Destruction and supports : Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland 2008

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Tavastia Helsinki Finland 


The legendary German thrash metal patrol Destruction have been a more or less regular visitor up in the northernmost territories of Finland. Therefore, it could have been expected the trio would have expanded and gained the fanatical and loyal mad butcher fanbase. But the cold reality literally hit the face in the most brutal way on thursday when the german thrash butchers stroke back on their own headlining tour with a couple of the countrymates.

The previously unknown combo named Scared To Death kicked the night off by delivering a more mid tempo thrash assault. Their thrash was solid and wellp layed as well, but somehow it didn’t get the audience that convinced. However, the band definitely relies on mandatory old school riffs. This trio definitely has a long road to go in order to sound and look as convincing as the headliner of the night.

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Another opening German combo presents an entirely other style of the whole metal genre. Debauchery offered a brutal death metal approach. The four piece had covered themselves with blood and basically reminded slightly of Haemorrhage in a way. Even though the whole band is also kind of unknown up here in Finland, however they have got even five albums out, which was quite a surprise. However the brutality dominated all the way when mangling and mauling the Finnish crowd during the next app. 30 minutes. Picking up Debauchery for tour with Destruction was quite a logical choice as Schmier has visited the band’s latest studio effort CONTINUE TO KILL. Brutal stuff indeed.

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As stated in the opening paragraphy, the cold reality hit the face in the most obnoxious way, due to the lousy attedance. When Scared To Death began their own slot, approximately 40 heads have bothered crawling to the Tavastia club to catch the opening acts. Smoothly more and more thrashers dragged in before Destruction released the invicible force of evil. After all app. 200 people were at present and ready for when the opening riffs of the first opening song “Soul Collector” started roaring out of monitors. Even though the attendance was, to be honest, awful, but however the true old school thrash maniacs started the ultimate headbanging and some kind of pit started out smoking the floor up. Destruction did a real crossfire of their old classic tunes though the new material had an extreme strong role on the night’s set however. It is definitely sure the thrash maniacs got a dream-come-true feeling when “Bestial Invasion, Curse The Gods ” and a number of killer tunes were blasted out.  Even the old Plasmatics song “The Damned” belonged to the set, which was a real killer cover.

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Destruction deserves maximum credits for giving a mindblowing thrash till death gig in front of small, but enthuastic and insane audience. Schmier outspokenly wondered If Helsinki is any longer the capital of metal. All the wimps and posers obviously stayed at home and just the true ones had crawled to get ass whipped in the so called moshpit. Well it actually was truly reminiscent of some Finnish hockey match as kids running a circle got tackled by other guys and flew all around on the floor. A few wiseguys found the meaning of the whole pit thing a little bit wrong as constantly pushing and tackling other guys and even small fist punching happened as well. 

Destruction destroyed the whole Tavastia club. Frankly younger thrashers should go out and check out how legendary thrash bands such as Destruction is still kicking as after being around since the early 80’s.

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Despite the lame attandance, but the crowd was indeed enthuastic and Destruction literally nailed every one to the cross. But seriously where all the old school thrash metals freaks were when the long time German thrash metal legends arrived to do a couple of gigs in Finland.  There are a bunch of metal fans claiming themselves as old school thrash metal freaks in Finland, but kind of eccetric behaviour from them to stay at home. If these self claimed old school thrash metal fans start being less supportive toward these kinds of thrash events or in general, sooner or later we don’t need to expect to have these bands touring that much. For example Schmier has stated in the Destruction forum if it is impossible to continue doing the club touring in the future. Therefore it is about time to dig old bullet belts and jacket with several patches and get to see bands in action. Thrash till Death. 

Soul Collector

Bestial Invasion


Eternal Ban

Life Without Sense

Urge (the Greed of Gain)

Death Trap

Thrash Till Death

Sabbath(tune) / Antichrist / Release From Agony


Damned / Cracked Brain / Reject Emotions

Butcher Strikes Again

Curse The Gods

Invisible Force

Nailed To The Cross

Mad Butcher

Total Desaster



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 Scared To Death