Best of 2008 – Luxi

Top 20 Albums:

01. Testament – The Formation of Damnation


When I heard THE FORMATION OF DAMNATION for the very first time, I told to one friend of mine via a text message: "This is it – THE ALBUM OF THE YEAR!". Haven´t changed my opinion since that moment on ´til the year reached its end.

Therefore Testament´s new album, THE FORMATION OF DAMNATION, has rightfully earned its place as no. 1. album on my personal list.

02. Judas Priest – Nostradamus

JP - Nostradamus.jpg

Here´s a short excerpt from the review that I wrote as a part of the staff review about Priest´s latest album, NOSTRADAMUS:

"This is also the first time that Judas Priest have incorporated so heavily – and in such a large scale, all these symphonic elements into their songs. In my opinion that´s what you need to do in order to make a powerful and convincing enough concept album about one of the most talked persons of the whole history of mankind, Michel de Nostredame. I think Priest have done lots of justice to their concept album about Nostradamus, building up their sound toward whole new spheres where they have never been that determinedly yet so fully before. Of course, this is what may divide Priest fans to two different categories, but risks are made to be taken. In NOSTRADAMUS´ case, the risks the band has taken have well paid off for them on the album in my opinion – and Rob´s skills as one of the greatest voices in heavy metal, are still unquestionable. His voice also has much more drama than ever before on any other Priest albums. But yeah, to make a long rant short, a great fuckin´ Priest album. Love it more and more, day after day…". 


03. Helstar – The King of Hell

Helstar - The King of Hell.jpg 

"THE KING OF HELL is content-wise, a perfect mixture of speed, splendid thrashy riffs, stick-in-your-mind melodies, well-crafted hooks, superb solos, James´ outstandingly great vocalism (man, he´s got such a wide range of vocal styles – from a flawless ´note-to-note´ singing to very high-pitched screams) and everything else that provides a listener with quite an unforgettable journey into the magnificent realm of Helstar´s powerful thrash" (well, got it already)?. 

04. Paradox – Electrify

05. Moshquito – Behind the Mask

06. HeXeN – State of Insurgence

07. Exmortus – In Hatred´s Flame

08. Legion of the Damned – Cult of the Dead

09. Gama Bomb – Citizen Brain

10. Hail of Bullets – … of Frost and War

11. Chaosweaver – Puppetmaster of Pandemonium

12. Warbringer – War Without End

13. Lord Belial – The Black Curse

14. Avenger of Blood – Death Brigade

15. Guillotine – Blood Money

16. Necrovation – Breed Deadness Blood

17. MyndSnare – Conditioned: Human

18. Master – Slaves to Society

19. Nervecell – Preaching Venom

20. Marshall Law – Razorhead

Best New Band

Exmortus - IN HATREDS FLAME.jpg 


Why did I pick up these guys particularly for the best new band in this unholy year of 2008? Well, just do yourself a favor and listen to their debut album IN HATREDS FLAME on Heavy Artillery Records, and you will understand why I did so… ;o)

Best DVD



LIVE UNDEAD INDEED is definitely a mandatory purchase for every Tarot fan; a double DVD full of Tarot majesty from the old days up to this very day. If you have just ever heard of a Tarot album, or seen them playing live, there´s just no chance for you to miss this (indeed) brilliant DVD from the true dinosaurs of Finnish heavy metal, Tarot.  ´nuff said, I think”.

Biggest Disappoitments

01. Death Angel – Killing Season (where´s the thrash?)

02. Iced Earth – The Crucible of Man – Something Wicked Pt. 2 (Barlow came back – yes, but it was a real pity that Schaffer sadly forgot to sharpen his songwriting pencil for this effort)

03. Demigod splitting up

04. Some talks and rumors about Slayer stopping slaying and slaughtering both live and on albums for good.

Greatest Hopes for 2009

01. Definitely a new album from Heathen. Would be about the time anyway…

02. New album from Slayer… A song  titled “Psychopathy Red” made a great promise already regarding their next album!

03. Probably a new release from my friends in the legendary L.A. old school death metallers Sadistic Intent? Now that would C-R-U-S-H…!!!   

04. Jalometalli 2009 – This is going to be good…

05. Sauna Open Air Metal Festival 2009 – High hopes on this one, too. There even may be one surprising, special number that may put my feet totally trembling at least… ;o)

06. The resurgence of thrash continues powerfully… 

Greatest Putrefaction of 2008

01. Seeing halfway through Slipknot´s set in Helsinki, Finland on November 7th 2008. What a waste of time from me…

Anyway, massive thanks to Phil Demmel of Machine Head for the After Show pass though. I guess I owe you a pint next time we´ll see again…  


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