Supercharger at The Rock in Copenhagen, Denmark 2009

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Supercharger – headline act

The Rock



10/1 – 2009


Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Guest contributor: Ulrika Henriksson

Pictures by: Anders Sandvall





The first show for the New Year at The Rock in Copenhagen was the Danish act Supercharger on the 10th of January. The band has been pretty busy performing in both Denmark and Germany and are now heading out as support to the Swedish stoner rock icons Mustasch for two shows in Sweden. I and many more are really anticipating the release of the bands debut album that they are about to record later this year. Their EP JUNKYARD SPECTACLES is one of the best EP’s I’ve heard from an un-established act for a really long time.

Last time we saw the band was when they did a show at the small Club Powerhouse in Malmoe and it wasn’t one of the best shows the band has pulled off. We arrived to the club a little late because of a drunk friend who took a little long to get to the door at home and the line to the venue was really long. It took us about 40 minutes before we could dome into the venue. To our surprise we did met quite a lot of Swedes that were there to support Scams that are from Sweden. However were we there to see Supercharger and didn’t pay Scams too much attention.




Around the Marshall amps and around the backdrop the band had hung lights which looked really nice and that was pretty much all there was on stage, besides the instruments and band members of course. The band was introduced by a little drunk Danish man.

Mikkel Neperus – lead vocals

Thomas Buchwald – guitar

Thomas Pedersen – guitar

Brian Jensen – bass

Benjamin Funk – drums

The band kicked off the intense show with the brilliant song “Scorched” which was accompanied by pyro that blew up sparks. The show continued with “Some Sugar” and “Dogtown”. The heat became tropical instantly at the front of the stage and every one in the crowd went crazy from the start. It’s pretty obvious that Supercharger already had won the hearts of the Danish rock’n’roll crowd. And again, we could only surrender to the mighty forces that are Supercharger. This band has surely got a bright future ahead of them and do remember where you read about them first.





Even though lead singer Neperus had problems with his mic he didn’t let that affect the performance. Instead he used Pedersens mic and continued to rock on. All of the members are excellent front men and everyone did a great job at the front of the stage. Unfortunately we didn’t understand much of what Neperus said in between the songs because our Danish is a bit rusty. Neperus introduced the next song which was “By Gold” that is featured on the EP and turned into a tornado on stage. He is really an amazing front man and no one in the club could stand still when he and Supercharger were on stage.

The evening continued with the new song “Join In And Loose It” which was followed by “If You Wanna Rock” where more pyro was fired off. The flames and sparks really added an extra twist to the music and the audience loved it. In “Gotta Get It” Neperus jumped into the audience and sang parts of the song on the floor with the fans. Then he introduced “Gimme More” and the mosh pit in front of the stage took the song to another level. You also had to watch out so you didn’t get a person on your head because there were also crowd surfing going on. So you can’t say that the Supercharger fans aren’t doing all they can to support the band.

“Hell Motel” was accompanied by sing a long from the audience which went really wild, again. “Hell Motel” was the last song in the set and the show was closed with another stunning rain of sparks. The show lasted for 45 minutes but the band went on stage again to do encores.







“Hold On Buddy”, “Bar Fight” and the AC/DC cover “Fire Your Guns” was delivered and when the last note of the last song had faded out had Supercharger been on stage for about one hour.

Supercharger delivered another brilliant show and brilliant shows are a Supercharger trademark. It’s fun to see and experience a fresh and hungry band that gives their all on stage. If you’re going to see a show with Supercharger you’re not gonna have a single dull moment I promise you that.

Supercharger is the new face of dirty, sweaty and heavy rock’n’roll with some metal parts and we’re gonna see them soon again; you should be envious of that.








Some Sugar


By Gold

Join In And Loose It

If You Wanna Rock

Gotta Get It

Gimme More

Hell Motel


Hold On Buddy

Bar Fight

Fire Your Guns


Big thanks you’s goes out to the members in Supercharger for all the kindness shown this night.

Also thanks to the head of The Rock Nils Kroyer for all the help this evening and thanks a lot for the collaboration during 2008 and all help.

Big thanks to all the Staff and Security at The Rock for nice treatment at the venue.