Backyard Babies: Live In Scandinavia at KB in Malmoe Sweden 2009

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Backyard Babies – headline

Live In Scandinavia Tour

Bullet – support act




11/2 – 2009


Reviewed by and pictures by: Anders Sandvall








Finally one of my all time favorite acts played at Kulturbolaget in Malmoe Sweden. Backyard Babies took over the city for one night and because I hadn’t seen the band for a while it was an opportunity that I couldn’t miss. The band was supposed to have played last summer here in Malmoe but for some reason the show was cancelled. This particular tour started out in Stockholm on the 29th of January and before the band arrived to Malmoe they paid Norway a visit.

Last year the band released their self-titled sixth album. The album is great with the first single called “Fuck Off And Die” showing that the band gets stronger and stronger for each year and for each album.

KB holds a steady grip on the hard rock and metal scene here in the southern parts of Sweden and the venue is one of the best clubs in Scandinavia. The line to the doors grew bigger and longer the closer it got to opening time and the support act Bullet was scheduled to go on stage at 9 pm. The crowd was mixed and I could see both older fans, like me, who have been around since the band first started out as well as kids in their pre-teens that recently joined the Backyard Babies camp. As always Dregen had his own personal little fan club at the front of the stage consisting of teen-girls.



The show started 20 minutes late as the Swedish act Bullet hit the stage to start the evening. I can’t really figure out why Bullet had been chosen to open for Backyard Babies. First of all they don’t play the same type of music at all and for the second Bullet isn’t very good at all. Contrary to Backyard Babies glam/sleaze/party rock’n’roll, Bullet seems a rip off of the music of Judas Priest, AC/DC and Accept. I consider Bullet to be a cover band instead of a serious act.

Bullet kicked off their 40 minutes with “Roadking” and “Rock Us Tonight”. The members are:

Hell Hofer – lead vocals

Hampus Klang – Lead guitar

Erik Almström – lead guitar

Gustav Hjortsjö – drums

Adam Hector – bass

When Klang and Almström ran around on stage and went completely mad, Hofer only stood solid and looked really confused. Hofer is not a great front man at all. The show continued with “Dusk Til Dawn” and “Heading For The Top”. The sound was great but unfortunately the lighting wasn’t good at all. Most of the time the Bullet members stood in darkness and played. But that didn’t’ affect the mood and the band fired off “Rambling Man” and “Turn It Up Loud” in which Hofer invited the reluctant crowd to sing a long. Needless to say it didn’t turn into any major sing a long moment. The show ended with the song “Bite The Bullet” and to my surprise I heard a few distant shouts for an encore after the band had gone off stage. Bullet shortly returned and performed their last song for the evening which was “Bang Your Head”. Two middle age men that stood beside me went ballistic and banged their head to the music. But I can guarantee to you that those two were the only ones who did. Bullet’s show didn’t do anything for me at all. I consider their music to be on a cover-level and I can’t take the band seriously.





Set list


Rock Us Tonight

Dusk Til Dawn

Heading For The Top

Rambling Man

Turn It Up Loud

Bite The Bullet


Bang Your Head

The time schedule failed big time and 20 minutes after Bullet had left the stage it was time for the main attraction Backyard Babies.



Backyard Babies

Nicke Borg – lead vocals, guitar

Dregen – guitar, vocals

Peder Carlsson – drums

Johan Blomqvist – bass

 The show instantly kicked off with the amazing song “Degenerated” which continued straight into “Star Wars” with Dregen behind the mic. The only equipment was Carlsson’s drum-kit on a small podium and a gigantic backdrop with the patented Backyard Babies pirate flag on it and the band name. On each side of the drums stood 6 Marshall amps placed and on the sides of the amps were small red lights placed that lit up the amps. It looked really nice and sure added some extra effects to the show.

The show continued with more great songs like “UFO Romeo” and “Back On The Juice”. Borg said that the guys thought it was really fun to be back in Malmoe again and that they always enjoy performing at KB. As always it was Dregen that moved around the most on stage. The man is a human tornado on stage and his tempo explains the fact that he mostly is soaked in sweat about three songs in the set every time. Borg usually helps out with the audience contact but this night he mostly stood solid on his spot in the middle of Dregen and Blomqvist.





Unfortunately the crowd wasn’t very hyper this evening and when they went totally silent Dregen wondered if everyone was asleep. That made the audience wake up and scream and cheer when Borg introduced “Fuck Off And Die” in which Borg and Dregen share lead vocals. Dregen has a really nice voice and I think that they complete each other perfectly on vocals. The show moved on with “Brand New Hate”, “Come Undone” and the crowd pleaser “Minus Celsius”.




“Abandon” followed and after that Borg introduced “Everybody Ready” and then the crowd went ballistic. “Nomadic” followed after which Borg announced the evening was coming to an end but that they first were going to do two more songs. “Highlights” and the Ramones tribute “Zoe Is A Weirdo” closed the show. The crowd wasn’t satisfied with only 55 minutes of Backyard Babies and shouted for more.

“Saved By The Bell” which is a acoustical ballad from the latest album was the first encore that Borg did on his own. Then the rest of the band come on stage and “Dysfunctional Professional” was fired off. Dregen asked if Malmoe wanted more which everyone of course wanted. The last song for the evening was “Look At You” where Borg and Dregen once again shared lead vocals. When the song was over the band went to the front of the stage and began to thank everyone but Dregen wanted to do one more song. So everyone went back to their instruments and began playing the brilliant song “People Like Us” and that song ended the show. 


I did miss a few personal favorite songs but the set list was overall really great. The only negative thing with the show was the lack of fence in front of the stage but that is something the band can’t do anything about. Besides that this evening was another great night at KB. I think that everyone who left the venue was as satisfied as I was. Backyard Babies is the undisputed king of Swedish raw hardrock/ rock’n’roll music and now that The Hellacopters have been laid to rest I really hope that Backyard Babies is going to carry on the torch of rock’n’roll into the future.


As always a big Thank You to Totte Lundgren, head of KB, for help with photo and press pass.

More info about the band



Set list


Star Wars

UFO Romeo

Back On The Juice

Fuck Off And Die

Brand New Hate

Come Undone

Minus Celsius


Everybody Ready



Zoe Is A Weirdo


Saved By The Bell

Dysfunctional Professional

Look At You

People Like Us