touch are the snippets of the forthcoming album tracks during the menus.

A great DVD package and as I said at the start, the perfect starting block to introduce the band not just to America but everywhere.


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Track Listing:
01.Rain On You
02.Video Lover
03.Kant Kill Rock & Roll
04.Hard To Get
05.Viva La Decadence
06.Hell Yeah
07.Not For Me
08.Never Be Mine
09.Come Get Some
12.Late Night Dynamite
13.Rock N Roll Me
14.Waterloo Rats
15.Johnny B Goode

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Production Year: 2009