Best of 2008 – Anders

Top 20 Albums

1. Volbeat “Guitar Gangster And Cadillac Blood” 

With their third album they prove that they are the strongest Danish act at the moment. Their Elvis-metal has had its big breakthrough this year both in Europe and in USA.

2. Cloudscape “Global Drama”

It can’t get so much better than this. Melodic progressive heavy metal at its best!

3 Gemini Five “Sex Drugs Anarchy”

One of the best sleaze acts in Europe finally released a new album 2008. The band really deserves to get their big break through now, they sure do deserve it!

4. Backyard Babies “S/t”

5. D.A.D “Monster Philosophy”

6. The Haunted “Versus”

7. The Hellacopters “Head Off”

8. Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia “The Scarecrow”

9. Guns ‘n’ Roses “Chinese Democracy”

10. Cavalera Conspiracy “Inflicted”

11. Pain “Cynic Paradise”

12. Randy Pipers Animal “Virus”

13. Motörhead “Motörizer”

14. Destruction “D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N”

15. Firewind “The Premonition”

16. Iced Earth “The Crucible Of Man – Something Wicked Part-2”

17. Revolution Renaissance “New Era”

18. Unleashed “Hammer Battalion”

19. Last Mile “S/t”

20. Dismember “S/t” 

Best New Band

Revolution Renaissance “New Era” – Everyone that had counted out Timo Tolkki, think again. He’s back and he’s better than ever. Despite his personal roller coaster ride has the man managed to create a brilliant album. What can go wrong with Michael Kiske and Tobias Sammet on lead vocals?

Best DVD

1. Volbeat “Live: Sold Out!” – A wonderful double DVD where the first disc shows how strong of a live act the band is. The second disc shows us an close and personal side of the band.

Runners up

2. Firewind “Live Premonition”

3. Arch Enemy “Tyrants Of The Rising Sun”


Judas Priest live at Roskilde Festival 2008 – a tired and sleepy act with a singer that completely lost his voice was a huge disappointment not only for me at this years Roskilde Festival.

Debase – the metal icons of Malmoe did celebrate 10 years 2008, but nothing happened. The band didn’t even do a celebration show.

Mustasch at Wacken Open Air – when you’re used to seeing the guys do great shows, even on a bad day, I can’t but wonder what happened at Wacken Open Air. The band didn’t deliver at all. Did it depend on the large consumption of alcohol?

Metallica –Death Magnetic – The band followed up the release of what possibly can be the worst album in the 21st Century with yet another lame story in DEATH MAGNETIC.

The Hellacopters – One of the finest rock’n’roll acts were put to rest in 2008. The world is gonna be a boring place without The Hellacopters.

Judas Priest – Nostradamus – 70 minutes of boring and un-inspired metal with a singer that has lost his voice. Theme albums, aren’t they extinct? Or at least should be by now.


Greatest Hopes for 2009

Nation Beyond – the band released their brilliant new album THE AFTERMATH ODYSSEY 2008, still haven’t the guys appeared live. Let 2009 be the year Nation Beyond goes on a world tour.

Supercharger – The new Danish metal export. This band can go really far, and a combination of great rock’n’roll music and nice band members is the perfect mixture. I’m waiting for their debut album.

Biohazard – despite the long silence did the band reunite and did a hell of a show at KB in Malmoe at the end of 2008. Biohazard sure proved that they are at the head of the game. The promise of a new album and a new tour with the original line-up makes 2009 seem a little brighter at the hardcore front.

Iron Maiden – looking forward to see the world’s greatest band sum up their world tour and heading into the studio sometime this year. A new Maiden album would be a great Christmas gift.

Volbeat – new tour dates are already set which gives you another chance to see Volbeat live in action. If you have missed them, you’re bad. But take the opportunity to see great music live if you can. Volbeat are one of the best live acts in Europe at the moment.

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