Best of 2008 – Arto

Top 20

    1.      Cavalera Conspiracy  Inflikted

(When the legendary Cavalera bros reunited after the ten year break, it could be expected something mindblowing and neckbreaking stuff from both Max and Igor. Obviously the long waited and needed Sepultura reunion won?t happen that soon, but however Cavalera Conspiracy?s Inflikted deserves to be the number one on my personal top 20 list)

    2.      Testament  The Formation Of Damnation

(It took 9 years from Testament to unleash the new album. But it has to be remembered that band underwent several line-up changes and the frontman of the band battled and won that evil disease cancer. The Formation Of Damnation stands for the classic Testament album with catchy songs and killer riffs.)

    3.      Amon Amarth  Twilight Of The Thunder God

(The Swedish Viking death metallers have been on my personal favelist for years, but on Twilight Of The Thunder God the Swedes definitely metal guardians of Asgaard on the map to conquer the rest of Valhalla, Horns Up)

4.      Hail Of Bullets – ?Of Frost And War

5.      Grand Magus – Iron Will

6.      Krisiun – Southern Storm

7.      Soulfly – Conquer

8.      Pyramaze – Immortal

9.      Legion Of The Damned – Cult Of The Dead

10.     AC/DC  – Black Ice

11.     Eluveitie – Slania

12.     Origin – Antithesis

13.     Motorhead – Motorizer

14.     Communic – Payment Of Existence

15.     Cradle Of Filth  – Godspeed On The Devil?s Thunder

16.     Kivimetsän Druidi – Shadowheart

17.     Torture Squad – Hellbound

18.     Order Of The Ennead –  S/t

19.     Zimmers Hole – When You Were Shouting At The Devil…We Were In League With Satan

20.     Hollenthon – Opus Magnum

Best New Band

Kivimetsän Druidi  Shadowheart

The Finnish pagan folk bands are highly appreciated all around the world. Kivimetsän Druidi can be added to the Finnish forest metal clan along with Turisas, Finntroll etc.

Best DVD

Global Metal  – Sam Dunn?s previous work ?Headbangers Journey? was nothing, but an utter pleasant follow and watch when the whole history of Heavy Metal was covered from its birth till the present day. The guy?s latest product Global Metal takes a watcher to a worldwide journey to different even exotic places when Metal is still rebellious and even dangerous. Interesting and great work by Samn Dunn, Global Metal has to be watched several times. I am looking forward to seeing documents of Metal from Sam Dunn

Get Thrashed without any doubts deserves big credits for covering the history of Thrash Metal how it started out in Bay Area and spread like a wildfire around the world, to Europe, South America, Australia. This is an essential release for every thrash metal freak.


Pointing out albums as some kind of major disappointment is kind of worthless. Besides it is always disappointing and heartbreaking to see when the long time idol passes away. This year didn?t make any exception as to these fallen metal icons, when for example Munetaka Higuchi, Gus Chambers, Christian "Witchhunter" Dudek, Michelle Meldrum left this world behind.


Greatest Hopes For 2009

The new Morbid Angel album NOW – Goddamn !! It would be about time!!!!

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