Hades – Bootlegged in Boston (DVD)

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Reviewed: March 2009
Released: 2008, Cruz Del Sur Music
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Munkwunk


Hades was a thrash metal band in the 80s that never quite made it. After a rocky start, some lien-up changes, and a lot of tough breaks, the band eventually called it quits around 2001. Their following was never as big as other 80s thrashers like Exodus or Testament, but they produced some pretty killer music in their time. Now, several years after the band\’s dissolution, they have released a DVD featuring a bootleg copy of one of their 1988 shows in Boston, Mass., in addition to a fairly in-depth and interesting biography of the band.

The live video is definitely of bootleg quality and has all of the look, feel, and audio quality of a YouTube video shot from the front row of a local club. The sound and is extremely washed out and makes it difficult to hear the vocalist and drums clearly, though the guitars stand out well enough. The video quality isn\’t really good enough to watch. This is a shame, considering the band played some good music that would have been worth listening to under better circumstances.

\”Behind the Metal\” is a documentary of the band\’s history, as told in several different interviews with band members. Hades\’ history is accented with a few interspersed live video clips, also of bootleg quality, reminiscent of the videos found on Stratovarius\’ INFINITE VISIONS DVD. While the documentary is interesting if you\’re in to history, it\’s hard to care much about what the band has been through if you\’re not already a fan, and unfortunately the live video just isn\’t of good enough quality to win anyone over instantly.

If you\’re a fan of Hades and interested in the band\’s history, it might be worth picking up this DVD. The music is good, if you can get past the sound quality, but really only serves as a way to pique the interest of new listeners and prompt them to seek out classic Hades albums. The lackluster production makes this a difficult recommendation to any but the most hardcore Hades fans.


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Track Listing:
1. Opinionate!
2. The Leader?
3. Diplomatic Immunity
4. In The Meantime
5. Aftermath of Betrayal
6. I Too Eye
7. Nightstalker

Behind The Metal documentary
Bonus Video

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Production Year: 2008