Interviewed by Marko Guevara

You guys have said you want to tour non-stop. What, besides the exposure and playing, do you love about touring?

We love meeting new people, making new fans and it’s great to be able to live our childhood dream. And eating Taco Bell!

You’re actually in the middle of a tour right now. How’s it going so far?

It’s going great being on this tour with our friends in Darkest Hour and playing in front of big crowds every night. We can’t complain.

What countries are you most looking forward to playing? Are there any "dream venues" you have?

We are looking forward to playing Italy at some point and as far as dream venues go, one of our top ones would be “Bogart’s” in Cincinnati.

What bands or musicians do you look up to? Which ones led you to shape your brand of death metal?

Bands that I look up to are Darkest Hour, The Black Dahlia Murder, At The Gates, and Suffocation. I would say the band that we have all looked up to and helped with shaping our sound would be The Black Dahlia Murder.

Does your age affect the dynamic of touring? Do other bands, who are probably unfamiliar with your extensive touring history, ever try to give you advice?

We don’t believe that age really affects us and we are actually the ones that give advice considering our extensive touring history.

You’ve played shows with The Black Dahlia Murder, Unearth, and The Red Chord, just to name a few. Who are some other bands you would like to tour with?

Some of the bands we would love to tour with are At The Gates, Animosity, Suffocation, As I Lay Dying and Cannibal Corpse.


Are you all friends outside of the band, or is it just a professional relationship?

Considering that we tour so much, we are more of a family than friends.

What was your reaction when you were approached by Metal Blade?

We pretty much shit our pants. We were really excited about having a big label such as Metal Blade approach us. It is definitely an honor to be on a roster with such talented bands.


Let’s talk about the new album. What can people expect from THE RESTING SONATA that they haven’t heard from Rose Funeral before?

With THE RESTING SONATA, fans can expect better dexterity in our song structure, original breakdowns and fucking melt your face SOLOS!!!

Initially, your Metal Blade debut was projected for late 2008. Was that just wishful thinking, or did some complications arise?

We wanted to make sure that all of our fans knew about the album and we didn’t want to rush the process. Being that our last album, CRUCIFY.KILL.ROT, was released in July of 2007, we wanted to make sure that the new lineup really expresses the music behind Rose Funeral.

How did the experience recording this album differ from the recording process of your previous E.P.?

Well, this time we were actually in a studio instead of recording out of our basement and we had unlimited options and resources to experiment with our tones.


How do you approach the writing process? Is there a clear leader or do you all bring ideas?

We all bring ideas to the table and analyze everyone one.

Can you talk about the title of the new album, THE RESTING SONATA? Does it illustrate an overall theme for the entire album?

Yes, it does illustrate a theme. We want our fans to almost be scared the first time they hear Rose Funeral. We want our band to really represent the sound of death.


I see the final track on the new album is called "Dawning The Resurrection: Verse II". Your previous EP, CRUCIFY.KILL.ROT, contains ‘Verse I’, so to speak. What’s the connection between the two songs?

The connection is an interlude and we actually use that interlude with slight changes.

Christianity is a big topic for you guys. Any particular reason why?

When I was a kid in the hardcore scene, I got tired of everyone preaching, so we decided to voice our true thoughts and we figured everyone was tired of it, as well. Let’s put the “death” back in death metal.

Obviously, 2008 was huge for you guys. How’s 2009 looking?

2009 is looking better than ever. We are touring with some of our great friends and we have an awesome management company and label to back us up. We have been waiting for a long time to put this album out and we are pretty sure that our fans will be in for a big surprise.

Finally, what is Rose Funeral’s ultimate goal?

To win!

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