Cornerstone – Head Over Heels

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Head Over Heels

2008, Atom Records

Rating: 3/5

The vocals are what really hit you when you first put on HEAD OVER HEELS by this Austrian rock band. Smooth and clear with complementing guitar sounds make for one enjoyable listening experience. There is a slight familiarity to the music but yet it comes off as fresh and new. On the song “Leave” the band kick it up a slight bit with a bit of a more rock edge. This continues into the following track; “Ready To Go” which is a great little rocker and one of the stand outs on here. The other standout track on the album is “Something In The Way” with it’s upbeat tempo and tribal-like drums during the beginning of the song. The radio released single “Fade Away” echoes that old familiarity I mentioned earlier while maintaining some freshness.