Volbeat at Guitar Gangster 2009 Cadillac Blood Scandinavian Tour in Lund, Sweden 2009

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Guitar Gangster 2009 Cadillac Blood Scandinavian Tour

Fars and Frosta Sparbank Arena



7/3 – 2009


Reviewed and pictures by: Anders Sandvall









Things are going really well at the moment for the Danish metal explosion Volbeat. The band toured their way through Scandinavia last year but the venues were too small which resulted in that many fans couldn’t go and see their favorite band. So this year the band booked an arena tour and when the band landed in the Southern parts of Sweden they originally chose to perform at Olympen which has a capacity of 3000 people but that venue was too small so instead they stood on the stage in the brand new Fars and Frosta Sparbank Arena in Lund which has a capacity of 4000 people. This shorter tour began in Norway before the band headed over to Sweden, England and after that Denmark. Volbeat is out and promoting their latest magnificent studio album GUITAR GANGESTERS AND CADILLAC BLOOD which was released late last year. Volbeat has a huge fan base in Sweden and I heard that during the same day as the show there were only 400 tickets remaining for the show.


My expectations on the band and the arena were really high and Volbeat was actually the first metal act ever to play at the newly built arena. After having waited for about 20 minutes in line to get my photo pass I entered the arena. More and more people started to rush in even though there was plenty of time before the support act was going on stage. The support act for the evening was the Swedish act The Accidents and it was really nice that Volbeat only had one single opening act. But main focus for me was of course the headline act and not the support act.

Well inside I noticed that Volbeat has a very mixed audience. I could see teenagers and middle age people standing side by side as well as true metal heads and rockers that teamed up to support Volbeat. Motörhead, In Flames and Iron Maiden t-shirts was flaunted on the chests of hairy bikers and teeny bop girls. It’s really fun to see that music can connect people of so many different layers of society.

At 8:30 the lights went out and The Accidents came on stage. I have seen the band earlier and I kind of enjoy their egocentric punk/rockabilly music. The band was the perfect opener for Volbeat. The stage was huge and looked really nice. The only thing that was negative with it was its height. It was really high, and the long line of spotlights that was lying in line at the front of the stage. That made it quite hard to get pictures of the band. The Accidents had loyal fans at the front of the stage who did their best to encourage the band at any cost. After 30 minutes the drummers bass drum broke. They couldn’t fix it so with that they left the stage. A sad end to a pretty good show unfortunately.




All of Volbeats gear was already on stage and when the curtains dropped a huge drum kit on a podium was revealed as well as a huge back drop with the band logo on it. The audience screamed and cheered for Volbeat to go on stage and after 30 minutes it was time for the mighty Danes to enter the stage.





Michael Poulsen – lead vocals, guitar

Jon Larsen – drums

Anders Kjolholm – bass

Thomas Bredahl – guitar

Kicked off the show with the title track from the new album “Guitar Gangsters And Cadillac Blood” which transcended into “Back To Prom”. The entire venue exploded when the band kicked off the first song and everyone around me sings at the top of their lungs. “Caroline Leaving” continued the show and it’s not until after the third song that Poulsen first opened his mouth. He thanked everyone for being there and giving Volbeat such an amazing welcome. Then he introduced the next song which has become one of Volbeats most successful songs “Radio Girl”. “River Queen” followed after which Poulsen said that he thought that Sweden has a really strange law that prohibit bands to play louder than 100 dpi. “if anyone is measuring how loud we are I want you all to shout FUCK THE LAW” he continued on. And he also wondered how the hell Motörhead was aloud to play in this country.

Poulsen dedicated the next song to his dad that tragically past away 8 months ago; it was the amazing Johnny Cash influenced “Sad Mans Tongue”. The band’s fifth member Christian Pedersen joined on acoustic guitar during the song. The entire audience sang along with Poulsen in the first verse and it gave me chills, it felt really might to be there and hear the sing a long. “Soulweeper” followed and all of the three guys at the front of the stage really made a great effort to get the crowd going. Poulsen is really a charismatic frontman and I can’t imagine him elsewhere but on a stage. He was really laid back and joked around with both the audience as well as his fellow band members.





The show continued on with “A Moment Forever” after which Poulsen told us a story about when he after a show met a woman that came up to him and asked if he now that he is a huge rock star shouldn’t donate money to charity, Poulsen answered that “do I look like fucking Bono” All of the money I earn goes straight into the Poulsen foundation, which is my pocket”. The audience laughed their brains out and screamed for the next song. “Maybellene I Hofteholder”, “Boa” and “Pool Of Booze, Booze, Booze” continued the show. By then had the temperature hit the roof and the heat had become tropical. Pernille Rosendahl who used to sing in the late Swan Lee came on stage to join Poulsen in the duet “Mary Ann’s Place”. They did an amazing duet and I think that her performance certainly was one of many highlights during the show.

The old Dusty Springfield song “I Only Wanna Be With You” was introduced and it’s originally featured on Volbeats debut album. Poulsen let the crowd sing the chorus and it totally blew the roof off the arena. “The Gardens Tale” was partially sung in Danish which the Swedish crowd did seem to mind at all and Bredahl sang the Danish parts in the song. Poulsen then said that he wanted to have three girls and two from the audience to come up on stage and join on back up vocals on the upcoming song. So the five fans stood behind Poulsen and backed him up in the refrain during “We”. That song was the last on the ordinary set list but as soon as the band had gotten of stage screamed the ecstatic crowd for more and more. After a couple of minutes rushed the band out on stage again, and it looked like 1.20 wasn’t enough for them either.






“Human Instrument”, “Mr. & Mrs. Ness” and “Still Coming” were the three encores that Volbeat treated us to. After that Poulsen said that the band were gonna come out and meet and greet the fans after the show.  Volbeat is a very humble and modest bunch of guys who realize that their fame and success depends on their fans.

The encores lasted for 40 minutes and when the last note had faded out I found myself in a state of total happiness and bliss. This was another amazing show executed by the best Danish metal/rock act at the moment. Not many acts beat Volbeat in a live situation. The Fars And Frosta Sparbank Arena was a really nice venue and I really hope that more bands are gonna put their shows into that arena. If you for some reason haven’t seen Volbeat live yet then be sure to catch them live as soon as you can. Volbeat is too good to miss.


A huge thank you goes to head of press at Kulturbolaget Kristian Kornhage for help with press/photo pass.


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Set list


Guitar Gangsters And Cadillac Blood

Back To Prom

Caroline Leaving

Radio Girl

River Queen

Sad Mans Tongue

Soulweeper 1-2

A Moment Forever

Maybellene I Hofteholder


Pool Of Booze, Booze, Booze

Mary Ann’s Place

I Only Wanna Be With You

The Gardens Tale



Human Instrument

Mr. & Mrs. Ness

Still Coming