Napalm Death, Misery Index, Final Harvest : Nosturi Helsinki Finland

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with Misery Index and Final Harvest

The 16th of February 2008

Nosturi Helsinki Finland

The long time British grind core legends, Napalm Death, had been booked to enslave the Finnish extreme metal maniacs on a six-gig tour throughout Finland.  Even though the first gig in Helsinki was on a Monday night, between 300-400 maniacs crawled in to see these ‘enemies of the music business’ at the Nosturi club. The domestic act Final Harvest was supposed to be the only opening supporter on the bill, but Misery Index had been added to the roster at the very last minute. It was quite logical as the Misery Index guys had been hanging around Helsinki because of the Finnish Metal Expo. Besides, adding Misery Index was a great choice to do a hyperblasting warm-up for Napalm Death.

Before these bands got on the stage Final Harvest kicked the night off. Even though the band has been around since the beginning of 2008, and have got a debut album THE END out in the same year, they’ve basically remained a rather unknown group….at least to me. The four piece’s brutal approach could be described like a hyrbid mix of death metal, some hardcore pops up as well as grindcore. In general, the whole combination sounded nihilistic, cool, and brutal on the stage. Despite their short existence, the members of Final Harvest ain’t newbies when it comes to expressing aggression and brutality in both music and on the stage as each of them has gained valuable experience in other bands before. There is an absolute need of witnessing the band again and checking out their debut album for sure.

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Misery Index
is widely known amongst extreme metal fans. Their last minute addition to support Napalm Death happened rather quickly and it was mainly advertised and mentioned in a few Finnish forums. If Misery Index’s opening slot had been known earlier, there would have been a few more people. But what the heck, the band was welcomed warmly even though their wasn’t the biggest riot of violence on the floor. The four piece gave an utter lesson of the nihilistic grinding metallic approach. Especially the grey bearded guitarist was an insane hyper active one having an extra shock through his corpse. Seriously, his performance has always been restless and wild. The vocalist Jason Netherton is widely known for being the Finland fan and openly expressed thanks in Finnish. The whole band was in fire and delivered a great deal of grinding deadly metallic onslaught.   

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If the audience didn’t cause one hell of a chaotic pit when the two opening combos did their best to warm the club up, instead it could be felt that fans were just waiting for Napalm Death to unleash their own brand of hell on this earth. 

Even Napalm Death has a long and strong catalog of killer and some less killer albums released during the long career, but the night’s set mostly consisted of the material picked up from their latest albums in the on-going decade. It isn’t unexpected because the last studio albums are strong as hell and definitely present the strongest Napalm Death material. Of course the older classics can’t be ignored and forgotten. The grindcore kings did the mandatory songs from the mighty SCUM and of course  FROM ENSLAVEMENT TO OBLITERATION.

People expressed wishes of their own by shouting tons of song titles such "Mass Appeal Madness” and even “Troops Of Doom” to which Barney replied back wondering “Troops Of Death …eehh”. The over hour set of the terrorizing grind core maelstrom was concluded with "Nazi Punks Fuck Off".

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As for the band’s performance and stage presence, the whole four piece was in fine form when terrorizing the Nosturi club a little bit over one hour. Barney would be both a perfect stand-up comedian and serious public speaker. His way of communicating with the audience contained both a lot of sense of humor and serious speeches about various issues. On  “All Said Is Done” Greenway threw the mic to the kids being at the front, who growled and and threw the mic back, to which Barney continued and threw back. Throwing the mic between the fans was a great way of dealing with these young kids who have started worshiping Napalm Death.

In general, the frontman is relentless and rages like an insane hyperactive young kid. Obviously the floor was slippery so when he fell on his knees he calmed down just a little bit. If the vocalist handled the communication and others, whereas both Harris and Embury handled their part of the playing with the routine grip and used to spin their heads. The drummer Herrera molested the battery with a furious beating as usual.


Napalm Death was in an extreme tight and sharp strike at Nosturi, the four piece doesn’t rely on the older material that much like some older death metal bands of the same age. Thankfully it didn’t turn out to be just a nostalgia trip to the past days. Even though a few tracks from the past belong to the setlist, but however the new material sounds even more brutal and catchier than the albums released in the 90’s. The line-up has technically been together since 1992, only years shall tell how far these grindcore fathers are willing to go.  


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The Final Harvest

Misery Index

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