Biohazard at 20 Years of Chaos! European Tour Kulturbolaget in Malmoe Sweden 2008


20 Years of Chaos! European Tour




4/12 – 2008


Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Pictures by: Anders Sandvall




Finally it was time for the legendary hardcore act Biohazard to visit Sweden again. They haven’t visiting Europe for many years and when they finally decided to come here they do it with the best possible line-up there, is the original lineup. Bobby Hambel is back in the line-up again after his departure sometimes during the mid-90 so this tour is something out of the ordinary for sure. Biohazard has been the inspiration for many acts through the years and they have always been one of my favorite acts of all time.Even though their albums haven’t held a steady line of greatness the guys have always been an incredible live act.

I met parts of the band during the day and everyone seemed to be in good shape and they really anticipated the show.  The doors opened at 20.00 and the first of the two support act was supposed to be on stage at 20.30. I was really surprised when I came in to KB and saw that there weren’t any fences in front of the stage. Every Biohazard show I’ve been through over the years has been a smaller chaos, but that’s a headache I thought the security could have.

The first band came on stage just a little after scheduled time and they got about 30 minutes to perform . During both support acts there was quite a small audience. Actually the crowd was so small that KB had only one of their two bars open for service. I had really thought that Biohazard would be able to draw more people than they actually did. But that can maybe be explained with that there had already been many hardrock and metal shows this fall and that it was quite expensive to go and see Biohazard. The show was scheduled in December so people maybe saved their money for Christmas and New Year. The second band had also about 30 minutes to play and to my surprise hadn’t more people showed up at all. Close to 22.30 the music went silent and Biohazard walked on the stage.





Evan Seinfeld – lead vocals, bass

Billy Graziadei – lead vocals, guitar

Danny Schuler – drums

Bobby Hambel – guitar, b-vox

The band walked on stage and the small crowd did what they could to do make the band feel welcomed. The show instantly kicked off with “Victory” which went straight into “Shades Of Grey” after which Seinfeld said that it was a damn long time since the band was in Sweden and in Malmoe and that it was fun to be back again. Then Seinfeld introduced “What Makes Us Tick” and the audience went crazy. And because of the lack of fences it was possible to stand right beneath the band which Hambel and Graziadei used to the fullest. The audience consisted of both older fans that were around when the band was young as well as newer and younger fans that recently has discovered Biohazard which Seinfeld thought was fun to see. The set list included only songs from the bands first three albums which was an excellent choice I think. “Tales From The Hard Side” and “Urban Discipline” followed with granted the band claps and cheers to the maximum. The respond the audience gave back to the band was amazing to see and it wasn’t only me that had longed for Biohazard to come back to Malmoe.







Usually do both Seinfeld and Graziadei do the talking but this evening it was only Seinfeld that talked. Next song on the set-list was “Survival Of The Fittest” which was followed by “Black And White And Red All Over”. The huge favorite amongst the crowd was the song “Down For Life” where everyone in the venue sang a long in.

Biohazard felt like a really tight act despite the fact they hadn’t played together for a really long time, but that shows just how professional they are. “Chamber Spins Three”, “Retribution” and the magical “Five Blocks To The Subway” followed and the last song was dedicated to Hambel’s hardworking dad who recently past away. Seinfeld said that he really wanted to see moshpit in front of the stage but he also said that if someone’s falling; help him/her up at once because we don’t want anyone to get hurt. And then did the guys kick off the amazing “We’re Only Gonna Die (From Our Own Arrogance)”.


“Love Denied” which must be the most sensitive song written by the hand of any Biohazard member followed before Seinfeld takes off his bass and gives it to a roadie which plays bass in the song “Wrong Side Of The Tracks”. A person from the audience did a stage dive in “Punishment” and it was fun to see the small crowd go crazy.

The first encore for the evening was “How It Is” which was followed by a band introduction and the song “Hold My Own” and by then had 70 minutes passed in a furious speed. Both Hambel and Seinfeld stayed on stage to talk to fans after the rest of the band had walked off.





The show was amazing and I didn’t lack any song at all, the set-list was perfect. You couldn’t tell at all that the band have been away for a really long time, instead it seemed like the band had always been together. Seinfeld also said that it was possible that the band were gonna record a new album when they got back to the States. The only sad thing was the small amount of people at the show, and drummer Schuler asked me why it was so few people there, the band thought it was like playing in someone’s living room. But I think Biohazard have to realize that they have been away for a really long time and that they have to start all over again with playing at smaller venues etc.

But few people or not, this was an amazing show by Brooklyn’s finest HC act ever. Biohazard I love you guys and please do come back and play here soon!




Thanks to Kristian Kornhage, head of press at KB for help with the press/photo pass to the show.

Thanks to the nice and friendly security and staff and KB

More info about the band



Shades Of Grey

What Makes Us Tick

Tales From The Hard Side

Urban Discipline

Survival Of The Fittest

Black And White And Red All Over

Down For Life

Chamber Spins Three


Five Blocks To The Subway

We’re Only Gonna Die (From Our Own Arrogance)

Love Denied

Wrong Side Of The Tracks



How It Is

Hold My Own



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