Ammotrack – Ammotrack

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Reviewed: January 2009
Released: 2008, Gain/Sony BMG
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This is another Swedish debut band that now is about to unleash their brand new first album to the masses. The band has been support act to Hardcore Superstar. Ammotrack plays just like Hardcore Superstar heavy and fast sleaze hardrock/metal with lots of tempo and attitude. The band has a feeling for bringing strong songs with variations and energy.

Lead singer Andersson de Bruin has a strong voice with a broad vocal range and he does a great job behind the mic. There are too many college rock/ melodic rock influences in the music which doesn’t impress at all. The quality of the material is up and down and sometimes the band really impresses with their edgy and fun material, but then comes the next song which is a really messy college rock item.

Killer tracks and the most solid songs are “Scream For Your Mother”, “S.H.O.U.T”, “Back On Track”, “Hey Baby”, “Fire” and “Make It Better”. Those songs represent the essence of this album. These songs are all hormone pumping edgy songs with a hell of an attitude. But besides those songs there aren’t actually so much good material left. The album doesn’t get so much funnier than that.

This self-titled debut disc from Ammotrack doesn’t convince at all. Maybe if the guys comes back with more even material they can have a future in the business.


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Track Listing:
Scream For Your Mother
A Bigger Bang
Back On Track
Deep Beyond
Hey Baby
Your Nothing But A Lie
All Get Up
Make It Better

Mikael Andersson de Bruin – lead vocals
Patrik Gardberg – guitar
Anders Fransson – drums
Jonas Jeppsson – bass