Volbeat at Guitar Gangsters and Cadillac Blood Scandinavian Tour KB Malmoe Sweden 2008

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Guitar Gangsters and Cadillac Blood Scandinavian Tour




9/12 – 2008


Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Pictures by: Anders Sandvall





Volbeat is mega-huge in their home-country of Denmark and now has the rest of the Scandinavian countries and Europe tready for this brilliant Elvis metal act. The band is out and supporting the release of their third album called GUITAR GANGSTERS AND CADILLAC BLOOD which was released in late 2008. Volbeats big break through here in Sweden came when the band performed at Sweden Rock Festival this past summer. When the band released their second album 1.5 years ago I predicted that the band were gonna be huge in Sweden, and Volbeats break through came this year. 

This particular tour has been booked for a long time and almost all of the shows have also been sold out. The tour kicked off in Copenhagen with two sold out concerts before the band headed over to Norway to continue their victory march across Scandinavia. And with thought of the great success the band did achieve during 2008 has already a headline tour being booked for 2009.

This evening’s show at Kulturbolaget had been sold out for months in advance so I could count on750 people sweaty persons worshipping Volbeat in Malmoe. Shortly after 8 pm the doors opened to the venue and the pretty small line and me hurried into the club. I didn’t care to see the support act at all so instead I checked out who were there and if I saw anyone I knew. And to my luck had the security put up a fence in front of the stage so maybe, just maybe I would be  able to take some descent photos. More and more people arrived as the evening proceeded so even the support act got to perform for a big crowd.




The staging looked really hot. There was a gigantic drum kit placed in the center of two Marshall Amps that were facing the crowd on each side of the stage.  And a huge back drop was hung behind the drums. KB has a really deep and wide stage so the band had pretty much stage area to run around on. At the stroke of ten (22.00) did the lights go off and Volbeat entered the stage. The members of the top Danish act are:

Michael Poulsen – lead vocals, guitar

Jon Larsen – drums

Thomas Bredahl – guitar, b-vox

Anders Kjolholm – bass

While the band came on stage and plugged in their instruments the audience gave the guys a proper welcome, they cheered and screamed at the tope of their lungs. Volbeat instantly kicked off the show with a track from their latest album GUITAR GANGTSERS AND CADILLAC BLOOD and the crowd was ecstatic. The title track of the album was followed by another new and brilliant track called “Back To Prom” before the band went back in time and took a song from their debut album called“Caroline Leaving”. The band sounds a lot heavier live compared to what they do on album and it’s almost a religious experience to see the band on stage. Poulsen sounds more like himself when it comes to the lead vocals and not so much like Glenn Danzig as he do on the albums. Larsen behind the drums contributed with a lot of double bass pedal play while Poulsen and Bredahl threw out hazardous guitar riffs that cut through your ears like a razor.





Poulsen said that when the band saw that the new album went straight into number 3 or 4 at the Swedish chart their first thought was “What the fuck Sweden!!”. Then he thanked the Swedish fans for all the support and that it now was time to play one of the band bigger hits taken from the album number two and that was “Radio Girl”. And then the crowd went totally mad and sang a long and jumped with Poulsen all through the song. After that did Volbeat return to the first album again and did the song “Say Your Number”. Before Poulsen kicked off the next song he said that we all should give a salute to his father who past away a while ago and the crowd screamed for him. All of the acoustic guitar parts were played by guitar player Bredahl this evening. “Sad Mans Tongue”, “Soulweeper” and “A Moment Forever” were run through and Poulsen asked if there were many in the club tonight that had seen the bands show at Sweden Rock Festival, and it were. He asked if we wanted to have them back to the festival again and he confirmed that Volbeat is gonna play at the festival this year again. Poulsen talked English which was a smart move because even though Malmoe is situated pretty close to Denmark it’s not many that understands Danish.

But even though it was Poulsen that did most of the talking it was Kjolholm and Bredahl that has most contact with the audience. Poulsen mostly stood and looked out into the crowd. Well, the show continued with excellent songs like “Maybellene In Hofteholder”, “Light Away”, “Boa” and the crowd pleaser “Pool Of Booze, Booze, Booze”. The new song “Mary Ann’s Place” and the cover of “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” was also fired off and I was really pleased with the set list. Poulsen asked if there were any Danish people in the audience tonight which is was and he asked them to sing a long in the chorus to the next song that is partially sung in Danish, it was the song “Gardens Tale”. This is one of the biggest hits the band has so far all over Europe. And the Danish people sure sang a long, they screamed and the rest of the people jumped around and supported them with cheers and clapping hands. The first verse in Danish let singer Poulsen the crowed sing on there own and all things did guitar player Bredahl sing when it comes to the Danish parts of the song.The last song for the evening on the ordinary set list was “We” and Poulsen said that the band were gonna come out to the audience and sign and talk to the fans after the show. Brilliant initiative I think.

Because the band only had played for about one hour the fans wanted to have more after “We”. After a little while Volbeat came out on stage again to do encores. The encores were “Human Instrument”, “Broken Man And The Dawn” and the encores and the entire show was closed with “Still Counting”.





Volbeat didn’t disappoint me or the crowd at all and they delivered a solid and magnificent show. I think this was the one and only time they’re gonna play at such a venue as KB. Next time the band comes back to Malmoe I think they’re gonna have to play at a larger venue that takes more than 750 people. Despite small errors like when Poulsen lost a couple of lyric lines and his lack of contact with the audience Volbeat do an excellent show with all what that contains. I also think that the set list was a little short though and I missed a few of my personal favorite songs. 40 minutes after the band had gone of stage they returned to the floor to sign and to talk to the fans. That’s just how proper rock stars should treat their fans. The only way is up for Volbeat!!

Scandinavia, Europe and USA are gonna have a visit from Volbeat in 2009 so if you want to see the band live, be sure to buy a ticket now.



Thanks to the head of press at KB Kristian Kornhag for help with the press/photo pass. And thanks a lot for the great collaboration during 2008.

And as always a huge thanks you to the nice staff and security at KB.


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